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Found 14 results

  1. Willow

    Good PC Steam Games?

    I like games with strong stories and characters, and something that has all the feels. I enjoyed Undertale (although there was a good amount of questionable things) and I like Minecraft. Any suggestions?
  2. Hey all, My name is Reed and I'm 17. I've been a devout Christian my whole life, and when I was little (probably around 6 or so) I went through a short phase of being scared of the idea of eternity in Heaven. Recently, this thought has resurfaced in my mind and I'm really seeking some advice. I think it's weird saying something like "I'm scared of eternity in Heaven" because hey, it's Heaven, why should I be scared? But something about the fact that it will go on without end frightens me. Everything ends, classes at school, days, years, and our physical life. It probably has to do with the fact that our brains can't fully comprehend the true gist of eternity, but it really scares me sometimes. Just something going on without end... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi everyone! My name is Mr. MJ. I'm a youth development coordinator with my company Launch Man Group! I have a heart for teens and want to be sure you have the support you need to navigate tougher life issues: in this case, love. Post your on-topic questions and I'll do my best to answer them from a biblical perspective and/or point you in the right direction. I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I know who does: Jesus Christ! We can all live better, happier, more productive lives when we follow Him, especially as it relates to our topic. I've already met a few awesome teens here and I hope they'll post here, and you too! --Mr. MJ
  4. Hello. So I'm very new to this forum and I want to be clear, I just want some advice, a little discussion, of people's thoughts and facts and feelings etc. because they genuinely want to help me figure out what I want to know and all that. Okay so this is the jist of it. I've recently come to grips with God's call on my life to work in music. I love music but I have social anxiety and it's a struggle for me to sing in front of people. I don't trust my ability at all and I know God's been asking me to jump off of the cliff of my comfort zone and my ability and trust in His ability. (He literally told me "you're going to walk alone where I will lead you" last month) So I'm doing it. I just joined my church choir, started learning guitar, and will be (hopefully) taking voice lessons sometime soon. (Anybody had voice lessons before?) Now on to the rest of it. I'm called to the world of rock music and the many lost, broken, angry people there. As much as I dread it, it's in my heart to reach the dark the places not many Christians go; places braved only by a handful or so of Christian bands (who seem to be constantly ridiculed and hated by a large portion of the Christian community). I don't WANT to be hated by conservative Christians, but since I am not even called to their corner, should I even worry about that? Should I worry that I might be ridiculed as a false teacher by "extreme" Christians? (Not hating on them, just telling the truth; I have seen "Christian" extremists telling emo kids to plug themselves into a light socket and drown themselves in their bathtub) Some people do listen to them, after all. And there's always the "tightrope" walk of being very careful not to be so mainstream you're a poor witness but not to be so Christian that nonbelievers won't give you the time of day. And there's me. I don't know anything about anything (except that God knows I don't know anything and He still wants me to do it, which freaks me out). My family is more or less conservative, my dad's a pastor. I've been asking for almost a year now to get the tops of my ears pierced and they're still "thinking about it". But I didn't come here to gripe about my parents, that's just so you get the picture of my knowing nothing about nothing (in regard to the mainstream). [by the way, for anyone who doesn't understand what I mean by "mainstream" I mean "secular, worldy, etc"] There's the whole tattoo/piercing/black thing. I'd like to get my nose pierced as well as my lip(I don't dare ask for this, it will have to be after 18) and the tops of my ears. (You might think I'm going through a punk phase or rebellion, but I'm really not guys) Can I get some thoughts on that? Think it would look trashy? I think it might look trashy on some people but I have a particularly young looking face, and I don't think it would look trashy on me (but I don't know). But then, should I even care if others think it looks trashy? Maybe not, IF I wasn't going to be in the public eye. I've never actually known any Christians with lip piercings, although I'm sure there are some out there. (I'll update my profile picture to be a picture of me with fake ones if anyone wants to give input on that trashy or not thing) And then I'm not opposed to the idea of tattoos, but that's something I'll have to pray and think about for a long time before going through with. And then there are the health concerns with both piercings and tattoos, as well as image (as far as, will I be able to get a job, will it hinder my witness and things like that) And problems with black? Black clothes, black nail polish, black makeup, etc. And clothing with skulls on it? I always feel weird about that. I'd like to hear some thoughts on it. Just to be clear, I am not emo or goth. I could be called scene but I'm not really trying on that, I'm just quiet. I don't want to be emo or goth, either. And collaborating with other musicians? I'm sure I'll make some mainstream musician friends; any thoughts on singing on a mainstream album or having a mainstream singer sing on my album? Would it be a bad witness to support a mainstream artist/album? What do you think of mainstream festivals and tours? Thoughts about raising a family on the road, or going on the road without family? Good idea or going to backfire? Do you think there's a problem with having "Christian" and "rock music" in the same sentence? If not, where do you draw the line? Do you draw the line? It's not that I'm dumb and don't have opinions on any of these matters, I just want to hear from other Christians about it. (If this is in the wrong section sorry, I'm new) If anybody has any music-related advice for me, feel free to share that too. (Singing, playing guitar/piano/drums/violin, writing music, etc.) Or if you have anything else to say to me, go for it. I'd really like to just get some advice, some thoughts, some discussion in regard to everything I've mentioned. And if you're just reading this and you don't have anything to say, just pray for God to give me wisdom and send me all the right people. And if it wasn't clear, the future band to come will not be out there just to make music. We will be out there to show people Jesus through the avenue of music.
  5. Hello, My name is Tessa, and I have a really good friend who (for the sake of her anonymity) I'll refer to as Jane. Me and her are really good friends. We are both Christian but different denominations. We met 3ish years ago and have been BFFs ever since. My relationship with her is like that of two sisters, and that will never change. Yesterday "Jane" told me that we needed to talk. She said she wanted to tell me something. She was worried and said that the only other person who knew was her boyfriend. I was a little nervous of what she was going to say, she kept saying she hopes it won't negatively affect our relationship. She then told me that she thinks she's bisexual. Honestly, I felt a little relieved. I was preparing for the worst with all the suspense. (For a moment I thought she was going to say she killed someone, that's how freaked out she was) I believe that homosexual acts are sinful, and so does she, which is why she's really troubled. She asked for my perspective so I told her what I thought. First I said that I was honoured she trusted me enough to tell me this, and I can understand why this is troubling her so much. I then went on to say that we can't control who we are attracted to. Our subconscious can be influenced by MANY things and we can't just decide to feel a certain way on command. The only thing we can control is how we act on these feelings. I told her I still care about her and if she ever needs to talk about it, I'm available. She said that she was slightly relieved, but she was still scared because she couldn't tell her family. "Jane" is from a VERY conservative household. She said that she felt like she was hiding a piece of herself from those she loves. I said that I think people nowadays make sexual orientation too big of a deal. It's just one aspect of your self conscious that doesn't control who or what you are in God's eyes. She can still live the way God wants her to. She then seemed a little more content with the situation, and we moved to another subject. Now, where you guys come in. "Jane" is still pretty nervous, and I've never been in this situation before. I really stink at social interactions as I'm quite an introvert except with my 3 close friends. Did I say the right thing? Should I say more? Should she tell her family? Should I encourage her not to tell her family? I love "Jane" and want to help her do what's best, but I don't know how to do it..... Any advice?
  6. Deer2847

