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Found 2 results

  1. A Murder of Crows Sequel to The Crow King. Background: For the last ten years, the evil Crow King Malphas Azazel has ruled the land of Aquitas with an iron fist, crushing or subduing any who could try to take his throne from him. So jealous of his power was he, that he refused even to have a Queen and raise an heir to reign after him. With his elite army of brutal warriors the Crows, he held the kingdom in thrall. Only the Hawks, a secret society of freedom fighters founded by the heirs of a prior royal dynasty, the Falconer line, and charged with the sacred duty to defend the people from tyranny, dared oppose him. When he learned of their existence, Malphas gathered his forces and marched on their hidden camp in Kings' Gate Canyon (the mountain pass with the river between Tir Ciaradh and Aldarra on the map) to crush them once and for all. Led by his brother Melzekiah Azazel, the Hawks fought a desperate rear-guard action against the Crows' overwhelming numerical superiority while they tried to get their main force clear. During the battle, Malphas and Melzekiah confronted one another in a duel to the death. The Crow King was struck down, and Melzekiah mortally wounded. Both armies are left without a clear leader. In Tir Ciaradh, the young princess Cerys Adi-Tziyona, daughter of Malphas by a concubine, tries to hold the kingdom together. Youth and illegitimate birth make her claim to the throne precarious, and she is surrounded by powerful, corrupt lords who supported her father's regime. Furthermore, the Falconers established a precedent: after overthrowing an evil king from among their own line, Damien Falconer, they voluntarily set aside their dynastic rights, changed their surname to Fouler, and placed Tilion Yalown the First on the throne. Should Cerys not do the same, rather than attempt to continue her father's tainted line? Who then will rise to rule the kingdom? Will justice and peace be restored, or will the land plunge into even greater darkness? Character Bio format: Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: (Picture, plus description of character, clothing, armor, etc. if desired) Alignment: (Hawk, Crow, or Other) Reason for Alignment: Claimant: (Y/N) Is the character a claimant for the throne? Basis for Claim: If the character is a Claimant, what is the basis for their claim to the throne? This can be anything from dynastic descent from the Falconer (Fouler) or Yalown royal lines or the House of Azezel to popularity among the people (e.g. a rebel leader or religious leader) to "me and this army," to possession of great wealth and lands. Weapons: (description, and picture if possible) Personality: Bio: Theme Song: (optional)
  2. OT: I'm putting this up as a placeholder for now, because I forgot to label the OT thread "OT." I will edit this post and announce when the game is up and running. Please do not reply to this thread until then. Thanks!