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Found 3 results

  1. Jesusismyticket

    pray for me?

    So, after a long discussion with my parents, I decided it would be best for me to take a year wait before I go to college, if I go. In the off time I will do volunteer work and find a job. Probably get my license and a car in the off time. I am hoping I can sort out what I want to do. While I figured business management would be a good option, in the end it isn't truly what I want to do, and it doesn't match who I am, I am really not a ruthless person. I know I love to help people, and I like my graphic design. So it's probably going to end up being graphic arts or some career where I can assist people. I was discussing how I love elderly people, so my mom suggested I consider finding a rest home which will let me volunteer and talk to them. I can see if I'd really enjoy it.
  2. First of all, can anyone let me know if they have ever attended or are attending this year FCA Leadership Camp at NorthBay in North East Maryland? It eould be really nice to hear about it from someone who has been or know someone else who is going, even if I don't know them irl, just from ctf. Also, this is my first time going somewhere where I know no one, and I'm nervous. I went to the same Christian camp (Camp Wright on Maryland's Kent Island) for 7 years, but now I'm too old, and so I'm switching camps, so I'm nervous about not knowing anyone, or even a lot about the camp. Even my first year at Camp Wright, I knew 3 people: 2 school friends in another cabin, and my sister was in my cabin. I don't know anyone at my new camp, so I'm really nervous about making friends. What do I do if everyone there already knows each other? Any advice?
  3. Mad_Dog

    "Christian" Teen Forums...

    There are other religions here besides Christianity... "Christian" Teen Forums sounds wrong, IMHO. There are other Religions here BESIDES Christianity... I just think the name of the site should be changed... :\ To suit the needs of people who are nonChristian. So they won't feel so condemned and shunned away. And so we can all be free to discuss whatever without being led to discuss ONLY Christianity. Because most NonChristians will not discuss Christianity and its concepts, they will argue it. Just my personal thoughts on the matter...