    Hi Everyone

    I just joined the site today, and enjoy giving advice to persons if needed.
  7. Hello everyone, i need your help/advice, and all knowledge you know in all areas, im looking to get a fresh start on life, want to make sure i cover all base's i am 26, i just finally got out of my job at a mcdonalds, i am a GENIUS, ( not trying to brag in this post but it IS probably gonna seem like it) i have a brain that is very RARE, and i am looking to use it to make a new life for myself i have went through some MAJOR life changes lately from quitting weed, to slowly quitting cigs ( havent had one in 30 hours now) to getting out of mcdonalds ( i am now happier than i have been the last 4 YEARS of my life, it is such a blessing my head is finally getting clear again, ) the employees there, the drama, drained me of life, anyway, with it being said im a Genius, i also have NO memory, so i need your help, over the last month i changed every minute of my life, to work on my brain power even more, from the chemicals i took in, to my sleep pattern, to the music frequency's i allowed to go in my ears, i came up with...a 'magic' plan for my future financially but....now all of a sudden, after i was so PUMPED UP and roaring to go, i have lost ALL motivation i have worked since i was 16 im 26 and i have 27 of the required 40 credits to retire, and now, all of a sudden, i feel like living without a job, and just barely getting by, i have a REAL desire, to do nothing? i cant even explain it, it's like im craving to be a bum, honestly like a pregnant female craving ice im having a hard time waiting for my IT CAREER i should hear back about this week, i would be starting about 30k a year, and now i just feel like scraping by and not existing? any clues? any ideas? what gets you motivated in life? im NOT depressed im happier than i have been in YEARS! i just dont get it? (unless i've tricked myself into thinking this is happiness) i am divorced twice, and have 1 daughter ( who is my world) any ideas would be awesome but yea i quit weed and cigs, and my rough mental regiment i used to get my "magic map" but i quit all that, everything in life that moved i made stand still, now i just want to stay here?
  8. explosivebananaprodigy

    Is My Best Friend a Lesbian?

