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Found 3 results

  1. I'm feeling very festive. XD Don't ask.
  2. Dear Lord, on this Christmas day there's just one gift for which I pray Please watch over all dogs everywhere and bless them with someone to care Watch over the pups with plenty to eat and hungry strays out on the street Those getting treats each time they yap and those that struggle for every scrap Those that sleep on a nice soft bed Those with hard ground under their head Those that play with girls and boys and those that never have any toys Those kept clipped and brushed and clean and scruffy ones that don't smell too keen Those who get to ride in cars and those that sit behind cage bars Those that flunk obedience school Dig up the yard, snore and drool Chew up your stuff, chase the cat and still they're loved in spite of that And those that are as good as gold but left out to shiver in the cold Chained up and forgotten there they long for a warm home to share Please God, on this Christmas night help show more people what is right For each dog they meet, to do their best And send your comfort to all the rest.
  3. Faithful Kevin

    What is Christmas about?

    I post this to hear your opinion about christmas and what you think it's about. How you have seen it in your growth and how you see it now. Discuss. ( I have taken this post I made from someone else's thread.) Honestly. To me celebrating christmas means celebrating the birth of Jesus. Personally, in my own opinion, I don't think everyone remembers the true purpose about christmas. Presents? Didn't this come from a European man who just decided to give away riches and thereon became a tradition mixed with the birth of Jesus? The christmas tree? What's it for? I have studied some trees that were decorated and some of them have a star on top. Might that star mean the star that was up in the sky to lead the three kings to Jesus? Not everybody puts them up. So if not everybody uses the tree top for the star, what's the tree for anyways? Christmas tree? Presents? In my opinion many people just want the presents. Honestly when I was smaller I didn't focus on Jesus on the 25th. I focused on "Santa Claus" bringing me presents and going to bed to wake up and open them up the next day. Seriously? I also consider this idol worship. I mean, when I look at it over here in Puerto Rico I see kids just so anxious for Santa to come and leave them presents! They also do something regarding the three kings day which is collecting grass and hiding them under the tree so you may get presents. (January 6th, a tradition in Puerto Rico.) They are innocent kids yes, but the parents have to teach them what's true. I mean, I might be 17 but I am learning some things that I have not noticed before. Of course kids will be so very delighted to receive presents. But why tell them it was Santa that came down the chimney? Why can't we just tell them Jesus blessed them for being a good boy or girl? Point is: When I look at it. The whole purpose of Jesus being born is mixed with Santa. Does the christmas tree have any meaning that I might be ignoring rather than hold the star on the top that MIGHT resemble the star that was in the sky leading the 3 kinds to Jesus? (and this answer depends if there even is a baby Jesus scenario under the tree). Do the presents represent the things that the three kings gave to Jesus when He was born? Or is this just some other tradition? What is the point of decorating a christmas tree? Does it have to do with God? Is it purely just a tradition? Why make December 25 different? Why can't it just be the celebration of the birth of Jesus?