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    "Christian women sometimes face challenges as they shop for clothing attires, as their mode of fashion is not usually considered ... flattering. The reality that now confronts us is that the demand for modest clothing is not popular enough so store operators normally stock designs that sell in an effort to grow and sustain their businesses." If you want to reaad the full blog written, you can read them here:Christian Women Modelling God’s Fashion
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    Hey everyone! I'm a newbie here (first post too) I know this discussion thread may be old, but topic is still current. I believe it's equally a heart issue as well as revering Him, but more so in terms of honouring Him through respecting the temple where Holy Spirit abides in [your body] (revelational spiritual aspects also ties into this in terms of lust and being a stumbling block to others and so on, which is very surface level as it gets deep). However, it starts with the heart, as revering Him is also an outward proclamation of your love from within. There are many scriptural passages where outwards dressing was touched on which I urge all to research and many of them are not just suggestions but something that is considered an appropriate approach that would also set us apart; as an expectation and commandment (but don't view this in a restrictive and pressuring way as that's not His nature and I know some of them may be outdated or unattainable in today's world, so please use godly discernment on the scriptures I'm referring to). I wasn't planning on writing too much as many of the time it boils down to just having that relationship with Him; to get clarity naturally and gradually through godly discernment and a heart of obedience (not justifying that all convictions are personal as I stand by the fact that we are all meant to be like-minded as One Body (but certain convictions can be personal and again, boils down to the topic and the person's walk). Remember that He understands us more than we think and He knows of our struggles and of today's trends. Trust in His faithfulness and Word, just fall back on Him, that's all. This blog may be of some sort of explanation in terms of the foundational biblical principles of Christian women's modesty for those that may find this of interest: Christian Women Modelling God’s Fashion