    Okay, so one of my good friends is from all the way in 3rd grade. We're in 11th grade now, but sadly in 8th grade she moved away so Texas and I'm up north so we don't see each other. However we do keep in touch and I'm actually gonna fly down and visit her for the first time in forever. My best friend is REALLY into anime (Japanese cartoons), like it's a lifestyle. She cosplays (dresses up like her favorite anime characters), collects merchandise, reads manga (Japanese comics) and fangirls about her new favorite show for months. I never cosplayed and stuff and before she left, we bought this brown wig to go with a casual outfit I had to be this girl named Haruhi from High School Ouran Host Club anime. I was too nervous about going around and cosplaying in public and my parents are very weird about it so we didn't do it. Now for YEARS, my mom says she has a hunch that Maddy is gay and wants me to dress up like her girlfriend. It's hard to explain to her, bc Maddy says she isn't gay, but I do admit that she does dress up like a lot of boy characters. But my mom got angry and asked if I was gay (she's homophobic) and I had to tell her 3 TIMES I wasn't! When Maddy moved away, I was really sad bc she's my best friend. I got angry at my mom when she asked the 3rd time if I was lesbian for Maddy bc I missed her and I went off and said that I was straight, and if I had a crush on some guy, I sure as heck wouldn't tell her about him. But anyways up until this point in time, there's a comic con coming up in Texas and she wants me to get this costume for some vampire anime. She's the main guy and I'd be the main girl and she told me we're gonna be "totally in character" and she would suck all my blood and pose for pictures. I told her I was nervous about being at con and Idk if I wanna waste my money on wigs and stuff. SHES VERY STUBBORN so it's hard to even say you don't wanna do something. We'll my mom was like "she wants you to dress up like her girlfriend" and she kept saying that and I would defend her and say that my BFF didn't say she was gay. But I will admit I suppose it looks like she is. I think my mom thinks I am too, and I'm not and it freaking irritates me! There's so much I could type over 3 years, but it'll take forever. My BFF tends to lie about guys, and she hasn't had crushes on guys in a while (I haven't either but I still find guys extremely attractive and will even flirt with some). She also does seem to be protective over me and can act kinda tomboyish. She also has all these guy cosplay costumes and wants me to dress up as the girl ones and for both of us to be in character and walk around together. We also have had to share a bed before and I'll always face away from her bc it's just weird to face them but she always would face towards me. And also, I KNOW I am not gay. I just know. But is there a possibility she could be? My mom may be on to something now, but I don't want to admit it. AND how can I convince her that I'm not gay, bc I don't think she believes me?
  9. I'm new to this forum, but I just want some good, solid Christian advice in this area because I can't speak to my own family and friends for fear of being laughed at. I don't blame them for a little insensitivity, after all, anyone who knows me would be very surprised that I feel this way. However, I do need someone to talk to, someone without bias, who will give me some godly advice on my situation. I apologize if this post gets really long, length becomes necessary to give you a proper picture of the situation. Alright, so there's this guy, as I mentioned above, who I've known since before forever. Our families went to the same church throughout our childhood, and since we're only a few months apart, we've known each other since infancy. Our families are quite good friends, his older brother works a lot for my dad and his mom and my mom are quite close, and his grandparents are very familiar to us and we all get along well. At our church there were not many kids our age, actually, there were none. Just me and him really, so we become friends quite early in life. I remember being told when I was young that he had told his grandparents when he was 3 that he wanted to marry me. At the time, being a wild, little tomboy, I was probably like, "ewww", but now I think it's pretty cute and sweet. He maintained a sort of 'crush' well into our preteen years, at least until the age of 12 as far as I know. Throughout our childhood we remained close and friendly. We both live out in the country and on farms, and we would often just run around outside together, in the trees or by the water or whatever. We had fun. We would see each other on Sundays and sometimes did things together, like going to each other's houses or snowmobiling or playing ping-pong. I can't remember how old I was but I do remember him and his mom coming over around Valentine's day and he gave me a poem and bracelet (I neither have or remember the poem, but I do have the bracelet). When I was 12, my family left that church but we still hung out a little, we took an art class together which was tons of fun. However, after that, our contact