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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys! I wanted to come on here today and see if anyone else on here can relate to what I've gone through. My parents are what the Bible would call "unequally yoked". My mom is a strong Christian and my dad is a strong athiest. It's a really long and complicated story of why the situation is like it is, but I'll try to give you the quick version. My parents met at church. At the time when they got married, they were both committed Christians who prayed together and wanted to raise their kids in a Christian home. My dad was still a Christian when I was born. A few years after my birth, however, things started to change. My dad started to have questions about the Bible and if God really existed. He started to read books on evolution and other similar scientific topics and he began to lose his faith. He did tons and tons of research and came to the conclustion that there was no God. This was when I was about five and my brother was about three. My dad told my mom that he would no longer attend church and he told her that if she let my brother and I go to church, then he would talk to me and my brother about how he didn't believe in God and evolution. My mom couldn't bear the thought of me and my brother being confused like that at such a young age and so she decided that we just wouldn't go to church. Saying all of this, my dad is a great guy. He has morals and is a good person. He just isn't a Christian and my mom is and it's made my family a bit dysfunctional. So, I went for years wihout ever being taught about God or faith or anything. Even though my mom was a Chrisitan, she couldn't talk to us about God because then my dad would talk to us about being an athiest and it would be confusing for us. I grew up not being allowed to read the Bible and not ever having anyone say a bedtime prayer with me. One of my cousins gave me a children's Bible for Christmas when I was in elementary school and I remember my dad taking it away from me. I remember going to my best friend's house as a little girl and playing a video game that had a Christian theme and having my friend's mom come up to me and say that I needed to stop playing the game because my dad wouldn't approve of it. My family NEVER talked about religion and after a while it got to the point where I was terrified of even saying the word God in my own house because I didn't want things to be uncomfortable. I wanted to be a Christian when I was little because the school I went to was a Christian school and so I knew about it from that exposure. But it had to be a secret desire because I wasn't allowed to be one. When I was about 10 or 11, my dad was still a strong atheist but he decided that it would be okay if my mom started taking my brother and I to church. It was then that I was exposed to Christianity even more and I felt more comfortable with the idea that I was allowed to be a Christian. Of course, my dad didn't go with us but at least my mom was able to go now. My family still never talked about church or God. In my high school years I was mostly uncomfortable with talking to my mom about God too because it just seemed weird to me. I remember asking my mom to not pray for us at Thanksgiving one year before the meal just because it made me so uncomfortable with my dad around. I've been going to church ever since then. I'm 19 now and I also go to a Christian university where I feel like I am growing in my faith a lot. My family still doesn't tallk about God and I've never talked about the situation with my dad before or hardly anyone else. I still feel a lot of pain from the situation with my dad. It bothers me that my mom is in a marriage with someone who isn't a Christian. She can't share her faith with her husband and she wasn't able to share it with her children as much as she would have liked. Don't get me wrong, my parents love each other and are committed to each other. They don't arugue often. But there is a distance between them and I feel that much of it has to do with this issue. My mom has told me that she loves my dad but that she had no idea that this situation was going to happen when she married him. She wanted to be with someone that she could share her faith with. Apparently my dad used to pray with her when he still believed. I can't even imagine that now AT ALL. It's difficult because I feel that because of my dad's atheism I can't be as close to him as I would like to be. I grieve that he has lost his faith because I know that he has to feel alone all the time. I wish that I could have had a Dad that told me how much God loved me and that I am God's princess. But I didn't and I know that it has made my rely on God more and has made me stronger as a person. I still wish with everything that I have that things could have been different for my family though. Now that both my brother and I are in college, I feel really bad for my mom going to church and sitting alone there. I've heard that when one person in a marriage is a Christian and the other isn't that it is called being "spiritually single". I feel that this term definitely applies to my mom. I just still have trouble dealing with this and the pain that it has caused my family. I hope and pray that this doesn't happen to my future marriage. I am afraid that when I get married someday that my husband will start out being a knight in shining armor and then later change his personality and his whole belief system just like what my dad did to my mom. I also have trouble believing that men really can be strong Christians because I have lacked that influence in my life for many years. My mom tells me that she hates how this situation is but that I shouldn't worry about it too much. But it's just that to me it is a huge deal because if you are a Christian then your whole life should be about God and when that lifestyle is repressed for so long it becomes difficult. I guess it bothers me because my mom wouldn't have married my dad if she had known this was going to happen. Sorry this was so long. I just have been really curious to talk to anyone else who has gone through this or something similar to this??? Your sister in Christ, R.M. <3
  2. Faithful Kevin

    It's a war out there

    I've heard so much about spiritual battles throughout the time I've been learning about God and spirituality. Well, recently I've learned and seen for myself that it IS a war out there! It's a big battle! But nothing God can't handle. I've been on Youtube for quite some time and I've come to notice a user by the name of 'GEERUP'. I've seen a number of his videos and I've realized how this man is preaching on Youtube. He is directing at the atheists. The atheists hate him for it. He comes with the truth (the bible) and confronts their ideas about what they have to say. To tell you the truth, I've never seen someone so active on Youtube preaching. It makes me happy to see movement even on the internet. On the other hand, it saddens me how people just reject God and the truth. It opened my eyes to how so many people are being lied to by theories and human reasoning. It saddens me to see hardened hearts. I've decided to preach the gospel on Youtube as well. I don't make videos, but I answer questions made in the comment box. I ask God to help me and I do my best to answer with love. It's tough. It's an experience that tells you how people are really thinking about in the inside. I don't know about you, but where I live it seems that no one comes out with their beliefs as much as they do on the internet (or youtube to be more precise). 2He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. I've come to understand this passage while in the process. I've chuckled at the ignorance that people project a couple of times. I haven't felt offended thank God to any insults thank God. I've felt the negativity in the hate messages that people posted or sent via PM or comment. It's very time consuming. It's like, they have 3 questions; you answer all three but then they question those 3 answers and come up with 3 more questions. It's a bit overwhelming. But what I know is God speaks the truth and it's up to them to believe it or not. I love answering questions about God. (with the help of God I can answer). I've noticed there are two types of people who ask questions: 1. A person who asks a question to learn about God 2. A person who asks a question to question the answer. It's VERY noticeable. Putting aside the ignorance, I do see hope. Although some people are VERY confused by their own reasoning and are so dependent on what science says and what proof is shown, I see a person that is in need of God. Just like me; just like you. I see a person who just wants to hear the REAL TRUTH. The problem is they are confused. They don't have an idea on what is true and what is false. Why? Because they don't depend on what the bible says. Why don't they depend on it? Because they believe the bible is contradicting, they believe it doesn't make sense. They believe God is a killer. They believe it's all God's fault. They believe what the world tells them more than what God teaches them. It all comes from confusion and God is NOT the author of confusion. And that is what I've learned in this marathon. Please pray for everyone who is confused. Pray so the truth may be revealed to them in a special way that they will be convinced that God is Almighty. It's a war out there. http://www.youtube.com/comment_servlet?all_comments=1&v=ANtpsunRYIs