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Found 4 results

  1. GirlandTheWord

    You Are Free

    You Are Free I am vested in the crumbs of society The fallouts from the Bread of Life I am the Bread of Life The bread of peace, love, compassion The bread of unbarred atonement, relentless redemption, Revelations made passable through the blood of My body, Which opens up new doorways, new doorways Unblocked, unbolted and unburdening. I say it is finished, That the yearning for a new freedom, The freedom of the soul, rather Than of the body, Is paid for and made reachable to both those Who deem themselves unworthy And to those who are laden with self-righteousness. I tell you the truth- You are far from worthless; In fact, you are My masterpieces, The soul center of my affection, The reason why I gladly trade My easy yoke for your sorrows And millstones. So now you can sing, “From every mountainside, let freedom ring!” So now you can sing, “I’ve a Saviour in the Kingdom, Ain’t that good news…” For this blood I shed is thicker Than wine, and sin, and death And it covers you. Indeed, It covers all breaches Of holy law— Laws that brought forth condemnation. But I bring forth life And life to the abundance, life Brimming to the edge with joy, life Everlasting. The Father is doing a new thing Do you not perceive it? There are those who claim That there is no freedom in me But I assure you, the freedom you Receive from The Father Will make you free from the inside Out; Freed from yourself. And you won’t be free As how the world sees freedom, But the freedom will align Your will With His will And that is free indeed. The King of Jacob, the God of Solomon, The Glory of Glories that has been Probed and debated By the children of his making Has sent me to make all things Different And alive. So be at rest, And rest assured that I would hear the cries Echoing through the toilsome hills And I would watch over the cottonmouthed sparrows And the anxious souls Waiting to be filled; I would watch over you. For I am who I say I am, I keep my promises, I am a man Of my word, Because I am The Word, And from the same breath that spoke those words, You have been breathed into life So you are mine You are loved And now you are free. Written by Anh Luu www.girlandtheword.com
  2. ChristCrew

    A YouTuber's Introduction

    Whaddup, brothers and sisters!? I am Marcel, a sixteen-year-old dude from New England in the USA. I started to become more zealous to the faith September 2014, when I was so fed up with how boring mass seemed that I looked to see if there were any good Christian artists. That happened to be the same week Lecrae dropped his record-breaking album, Anomaly, so I was instantly consumed in Christian hip-hop, EDM and a bit of rock. Also, I created an idea that same day to create a YouTube channel called Christ Crew, a place that would promote Christianity in a way that was not outdated, yet would help form the bridge between the religious and non-believers. I should note that I have done over four years of YouTube and videography in the past, as I recently retired from that channel with over 30,000 subscribers and 5 million hits. Simply, I don't feel the desire to do that anymore and want to do something bigger and not enclosed to a tight niche of particular fans. I uploaded my first video to Christ Crew, a video with satirical and religious humor made with good intentions, and the YouTube techniques I used on my successful channel have not benefited me yet. I should also mention that I have not promoted Christ Crew on my old channel because I only want viewers that generally like my christian videos, not to follow Christ Crew because of my prior work. My ultimate reason for joining the forum is to talk to people who get me and possibly meet some people interesting in working together to persevere through the shenanigans of life. My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChristCrew33
  3. Faithful Kevin

    What is Christmas about?

    I post this to hear your opinion about christmas and what you think it's about. How you have seen it in your growth and how you see it now. Discuss. ( I have taken this post I made from someone else's thread.) Honestly. To me celebrating christmas means celebrating the birth of Jesus. Personally, in my own opinion, I don't think everyone remembers the true purpose about christmas. Presents? Didn't this come from a European man who just decided to give away riches and thereon became a tradition mixed with the birth of Jesus? The christmas tree? What's it for? I have studied some trees that were decorated and some of them have a star on top. Might that star mean the star that was up in the sky to lead the three kings to Jesus? Not everybody puts them up. So if not everybody uses the tree top for the star, what's the tree for anyways? Christmas tree? Presents? In my opinion many people just want the presents. Honestly when I was smaller I didn't focus on Jesus on the 25th. I focused on "Santa Claus" bringing me presents and going to bed to wake up and open them up the next day. Seriously? I also consider this idol worship. I mean, when I look at it over here in Puerto Rico I see kids just so anxious for Santa to come and leave them presents! They also do something regarding the three kings day which is collecting grass and hiding them under the tree so you may get presents. (January 6th, a tradition in Puerto Rico.) They are innocent kids yes, but the parents have to teach them what's true. I mean, I might be 17 but I am learning some things that I have not noticed before. Of course kids will be so very delighted to receive presents. But why tell them it was Santa that came down the chimney? Why can't we just tell them Jesus blessed them for being a good boy or girl? Point is: When I look at it. The whole purpose of Jesus being born is mixed with Santa. Does the christmas tree have any meaning that I might be ignoring rather than hold the star on the top that MIGHT resemble the star that was in the sky leading the 3 kinds to Jesus? (and this answer depends if there even is a baby Jesus scenario under the tree). Do the presents represent the things that the three kings gave to Jesus when He was born? Or is this just some other tradition? What is the point of decorating a christmas tree? Does it have to do with God? Is it purely just a tradition? Why make December 25 different? Why can't it just be the celebration of the birth of Jesus?
  4. Deeper

    The Mortification of Sin

    Young men, As of read a few threads on this post and have become saddened and angered by some of what I've read not only because of the brokenness but because of the lewdness I've read on this forum. This message is to those who are broken, who are lost in sin and find no way of escape. This is for those who know they are leading a life destitute of God and have no way of escape. I've found in my personal journey on the narrow road with the Lord that it is an impossible task to mortify my sinful nature (Colossians 3:5) and put to death that which is unseemly, that is, the old man (Colossians 3:9-11). In all my efforts I failed. Accountability partners were a temporary remedy to long-term anguish, filters on my computer after time only increased my desire to find filth and counseling didn't aid much except further denial. Nothing worked. But despite giving into dangerous lusts and fornication of the mind, God in His mercy revealed to me through His scripture that Christ is the only solution by which we can become free of sin. It finally hit me, 'Apart from Me [Christ], you can do nothing.' (John 15:5) It hit my like nothing has in time past; finally the answer I was looking for! All of those remedies I tried to do in my humanity were not done through Christ, the Fountain, the living water from whom all blessings flow, from whom we receive salvation and in who's hand is healing. If I can do nothing apart from Christ, then everything I did was in vain. But, alas, Christ in His mercy had shown me my error and revealed to me, 'son you've pursued freedom from earthly things, when by Christ and Christ alone your freedom will come.' So, brothers, hear what I am saying and look to the Fount, look to Christ, believe on Him and in Him and that by Him your sin and it's drowning lusts can and will be defeated for Christ aims to do it, He wills to do it in those who are His sons. Because it has been a benefit to me I must share this with you. Read The Mortification of Sin by John Owen for it does truly help and will lead you to the only remedy for our murderous sins. Here is a prayer taken from this book that has been of great help, keeping in mind my fallenness and sin to which Christ is the aid: In Christ, Skylar