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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, My name is Tessa, and I have a really good friend who (for the sake of her anonymity) I'll refer to as Jane. Me and her are really good friends. We are both Christian but different denominations. We met 3ish years ago and have been BFFs ever since. My relationship with her is like that of two sisters, and that will never change. Yesterday "Jane" told me that we needed to talk. She said she wanted to tell me something. She was worried and said that the only other person who knew was her boyfriend. I was a little nervous of what she was going to say, she kept saying she hopes it won't negatively affect our relationship. She then told me that she thinks she's bisexual. Honestly, I felt a little relieved. I was preparing for the worst with all the suspense. (For a moment I thought she was going to say she killed someone, that's how freaked out she was) I believe that homosexual acts are sinful, and so does she, which is why she's really troubled. She asked for my perspective so I told her what I thought. First I said that I was honoured she trusted me enough to tell me this, and I can understand why this is troubling her so much. I then went on to say that we can't control who we are attracted to. Our subconscious can be influenced by MANY things and we can't just decide to feel a certain way on command. The only thing we can control is how we act on these feelings. I told her I still care about her and if she ever needs to talk about it, I'm available. She said that she was slightly relieved, but she was still scared because she couldn't tell her family. "Jane" is from a VERY conservative household. She said that she felt like she was hiding a piece of herself from those she loves. I said that I think people nowadays make sexual orientation too big of a deal. It's just one aspect of your self conscious that doesn't control who or what you are in God's eyes. She can still live the way God wants her to. She then seemed a little more content with the situation, and we moved to another subject. Now, where you guys come in. "Jane" is still pretty nervous, and I've never been in this situation before. I really stink at social interactions as I'm quite an introvert except with my 3 close friends. Did I say the right thing? Should I say more? Should she tell her family? Should I encourage her not to tell her family? I love "Jane" and want to help her do what's best, but I don't know how to do it..... Any advice?
  2. explosivebananaprodigy

    Is My Best Friend a Lesbian?

    Okay, so one of my good friends is from all the way in 3rd grade. We're in 11th grade now, but sadly in 8th grade she moved away so Texas and I'm up north so we don't see each other. However we do keep in touch and I'm actually gonna fly down and visit her for the first time in forever. My best friend is REALLY into anime (Japanese cartoons), like it's a lifestyle. She cosplays (dresses up like her favorite anime characters), collects merchandise, reads manga (Japanese comics) and fangirls about her new favorite show for months. I never cosplayed and stuff and before she left, we bought this brown wig to go with a casual outfit I had to be this girl named Haruhi from High School Ouran Host Club anime. I was too nervous about going around and cosplaying in public and my parents are very weird about it so we didn't do it. Now for YEARS, my mom says she has a hunch that Maddy is gay and wants me to dress up like her girlfriend. It's hard to explain to her, bc Maddy says she isn't gay, but I do admit that she does dress up like a lot of boy characters. But my mom got angry and asked if I was gay (she's homophobic) and I had to tell her 3 TIMES I wasn't! When Maddy moved away, I was really sad bc she's my best friend. I got angry at my mom when she asked the 3rd time if I was lesbian for Maddy bc I missed her and I went off and said that I was straight, and if I had a crush on some guy, I sure as heck wouldn't tell her about him. But anyways up until this point in time, there's a comic con coming up in Texas and she wants me to get this costume for some vampire anime. She's the main guy and I'd be the main girl and she told me we're gonna be "totally in character" and she would suck all my blood and pose for pictures. I told her I was nervous about being at con and Idk if I wanna waste my money on wigs and stuff. SHES VERY STUBBORN so it's hard to even say you don't wanna do something. We'll my mom was like "she wants you to dress up like her girlfriend" and she kept saying that and I would defend her and say that my BFF didn't say she was gay. But I will admit I suppose it looks like she is. I think my mom thinks I am too, and I'm not and it freaking irritates me! There's so much I could type over 3 years, but it'll take forever. My BFF tends to lie about guys, and she hasn't had crushes on guys in a while (I haven't either but I still find guys extremely attractive and will even flirt with some). She also does seem to be protective over me and can act kinda tomboyish. She also has all these guy cosplay costumes and wants me to dress up as the girl ones and for both of us to be in character and walk around together. We also have had to share a bed before and I'll always face away from her bc it's just weird to face them but she always would face towards me. And also, I KNOW I am not gay. I just know. But is there a possibility she could be? My mom may be on to something now, but I don't want to admit it. AND how can I convince her that I'm not gay, bc I don't think she believes me?