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Found 9 results

  1. Shasta Daisy

    Winter Book Challenge

    Starting December 21, and ending on March 19, I'm having a book challenge for any and all interested to participate in. I had one for Autumn, but in case you have forgotten how it's done, here are the rules. Don't worry, they're not hard. To enter, pick four of the six categories below to complete, read the books of your choice pertaining to those chosen categories (you have to tell us what books they are and who wrote them), and try to be the first to finish your chosen books before Winter ends. Or if you choose, you can take a Level 2 challenge, and read books for all six categories. On March 19, we will all meet on here and talk about the books we've read (please, no spoilers!). Hopefully we get a better response this season than last. If this challenge is a hit with you folks, I'll try to do another one for Spring. I hope y'all have a blast!!! 1. Read a book with the words "snow" or "ice" in the title. 2. Read a book about an animal (or animals). 3. Read a non-fiction book. 4. Read a book that is a collection of short stories. 5. Read an adventure-at-sea book. 6. Read a book taking place in the 1800s.
  2. Jesusismyticket

    The Healing Cakery

    Hello everyone reading! Before I begin you should know... I am writing this with the writer's group Shasta Daisy began. The plot is my original idea, and they will add a few things to it. Nonetheless, the story is called The Healing Cakery. CHAPTER 1: Needing a Job Stacy Carlon was very surprised by her family choosing to move. Her father, Michael Carlon, came home from work and stared at his family one day. Stacy was on her smartphone, facebooking away while his wife was watching TV. Truly, his Godly home had become one of the world. He spent a week praying upon the situation. God led him to believe a change of environment was best for them all. "Everyone, I have taken a job in Kansas. It's a fairly small town, and we're taking quite a pay cut, but I think it will be good for all of us." Tina Carlon looked in surprise at her husband. "We've lived in New York since we got married! Why the sudden change?" Stacy nodded in agreement with her mother, surprised by such a sudden and rapid idea of change. "We were so close and God orientated when we came, now we are obsessed with vanities and things of this world. Even I have become so. I prayed long and hard about this, and God pushed me to take this job. I think it'll only make us closer." "So here we go..." Stacy said, riding in the backseat of a loaded van. Oddly enough, her father did not take much with them. They chose a few necessities and figured they buy the rest when they arrived at the new home. It had been a long day. First off, they had to take a plane to get there, which Stacy always hated plane travel. She rather ride upon a boat. When they finally pulled up to the house, Stacy gasped in horror. "How old IS this house dad?" She exclaimed. Her father laughed. "It's a classic home for sure. It'll need a lot of caretaking, but we can put a little TLC into it." Her mother however, felt the same as Stacy. "We lived in a beautiful home in New York City only to move into THIS piece of junk?" She shook her head. Michael Carlon was unphased by his family's complaints, and continued to unload the car. "Come on now, I cannot do this alone!" The first week the Carlon family slept upon the floor, waiting for the furniture to come bit by bit. By the second week, they were settled in, but their savings took a big hit. "We're practically broke!" Tina shouted at her husband. "Yes, but I expected this. It'll take us a lot of hard work to earn back what we had. It will humble us." He winked at his beloved wife. Stacy had already taken a liking to the new home she put a lot of love into. She painted some cute images onto her wall and it felt like she built it up herself. "I can help...I could find a job somewhere. Part-time." Her parents looked at her. Her father smiled at her. "I'm proud of you, you don't have to, but you can. I recommend finding something you'd like to do though if you have options." Her mother felt a bit differently. "Our daughter should not have to work like this!" Stacy budged in. "Mom, stop. I actually like it better here. The people are friendlier and the town is full of opportunity. Why can't you adjust to that?" Her mother hushed herself, and simply said "Do as you wish Stacy." Stacy got upon her bike and went about town, looking for places who offer part-time jobs. She came upon a shop she never seen before outside of the town. "Hilda's Cakery" the sign said. Below it had today's special as strawberry-filled donut, fresh out of the garden. She decided to walk inside, after all, she loved baking! As she walked in, she was greeted by an odd looking boy. "Hello!" He shouted in an odd tone. "Um, hi. Is the manager here?" She asked gently. The boy nodded. "I'm...Sith." A girl came up from behind swiftly. "Seth, his name is Seth." She smiled. "And I'm Mariah. Are you looking for Miss Hilda?" Stacy nodded, smiling. The girl ran to the back to get Miss Hilda, while Stacy was left with Seth. "Miss Hildy says I have down syndrum. It don't make much sense to me...I am up." Stacy giggled slightly, realizing the boy wasn't really taught too well. "Well, I'm Stacy, and I'm up too." "Yay! I am the greetor. I greet all the people, and I take ordors some of the time." He smiled at her. Mariah came back with an elderly lady. The lady smiled at the girl. "Hello there, I am Miss Hilda. I own the cakery. Can I help you? Did dear Seth drop something again?" Stacy laughed a little. "Oh no, it isn't that, I am looking for a job." Miss Hilda smiled. "Wonderful, we need a cupcake girl." "A cupcake girl? What would I do?" "You bake and decorate the cupcakes. I've grown a bit too old to do it myself now, but I can teach you easily. Can you start tomorrow after you finish your school dear?" "Of course! I'd love too!" (FOR THE WRITERS GROUP OT: I have left some room for you to take in a few ideas yourself, feel free to add some things. )
  3. Shasta Daisy