kind of died, and I hadn't seen him up until last year, when my grandparents began going to our old church and I started going with them on occasion. This church sponsors a local children's Christian camp, which I work at, and the camp director is a regular attendant of this church, his daughter, one of my older friends, and I were working in the kitchen at camp one day, and we got on the topic of this guy (since she loves to bring it up). Out of genuine curiosity, I asked if he was taller than me yet (as he'd always been slightly shorter). She said she didn't know and the conversation turned. However, the next week of camp, we were working together again, and she told me how she'd seen this guy at church the past Sunday and mentioned my offhand comment about height as she walked out of the door with him and his mom. His mom laughed and apparently he blushed and smiled and she said that height was important to us when we were younger. When they separated and headed to their cars she overheard his mom say; "See, she does ask about you!" I saw him a couple times at church after that, we didn't really talk but I caught his eye on more than one occasion. Then his mom and mine were texting and they invited me to the church's youth group. I went with him and we talked a little bit, he seemed more relaxed in this group of younger people, without our parents there to pick up on every glance and gesture, and some of his old, mischeviousness came back. I haven't seen him since, but I have wanted/tried to. My family keeps teasing me, saying; "He still loves you!" but I'm really wondering if he does, or if he just wants to hang out? Our parents have been trying to set us up (not really but you know) in subtle and not-so-subtle ways for ages, and I think their opinions are sort of biased. For years our families and church friends have been teasing us, pushing us closer, and now all that tension might come to head because my dad mentioned today that this guy's older brother told him that he might be working at this camp this summer. I am planning on working, and I am just a little nervous about how our relationship will develop when we're in this sort of gossipy, close, family-oriented environment. At camp, people very much enjoy setting up other people up with guys and girls, and teasing you about love, and falling in love and it's just generally that sort of thing (in a Christian way of course). I don't know what to expect, especially from the camp director, who knows us both and I'm sure knows about his crush and is very, VERY good at teasing people, particularly about romance and particularly in front of others (not that this offends me, but it might be humiliating). As for my part, I'm feeling kind of conflicted. I never liked him (romantically) when we were younger, as I was very much against ideas of love and romance and very much a tomboy, and still am, just with a touch more femininity. If I like him, I don't feel comfortable describing it as a 'crush', I think crushes are kind of silly things and I'd like to think I'm not being silly about this, or lovey-dovey or anything. At this point, I could see us growing up and getting married, quite a few years from now, as we both need some maturity, but it is possible, and it would certainly be nice if we could. The romances that have always struck me as the sweetest are ones that strike up between childhood friends and companions. If that worked out for me I would be kind of thrilled. But I just need another opinion on this. He is a nice guy, always a perfect gentlemen when we were kids, treated me really well, loves to tease, knows how to work, has been raised similar to me, quite good-looking, has known me for a long time, nothing seems out of place in my eyes, but I could be wrong. One thing he lacks is maturity and a strong Christian foundation, but with guys, maturity comes with time and he does have a Christian foundation at the very least. We are both sixteen, about twenty minutes away from each other, are both homeschooled, both go to Baptist churches, both like being outside, etc. Can anyone give me some advice in this situation? How should I be around him? Just friends? And how can I tell if he wants to be more? PS. I don't think he's taller than me yet (and I'm only 5'5)! If he is, it's really, really close! UPDATE: So last weekend was camp staff orientation, and he was there. We did not talk, but I caught him looking at me MANY times over the three days we were there and there were a couple instances when he seemed to be coming up to talk to me, but turned away at the last moment. On Tuesday, his friend (who had recently added me on facebook) started up a conversation with me over messages, which I thought was weird but I didn't question it too much at the beginning. Lo and behold, two days later, this guy gets a facebook account, adds me and then proceeds to start messaging me as well, and we talked til almost midnight. I'm going to assume he sent his friend to test the waters? Anyway, I am very strongly beginning to suspect that he does still have his crush on me. This summer will be pretty interesting I think.
  10. thedividend

