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Found 4 results

  1. PlasmaHam

    The Role of Angels

    In Christianity, you see varying views on the role of angels in our lives. You hear of some who advocate the idea of the guardian angel, which everyone has a personal angel with them always. Some say that angels come down to Earth and take human form to enact God’s will. The guy that stopped you from driving drunk could be an angel in their opinion. Some say that angels just sit in Heaven playing their harps and not bothering with humans. There are plenty more opinions on the subject. Most denominations don’t have a steadfast rule regarding the angels and their influence in life, so it is difficult to confirm anything. And the Bible doesn’t go very far into the angel’s roles outside of the end times, so it open to interpretation. I am not asking you to debate Angel Hierarchy, types of angels, or the role of angels in Heaven. I am just curious about how you think that angels influence our lives(or not). This is something I have been thinking about and wanted some of your opinions on the subject. Please don’t devolve into insults and mockery like another recent thread did, I am not merciful...
  2. While reading a novella, "Ancient of Days: End of Perfection," about the fall of the Watchers or angels before the flood, I became interested in the famous quote of Jesus: “I see Satan already fallen like lightning from heaven...” The question that remains now is when did this occur? Before the creation of man, immediately before the flood or way after?
  3. buggirl101

    Demons and Angels?

    So...I'm not looking for a debate. More of a discussion. Does anyone believe in demons? I mean...obviously the Bible mentions them over and over. But as in, possession? A demon stalking a Christian? Etc? Or what about an Angel intervening in something? For example: Can a Christian be possessed? Personally I see it as a no. The Bible mentions that the Holy Spirit seals your soul, so I would think not. Just curious what everyone else thinks. I have personally seen what I believe to be a exorcism, but everyone is different. Just wanted to see everyone's point and or stories...some references or scripture maybe. Whatever you please.
  4. Original article can be found here: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/pets-more-trustworthy-than-people.html