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Found 15 results

  1. I have multiple favorites, but I really like psalms.
  2. Shasta Daisy

    Winter Book Challenge

    Starting December 21, and ending on March 19, I'm having a book challenge for any and all interested to participate in. I had one for Autumn, but in case you have forgotten how it's done, here are the rules. Don't worry, they're not hard. To enter, pick four of the six categories below to complete, read the books of your choice pertaining to those chosen categories (you have to tell us what books they are and who wrote them), and try to be the first to finish your chosen books before Winter ends. Or if you choose, you can take a Level 2 challenge, and read books for all six categories. On March 19, we will all meet on here and talk about the books we've read (please, no spoilers!). Hopefully we get a better response this season than last. If this challenge is a hit with you folks, I'll try to do another one for Spring. I hope y'all have a blast!!! 1. Read a book with the words "snow" or "ice" in the title. 2. Read a book about an animal (or animals). 3. Read a non-fiction book. 4. Read a book that is a collection of short stories. 5. Read an adventure-at-sea book. 6. Read a book taking place in the 1800s.
  3. I tend to mainly read psalms because I'm not sure how to start. When I read other books, I tend to get confused or not understand what is going on at all. It's so frustrating because I feel like I should be able to know all the bible stories. I know some from children books that I used to have. But I don't know all of them. I feel like a failed christian haha :/
  4. I really enjoy a good (e.g. one that is not trashy and not filled with cursing and/or worse) Western, and was wondering if anybody else here felt the same about it. If so, what Westerns would you recommend? I really like the Westerns I have read by Zane Grey, Louis L'Amour, and Will Henry, but would be more than willing to expand my horizons to other relatively clean Western authors. Some cursing is okay with me in a book, but nothing horrible, and anything past innuendo makes the book trashy in my opinion. But it is really hard for me to find a good Western that does not have this, and I would greatly appreciate your input.
  5. Shasta Daisy

    Autumn Book Challenge

    Starting September 23, and ending December 21, I'm going to have a book challenge for any other bookworms like me out there who are willing to participate. The rules are simple: pick four of the six categories below to complete, read the books of your choice pertaining to those chosen categories (you have to tell us what books they are and who wrote them), and try to be the first to finish your chosen books before Autumn ends. Or if you choose, you can take a Level 2 challenge, and read books for all six categories. On December 20, we will all meet on here and talk all about the books we've read (please, no spoilers!) And if this challenge is a hit with all of you folks, I'll try to do another one for Winter. I hope y'all have fun! :-D 1. Read a classic book (pre-1965). 2. Read a book taking place in a foreign country. 3. Read a book that was also a movie. 4. Read a book you consider long. 5. Read a book with a weapon in the title. 6. Read a book taking place during World War I.
  6. Shasta Daisy

    Books That Make You Cry

    I don't know about the rest of you, but for me I love reading moving books. Books that either leaving you smiling, laughing, or crying at the end of them are in my opinion some of the best. I just finished reading this book called Heller With A Gun written by Louis L'Amour, and it was terrific. The ending, though, was so sad and moving that tears actually came to my eyes, which has only happened like two or three times before from reading books. What books have you read that made you cry? Do you like those kinds of books?
  7. Shasta Daisy

    Ask A Bookworm

    I didn't see any threads like this here, so I thought I'd start one. If you are thinking of getting a book or reading a book, but don't know how it's going to be, you can just use this thread to ask about it, and if anybody on this forum has read it they can tell you what they liked, and/or what they didn't like, about the book in question, and also if it had any questionable content some people might be worried about. If nobody answers a post, that probably means that nobody here has read the book in question. But if you have read the book, please feel free to talk about it. I have a book on which I would like to know your opinions before reading it, called Troubling A Star, by Madeleine L'Engle. I have read her book A Wrinkle In Time, and did not end up liking it very much, but this one seems like it might be more my style. Has anybody here read it? What did they like/dislike about it?
  8. I don't know about anybody else on here, but I know that when I'm having trouble getting into the mood of the story I am currently writing, I like to put on some music that inspires that kind of mood. If I'm writing a romance, I'll put on the "Romeo and Juliet Theme" by Henry Mancini. Or if I'm writing a Western, I'll play "The Ballad of Billy the Kid" by Billy Joel. Like that. So I was just wondering... what music do you guys like to listen to while writing? What mood does that music put you in?
  9. SmilesFromMe

    Teen Girl's Book Club!