    How to Pay off Tuition & Pick a Major

    (No boasting intended) I'm going to a Catholic University. It's fairly expensive, but I've received a scholarship. It's a highly respected school with a good pre-med program. I don't want to wait until I become a doctor to start paying off tuition. My parents are willing to pay for the tuition since I'll be studying pre-med, but it's a lot of money and I don't want to stress them out too much. I wanted to start paying tuition early somehow while maintaining a few extracurriculars and a heavy course load. Since I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to science, I don't want major in Biology or Chemistry. Moreover, almost 90% of students who apply to med school have a BS in Biology or Biochemistry. I'd like advice on which major to go with (keep in mind I can only choose one): Spanish- learning spanish to help with vast population of Spanish speaking people, and go on mission trips. Plus, I wanted to attend med school in Texas because of the low cost. I know down in Texas they have a huge Hispanic population. Computer Science- in case I don't get into med school....( I know it's a lame excuse), but Computer Science is interesting to me. Philosophy- high level thinking, very marketable, very interesting (to me), helps with the new MCAT which going to be based on how one thinks. Plus, should I get a job? Part-time? Full-time? My parents are opposed to me getting a job. They want to me to study and not worry about money, but how can I? They insist on paying, but I don't want them to go into debt considering once I'm a senior in college my brother will be a freshman. On top of that, I wanted to Study Abroad with the Campus Ministry. Any advice on maintaining money, getting a job, managing time, and etc?
  11. I've moved about 6 times so far to very different states. I made the large and very scary move from a small farm town in Connecticut to a pretty large city in California. It's been really hard for me to adjust because I feel like I don't fit in. I'm hispanic but I don't speak any spanish. Because of this, many of the hispanics in town think I look down on them because I'm not a traditional Mexican-American and many of the white people at my school think I only speak Spanish. You will see that many times these two groups don't ever mix unless they need to. Anyways, I tried two public schools and found them difficult. I now do homeschooling. I'm doing archery because i tore my ACL, which cancels out sports, my usual way of finding friends. I've fallen into a dark time with depression, anger, and just loneliness. I'm not at all like the happy energetic girl I was. I've been having HORRIBLE self esteem issues and it's really affecting my relationship with my parents and I want it to stop. I was raised Christian and really want to start getting involved with a church and my parents are really pushing me to go to the teen youth group but I'm terrified they will judge me for being a bad Christian or maybe on the way I look. I'm really anxious over whether they will be nice or just ignore me. I need some advice or encouragement? thank you!
  12. Jenn_Meow

    PMS and horrible mood swings

    So, lately I've noticed that when I PMS now it gets REALLY bad. Like when i'm sad I'm thinking about suicide and cutting which is hard because I NEVER want to end my life, I have so much to live for, I promise I don't want to kill myself, it's just when I'm PMSing that's how sad I get, then I'm happy and normal but SUPER hungry. Then when I laugh, I laugh to the point where I'm sobbing and I start sobbing and can't stop for a good hour. What is wrong with me?!? Is this normal? These mood swings are affecting me really badly. Normally, I'm a pretty even tempered happy teenager. But when im pmsing it's like every emotion is to its EXTREME. should I see my doctor?
  13. alrighty for starters people that truly dont know me i have been emo for i think maybe 11 years 10 years idk really just a long time ago anyways i have been battling this situation for a few years now with people and they keep saying since i am i cant be a christian and idk what to do to make them stop saying that it honestly hurts just i need some advice about how to make them quit if anyone knows .
  14. DaughterOfChrist

    Some advice please?

