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Found 8 results

  1. Willow

    Digital Art vs Hand Drawn?

    I have recently gotten into drawing manga and want to share my art with others. The problem is, it's hand-drawn, and I don't know how I can share it, because taking a pic with my phone would look kind of weird. And also, I've noticed that digital art is much cleaner and easier, but I don't know how people can draw with a mouse let alone myself, or if they even use a mouse. I could draw on an iPad, but I don't have one. Help?
  2. I am a self-trained artist, (27 now) researching building a homeschool art curriculum for teens. Art made school more palatable for me when I was a teen. Adults often think about what is best for their child and conclude that extracurriculars are secondary, but I am still young enough to remember that those secondary subjects acted as motivators for working on the primary subjects that parents consider so important. If you're a homeschool teen I'd be interested in hearing what your thoughts are about art. If you have an art curriculum what you like about it and what you don't like. If you don't have one why you think you don't and whether you care or not. Here's a photo of one of my recent paintings:
  3. So this is just a little chat for fun. But I was wondering if y'all have songs you guys like, that aren't considered Christian Music genre, but have Christian meanings. Like often country artist will have a song with Christian meanings and gospel truths. For instance: Savior's Shadow by Blake Shelton (Such a gospel truth and smooth, slow sound, I thought it was his cover of an old hymn) "Though the devil tries to break me, my sweet Jesus won't forsake me. When I'm in my Savior's shadow I'm where I'm supposed to be." I Got Friends That Do by Tim McGraw (Last minute of the song) "And I may not know, what it's like, to send my only Son to save the world and watch Him die. And I may not know, how it feels, to hang their on the cross to prove that love is real. But I got friends that do." Whiskey on my Breath by Love and Theft (About one of the two guys in the duo and his struggle with alcohol) Chorus: Oh I know that I'm going to heaven, but I can't go being like this. I need to pull myself together before then. No I ain't afraid of dying, but what scares me to death, is meeting Jesus with Whiskey on my breath." Walk the Line by Johnny Cash Many don't know this isn't a love song. When Cash first got accepted to a record label, they didn't want another gospel singer because that's half of what there was back then; people singing the same hymns but different artist. Cash didn't want to just ignore his faith in his music, so he made a song with secret meanings for God. "Because you're mine, I walk the line," meaning "because I am a follower of Christ I keep myself together and behave." Just a fun little topic I love discussing
  4. Nangelhill

    Share my paintings !

    When I was a kid I liked drawing, unfortunately, I had no opportunity go to a professional artical school , but I was not discouraged , still insist on drawing by myself, even though I painted not very well, but painting makes me feel happy . simple lines and patterns can express my thoughts and feelings , and when I painting I feel very intoxicated. Occasionally, I drew pics and sent them to my friends as a small gift ,they all liked it Because it represented my mind . huh.,Yesterday I visited my cousin , her child asked me to teach her with drawing, I drew some , by the way I took some pics..Here I will share them with you ,ah ! I hope to have more opportunities to share my pics ,do you like them?
  5. Stanly Benson


    Hi guys, so am writing a teen-supernatural (paranormal) fiction series and I was hoping one of you awesome artist would be willing to make me a cover. Full credit will given to you when the book I published, plus I will refer my friends and other writers to you. Reply to his thread or pm. Thansk
  6. ECAlvarez

    Favorite Art Form?

    Hey guys, do any of you have a favorite art form or style? I tend to prefer traditional anime art. How about you guys?
  7. Pray for me okay?