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Found 9 results

  1. i was emotionally abused as a child and i was raped as a teenager (i'm 18 now) how do i heal from this?
  2. Mad_Dog

    Emotional Abuse

    The beatings that I've had By people I've made mad Hurt me so very very much I still can't seem to find a crutch When the tables have been turned By words I am most easily burned I wish you to look in my eyes See these tears, hear my cries I'm now almost fully grown It's time to learn things on my own When I feel I am afraid Just think of me, and what you've made A scared little girl, crying at night Don't underestimate my height So here I stand, tall and brave All these tears I will save To combat me, in my fight To make you all see the light All of this you have done to me Now with these words I am set free. I really really do not do well with vocal scoldings... Online or offline... At all...
  3. Dear Lord, on this Christmas day there's just one gift for which I pray Please watch over all dogs everywhere and bless them with someone to care Watch over the pups with plenty to eat and hungry strays out on the street Those getting treats each time they yap and those that struggle for every scrap Those that sleep on a nice soft bed Those with hard ground under their head Those that play with girls and boys and those that never have any toys Those kept clipped and brushed and clean and scruffy ones that don't smell too keen Those who get to ride in cars and those that sit behind cage bars Those that flunk obedience school Dig up the yard, snore and drool Chew up your stuff, chase the cat and still they're loved in spite of that And those that are as good as gold but left out to shiver in the cold Chained up and forgotten there they long for a warm home to share Please God, on this Christmas night help show more people what is right For each dog they meet, to do their best And send your comfort to all the rest.
  4. Original Article can be found here: http://www.huliq.com/3257/puppy-throwing-girl-found-bosnia YES!!! I can't believe they found her, and so soon too. =o I hope she gets fined the $6,400, because $19 is NEVER enough for a crime like the one committed by her... Her parents would probably *give* her the $19, anyway. >.> Discuss.
  5. Original article can be found here: http://www.tbd.com/articles/2010/09/family-outraged-after-officer-shoots-dog-13692.htmlOkay, this is just wrong. She shot the dog basically for doing nothing. I laugh at her for saying that he "posed a threat". HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! WHAT threat?! >.> That'd be like me sitting in my room, and someone come in and shoot me because I "posed a threat". Seriously? Are they THAT idiotic that they have to shoot dogs because of "safety issues" and because of a stupid "threat". That dog posed NO threat! Like, at all. She shot him just because she could!
  6. Chapter 1: Gabriel "Come on, boy. Come here... It's okay. Come on, I won't hurt you." A smile. A Tail-wag. A touch. A look. Of sadness. Of abuse. And the look of wanting to be forever loved. I told him to sit. He sat, of course. But not without the help of a hand. He was scared of getting hit again, that much I knew... So he sat. And he coward. I dubbed him in my mind "Gabriel". You are probably thinking, "What a silly name for a stray." No. It is not a silly name. It is the name of an Angel. An Angel of God. Thus this dog would be. I had not a doubt in my mind God sent him to me to take care of. He sends them all to me to love, to feed, to shelter... And I attend to their every need. It is not because I feel sorry for them. I do, but... Why I do this is a whole different story. I do this simply because I cannot help but do it. I cannot turn a dog away, especially a skinny abused stray, such as Gabriel... If someone ever asked me to, I would simply smile and say "No." The same goes for abusing them. If you were to ask me to go out and shoot a stray dog, then I would first probably put that gun to my head, and pull the trigger. I simply cannot do that to a homeless dog. It is not in my heart to do that. Nor' could I turn Gabriel away... As I went back into the house to find some dog food (I had about 20 large to jumbo bags, just for occasions like these) I thanked God. I thanked Him for sending Gabriel to me to care for. And I thanked Him for giving me time. Time to do this. Time to spend with the stray dogs. This may not mean a lot to any of you, but it does to me. It matters because they matter to me... When I went back outside, Gabriel was curled under the Apple Tree in my front yard. He had fallen asleep, tail still wagging in his slumber. Author's Note: This is not a true story. But read the Title. It is BASED on my life. And while my life as a Rescuer is very much true, the dogs in this story, however, are not. Please take this into consideration when reading. Thank you.