    This post is going to end up being really long; I appologize in advance for that. I hate to ramble, but I really could use some advice right now and I was hoping maybe someone on here could help me. Okay, so the situtation started several years back (I was 12 then). My uncle who lived in NC (my family and I lived in PA at the time) was in an accident at work and was seriously injured. Well, to help out my aunt, who was trying to deal with her husband being in the hospital, her teenage son, raising her two grandkids, and still trying to make a living, my mom went down to help her out. This went on for several months - my mom would go down and stay for weeks to a month at a time to help them out. My uncle was in and out of hospitals for quite awhile, but even after he was discharged, he still needed constant help and a guardian. So my family and I decided we couldn't keep spending weeks/months apart, but we couldn't just stop helping either. So we picked up and moved in next door to them in NC. We stayed there for a few years, my mom being the second main care-giver for my uncle for quite some time. But as my unlce got better, and my mom wasn't needed to help take care of him, we pretty much weren't wanted by them anymore either. Through a series of events, my mom and my aunt had a few fall-outs (quite a few of which was because of my aunt lying to my mom). It got the point where relationships between our families were so straied that we don't even get along at all anymore. Especially after we had picked up our entire lives and moved for them. I mean, don't get me wrong, we didn't move expecting a reward for helping them or anything. But we did expect to be treated with a little bit of respect. My mom had a job she loved, my dad had been working at his job for over twenty years, we had a house. We left our family, friends, and lives behind to help them. And then we ended up being repayed with lies, betrayal, and hurtful words. So we decided, to avoid the stress and upset of continuing to live in that situation, it would be better for our family to move. So we ended up renting a place from my mom's boss (the two of them had become friends over the past year). So we lived next door to them for about seven months. That following summer my grandma, who lived in Pennsylvania, had a stroke. She came through it without too many difficulties, but she still needed help around the house. And, admitably, we were all thrown and deicided that we wanted to go back to be with our family and spend time with them before it was too late. We stayed there for 6-7 months. In the course of that time, it was just the same pattern as the first move. We were appreciated when we first got there, and everyone seemed so happy to have us there. Then a few months later, we were essentialy thrown aside again. Again, more lies, more betrayal. We were no longer needed, so again, no longer wanted. It got to the point my family and I just felt trapped. We hated living in Pennsylvania, we missed our lives that we had just started to build in NC, and we were hurt by being treated like that by our family again. So we started talking about moving; we knew, with all the previous moves, we couldn't afford to move again. Not without help. My mom's old friend/boss offered to let us stay with him (the house we had previously rented was being rented by someone else) and my sister offered her place. We were trying to decide what to do when my sister and my 3 neices were in a car accident. They were okay, aside from cuts and scrapes and a good scare. So, obviously, after such a scare we wanted to be close to them. And my sister was really shaken up and needed some comfort/help (Her husband is in the Army and away at training), so we picked up and moved again. And like always, it didn't last. And while things didn't go as bad with our others moves, we discovered living with my sister weren't going to work either. She and my mom have always had trouble getting along if under the same roof too long. And my sister and I (as much I love her dearly) are so different, that it was becoming difficult for us too. And after a while she started taking advantage of our being there. So we decided before our relationship was lost, like had happened with so much of our family lately, it was best to move before it got so bad. And at the time we were discussing this, my mom's old boss/friend got in touch with her and asked what it would take to get her to move back and work for him. So we moved nearby and both she and my dad started working for him. And a couple months ago, after the other family moved out, we moved back into our old house we had rented. And now, AGAIN. Things are getting to the point of our moving. We caught our friend in lie, which strained thing enough. And then, lately, he's been taking out all his ill feelings on both my mom and dad. Not anyone else who works with them. Just the two of them.And he's been pretty much treating them, excuse my language, like crap. So now, we're planning on moving. At first we thought of moving back down towards my sister, so we could live closer to them. We mentioned this to her, because we would need a place to stay for a couple of months until we could afford rent somewhere. But we were basically just shot down by her. She's been giving excuses for us not staying there, but my mom is pretty sure it's more than she doesn't want us there. And, with some of things my sister has said, I'm inclined to agree. And I complelty understand her wanting just time with her own family and etc. Totally understandable. But she can't even tell us the truth about it. And on top of that, one of the things she's said is that "Everytime we need help we run to her." We went there one time. And it was mutual. Not to mention, there were several occasions before that that my sister stayed with us, or we helped her out because she needed it. Again, we never expected a reward for helping and we've never, EVER held the things like that over her or anyone else in the family. We went because they needed us and we wanted to help them - nothing was ever expected in return. However, whenever we need help, it seems none of them are willing. And the help we've shown them is thrown back in our face. I'm just so confused right now. I could really use some other people opinions here. Is it us? Are we doing wrong? Are we asking to much? Please, if we are in the wrong, point it out to me. I've prayed over this situation again and again, I have full faith that everything will work out for the better in the end. I trust God will take us where ever we need to be. But at the same time, I can't help how I feel. I feel tired and frustrated and confused. I'm tired of moving and being jerked around. I'm tired of this constant 'up in the air' feeling, never knowing where we'll end up. And I'm tired of feeling hurt by family. And, in this current situation, I just feel so frustrated with everything, I could yell. I just want to be settled somewhere where we are wanted. Some place to call home where I can put down some roots. Is that too much to ask? I understand God has a plan for my family and I, and I trust His will and I will go. I just feel so confused. I don't know what to do. And I don't know where to go anymore.