    COOL TEEN BEANS BOOK CLUB: Girl's Only Edition Each month, we delve into a different literary universe. AKA, we read awesome books. We would love to have you as a member here and we will gladly welcome you with open arms! Not only do we read books monthly, we also function as an online group of friends. If you are interested in becoming a member, continue reading down below! ABOUT: Each month, we have each of you guys suggest up to 3 books for us to place into The Pot of Chance. Basically, The Pot of Chance is what we place all of the books in the running on slips of paper into. We then draw from the pot and whatever book comes out is what we read that month. Note: We do not allow overly bloody books, overly romantic books, or any books that are anti-Christian. Each month when we finish reading the book, we celebrate by hosting a big "bash" which includes contests, challenges, debates, games, and more! We also create separate topics to go to for specific things pertaining to the club. If you have any questions about the End-of-the-Month Bash, let us know. Feel free to write reviews on different books, whether we've already read them or not. You can also rate books, recommend or unrecomend them, and so forth. Please no spoilers about any books even if the club has already read them for the sake of any new members. NOTE: Spoilers are allowed at the End-of-the-Month Bash discussions. The club is not just for reading. You can also chat here! If you have any questions, please just ask! RULES: -You must be female and at least 13 years of age. If you are older than 17, you cannot join unless given special permissions for certain reasons. -No inappropriate language, which is probably pretty obvious since this is a Christian website. -No bullying!! We stress this more than any other rule, because, like we said earlier, we also act as a close group of friends. -No teasing, even if it is meant as a harmless joke. -No laughing at others' misfortunes. -No personal information (e.g, zip code, IP, email address, address, city, etc.) -No inappropriate content. -No violence. -No dating or flirting. If you break any of the above rules, you will be banned. HOW TO JOIN: Write a paragraph with your first name, age, favorite genre, favorite book, and anything else you want to add. All information must be included in one post, otherwise it does not count. If you do not pass the expectations/test, you are not allowed to join. By the way, we know we sound very strict, but usually we're pretty laid-back and good-natured! All of the "security" is just to keep everything in order. After you've joined, it gets extra silly and relaxed. We wanted to mention that certain people may be promoted to question answerers, moderators, or even staff. Staff's job is to help keep everything organized, such as the amount of members, the names of members, members' basic info, keeping everything under control at the bash, etc. HAVE FUN LADIES!!!
  10. Stanly Benson


    Hi guys, so am writing a teen-supernatural (paranormal) fiction series and I was hoping one of you awesome artist would be willing to make me a cover. Full credit will given to you when the book I published, plus I will refer my friends and other writers to you. Reply to his thread or pm. Thansk
  11. Shasta Daisy

    Foreign Literature

    What are some of your favorite books written in other countries? Some of mine are as follows: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle, from England All Things Bright and Beautiful, by James Herriot, also from England Cyrano De Bergerac, by Edmund Rostand, from France White Shadows in the South Seas, by Fredrick O'Brian, from the Marquesa Islands
  12. Jesusismyticket

    Books to read?

    This summer, I feel like I need to read more. So I have decided to make a little list of books to read. I tend to like gothic romance types, like vampire stuff and etc...yeah I know it is weird. I also like Christian books, like Melody Carlson for instance. feel free to suggest anything though.
  13. Please! I really need an opinion! Would you use an app that tells you how much you would like some perfume smell in percentage probability. It might be helpful when you can't try a perfume for some reason. For example when a perfume is in a box and there is no tester or when you see one in a commercial. Another option to use it when you want to chose perfume for somebody else as a present. Would you use such a program for other products? food, book, clothes, music, movie, etc.? Let's say to buy or just to see prediction whether you like it or not. Thanks a lot!
  14. I'm not limiting this to antagonists. Let's discuss anti-heroes, tragic heroes, and other characters from the darker side of the spectrum (and how they can act as antagonists in stories). And, since antagonists aren't necessarily characters, we can discuss interesting conflicts in books and other media. The antagonist could be a force or an institution. It could be an inner conflict. I'm fascinated by antagonists in literature. I'd love to know how many of you feel the same way. Abigail
  15. teddiebean01

    favorite book?????

    hey. i'm just wondering. what are your favorite books? mine are the princess diary books, the fault in our stars, and the twilight child.