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Found 1 result

  1. So, I need advice on what to do about my mom. I've lived with my dad nearly my whole life, but I would visit my mom every other weekend if she showed up. Half the time she wouldn't, and she'd never call to say if she was coming or not. I was abused and neglected by her, but I have always tried my best to make her happy with me. I was actually raised by my dad and step-mom who treats me no different then her own daughters and we get along fairly well. After we moved out of state, I only got to see my mom twice a year; Summer and Christmas break. On one Summer break when I was 11 she asked me to live with her like she always did, but that time I gave it a try because I thought my dad didn't want me living with him anymore. That was a big mistake. Everyday was a total nightmare. I lived with her for seven months, then on Spring break while visiting my dad I realized how much I missed it there and called my mom to tell her I wanted to live with my dad again. She freaked out and started screaming at me. I couldn't even understand what she was saying. My dad grabbed the phone and I said, "Okay, goodbye, Mom. I love you." before he hung up. That was February 23, 2008. She hasn't called, or even sent me a letter since. I've heard from a distant relative that my mom will post things on Facebook about how I moved and she never got my new address or changed our phone numbers, but never told her. That, of course, is not true. Actually it's just the opposite. I wrote to her and tried to call, but her address and number has changed. I miss her, my brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins on that side of the family a lot. I wish I could have visited, or at least stayed in contact with them in the last six years, but I'll never get those years back. When I'm 18 I want find a way to get her address or email and talk to her again. So... 1. Do I try to start a relationship with my mom when I'm 18? Or is it not worth it? If not, then should I bother contacting her at all? (Understand that I also have four siblings that live with her and I want to be able to talk with them too. I miss and love them all so badly it make me cry thinking of them.) 2. If yes to the first, what should I say that wouldn't offend her? Like I could say, "Hey, why did you never call me?" But that may not help me make friends with her. 3. Also if yes to the first. How do I go about doing this without offending my step-mom? If you need any more information that will help you answer my question, just ask. Thanks for reading all this! It means a lot.