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Found 2 results

  1. BabyBear9


    Is there a specific Gospel that speaks to you the most? Is there one that paints a picture of Jesus that you feel the most connected with? Is there one that your church has relied on more than the others, so you may feel it is the most important in your life? Or one that you personally have relied on more than others? No matter for what reasons: which is your "favorite" Gospel?
  2. DDOG059


    The law, the law of Moses to be more exact, the Pentateuch. hmm, where to begin.. Well, While reading the scriptures, over the past.. Idk 5 years..? I seem to be running into a puzzling predicament, a confusing conundrum, an entertaining enigma (yeah that was a stretch), anyway I seem to be having trouble understanding the solidity of the law. (Shocking really considering it's written in stone) Excuse the lame jokes I'm trying to keep you interested in this usually boring subject. So, I wasn't sure whether to put this in the God,faith,church, section or here, I chose here because, though it pertains some what, more so to god and faith, I want to see the evidence for myself. (the scriptures: the bible) So out with it, this is what I want to know: I want anybody reading this to post all of the scriptures you know regarding the law Now I don't want you to just give me a link to Leviticus; I mean scriptures talking about the law Places where it appears the law was lawfully broken (Both OT & NT) Such as: (John 8:3-11), (2K 8:10) and places talking about the purpose or intent of the law such as: (Mat 12:10-12) a NOTE to ALL: 1. Please try not to post unless you have information to add. 2. Now I know that this topic varies widely even between denominations so please try not to start any arguments, but your opinion is welcome!