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Found 5 results

  1. Last year I started dating a christian guy. Our relationship lasted for approximately 5 months. Everything was going quite well but then one day out of the blue he texted me saying that he felt that God was leading us down two different paths as I was planning to go to university and he was going to be away quite a lot over the summer as he working for a christian youth organisation and was doing a couple of overseas outreach teams for them over the summer. He wanted us to remain friends but obviously I was upset. I had been at uni for around a month when he messaged me on Facebook asking how everything was and I politely replied but didn't really continue on the conversation as i didn't want to get hurt again. He then messaged me several times since trying to strike up conversation but I didn't reply. Then on my birthday he messaged me wishing me to have a good day and I replied with a very blunt Thanks but he still kept trying to carry on the conversation. I've been thinking about him a lot and I don't know whether this is God's way of telling me to try and get back with him as I will be home now for 5 months over summer. I know I could just message him but I don't know how to apologise for being rude before and I don't know whether it is the right decision. My family did like him as he was a good christian guy but they felt that as he wasn't attending university he wasn't good enough maybe. This also sounds terrible but everyone says that I was too attractive for him as he's not really into clothes and material things also and I am very into my style and looks even though I know I shouldn't be and he didn't have much spare cash. I just really don't know what to do. If i get back with him people will wonder why because they say I'm too good but the truth is I really thought we had something and I just don't know what to say if i do decide to message him? Sorry this is so long and I appreciate you taking time to read this.
  2. Speakeasy

    Having a Significant other

    How do you get over that overwhelming feeling of wanting to be with someone. Obviously God will give you someone when it is time, but until it's time how do you focus more on God and his blessings and less on the fact that everyone around you has a significant other.
  3. Shasta Daisy

    Where did you meet your man?

    I thought it would be a cute topic to discuss here where and how you met your current real-life boy-friend/guy-friend/fiance/husband. I'd love to hear what y'all have to say. And if you do not currently have a man, where is it that you forsee yourself meeting the guy of your dreams? And where would you say the absolutely worst place ever to meet a man would be?
  4. This is going to be long, so brace yourselves. And may be a little uncomfortable. Well I broke up with my boyfriend last month. It was for a variety of reasons and I feel like the bad person. But I'll just make a list for you guys okay? Twice when I was with him, he shoplifted. Putting ME in danger. He always pressured me to s.moke (I know I'm not supposed to talk about that on here. Just let me list this) He always pressured me to be sexual with him, which I've denied constantly. Gosh. When we went out places, I always had to pay for things because he spends all his money on "stupid things" One day he told me about some "disturbing" illegal things that he's done I mean really really disturbing, enough to make you want to run away 10 miles from him He's super messy, and I noticed that he started to become quick to anger He wasn't Christian. He used to be but got rid of that title for some reason. He listens to satanic songs, but claims that he's not that way He never cared about the things I was passionate about: like my poetry. He would get bored and change the subject. EVERYTIME he came over my house, he left it a mess When I was in college this summer, he was upset that I wasn't paying much attention to him. But I was trying to do my homework. These are some of the reasons why. I just feel like I was mean for dumping him. His exact words to me was "I feel no pity for you." and "If you want to leave me for something ike this, then feel free to step out." I haven't heard from him in a month. So he must not care about me anymore. it's like I never mattered. It's always that way. I originally thought he was my soul mate (I know kind of cheesy), until I realized the things he was "in to."
  5. Ok first of all CTF has changed a lot and I'm not sure I like it! Although that could be just because I'm getting lost lol Anyways, a lot of you may know me from before when I was really active on here...I have had the same boyfriend for over two years now and we're planning on getting married. The thing is, he's in the Air Force and we recently found out that he will most likely be deployed in the next year or so. This has led us to the decision not to wait until I graduate college to get married, because then (in his mind) if something happens to him while he's overseas, I will be taken care of......we're hoping for a May wedding. We are ready for it; he can provide for us so we're financially stable, and we're both mature for our ages (he's 20, I'm almost 20) So when we get married, he would be a month away from 21 and I would be 20. We have several obstacles though....the biggest being my parents, who don't want me to get married right now and think I need to explore a little bit (he's been my only boyfriend) So what do y'all think? Marrying young has its advantages and disadvantages; I just need to hear some other people's thoughts. If you need more info, I'll give it