    Autumn Book Challenge

    Starting September 23, and ending December 21, I'm going to have a book challenge for any other bookworms like me out there who are willing to participate. The rules are simple: pick four of the six categories below to complete, read the books of your choice pertaining to those chosen categories (you have to tell us what books they are and who wrote them), and try to be the first to finish your chosen books before Autumn ends. Or if you choose, you can take a Level 2 challenge, and read books for all six categories. On December 20, we will all meet on here and talk all about the books we've read (please, no spoilers!) And if this challenge is a hit with all of you folks, I'll try to do another one for Winter. I hope y'all have fun! :-D 1. Read a classic book (pre-1965). 2. Read a book taking place in a foreign country. 3. Read a book that was also a movie. 4. Read a book you consider long. 5. Read a book with a weapon in the title. 6. Read a book taking place during World War I.
  4. Shasta Daisy

    Books That Make You Cry

    I don't know about the rest of you, but for me I love reading moving books. Books that either leaving you smiling, laughing, or crying at the end of them are in my opinion some of the best. I just finished reading this book called Heller With A Gun written by Louis L'Amour, and it was terrific. The ending, though, was so sad and moving that tears actually came to my eyes, which has only happened like two or three times before from reading books. What books have you read that made you cry? Do you like those kinds of books?
  5. Shasta Daisy

    Ask A Bookworm

    I didn't see any threads like this here, so I thought I'd start one. If you are thinking of getting a book or reading a book, but don't know how it's going to be, you can just use this thread to ask about it, and if anybody on this forum has read it they can tell you what they liked, and/or what they didn't like, about the book in question, and also if it had any questionable content some people might be worried about. If nobody answers a post, that probably means that nobody here has read the book in question. But if you have read the book, please feel free to talk about it. I have a book on which I would like to know your opinions before reading it, called Troubling A Star, by Madeleine L'Engle. I have read her book A Wrinkle In Time, and did not end up liking it very much, but this one seems like it might be more my style. Has anybody here read it? What did they like/dislike about it?
  6. Jesusismyticket

    GERALD ~ a book

    Hello! So I have decided to post my story here! I have been working on a book, I call ti Gerald. I do not want to give away my plot so I will not! You'll have to read it and see what comes. Feel free to discuss it, and give me advice on the writing. it is greatly appreciated! We will begin with the Prologue. Prologue I remember running and running, I could not turn back. He told me to run as far away as I could. I stopped in the middle of the woods, catching my breath. Should I go back for him? What do I do now? Looking around, I chose to run back to the small cabin house I had always known. Back to the vacancy that would await me. I stepped inside, seeing everything shattered. I skimmed through the house, down to the classic heater in the lower part. It was set full fire, and something obviously burning. My comfort was a simple note. "Dear Julia, I had given many warnings to what would come, however, none were noticed. I do not blame you. I would have never believed it if I were you either. I told you long ago the only way I could leave was to find peace, and I have now found it. I know you are safe, and the danger is nevermore. Now you will live, and I will be watching over you. You will always be my little sister. Gerald"
  7. Pray for me okay?
  8. Hello everyone! My "name" is Luke, I'm a young artist and writer! I am a nondenominational christian that wants to put christian morals in my books. I am a part of my family's Publishing company called, "BillionaireAuthorsClub" Please pray for me to finish my books by the end of this year, I thank you so much. So... Hi. MY PRETTIES...
  9. So I've been looking at my bookcase a lot lately and realizing that I have almost NOTHING to read for the summer and that [for me at least] is terrible. I'm a total book nerd so thinking about a whole summer without anything to read except for books I've already read is like torture. Do you guys have any favorite books? Books you would recommend? [i plan on making a trip to the library/bookstore sometime soon] books can be Christian or nonChristian, but I would prefer Christian although I'm really open to anything. Thanks!