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Found 2 results

  1. Shasta Daisy

    Winter Book Challenge

    Starting December 21, and ending on March 19, I'm having a book challenge for any and all interested to participate in. I had one for Autumn, but in case you have forgotten how it's done, here are the rules. Don't worry, they're not hard. To enter, pick four of the six categories below to complete, read the books of your choice pertaining to those chosen categories (you have to tell us what books they are and who wrote them), and try to be the first to finish your chosen books before Winter ends. Or if you choose, you can take a Level 2 challenge, and read books for all six categories. On March 19, we will all meet on here and talk about the books we've read (please, no spoilers!). Hopefully we get a better response this season than last. If this challenge is a hit with you folks, I'll try to do another one for Spring. I hope y'all have a blast!!! 1. Read a book with the words "snow" or "ice" in the title. 2. Read a book about an animal (or animals). 3. Read a non-fiction book. 4. Read a book that is a collection of short stories. 5. Read an adventure-at-sea book. 6. Read a book taking place in the 1800s.
  2. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, robots and writers of all shapes and sizes gather round! Welcome to the Official CTF Monthly Writing Challenge! *Grandiose Theme Music* Alright guys, so I've heard it expressed a number of times in the last few years that many of see RPGs (my personal writing love) not only as a fun thing to do on the weekends (weekdays, wee hours of the night, on an iphone while in class...) but also as a way to improve our writing skills. The monthly challenge thread is really just a way to continue on in that tradition. I'm calling it a 'challenge' instead of a competition because while we certainly can discuss each others work, the point here is more for growth and improvement than any reward. Constructive criticism is encouraged here, but remember that at the end of the day the whole purpose of this particular forum is for a group of friends to write in a positive environment. Right. Here's how things are gonna run: On the 1st of each month (or close to it), I or another member with my permission will post a writing prompt or challenge for everyone to work on. Anyone can post an entry for that particular challenge anytime during that period (from one 1st to the next) but on the 1st of the next month, when the next challenge is issued that particular challenge will be closed. If there's enough interest, this may become a bi-weekly challenge and then things would turn over on the 1st and the 15th. Rules: 1. Unless otherwise stated, submissions should not exceed what can fit in one post on this forum. This isn't an insubstantial amount by any means but you should keep this in mind when making your submissions. 2. Entries may take any form. Short stories are wonderful. Poetry? Lovely! Fanfic? Go right ahead! (However, if you arn't using your original characters please state so at the top of your post). All genres and subjects are game (so long as it's CTF appropriate) and you're free to write however you wish! This thread is supposed to be about growing as a writer! No matter what medium that takes. 3. Watch your formatting. None of ya'll are bad at this, but these entries could potentially get long and giant blocks of text are hard to read. Keep in mind how the entry will read. 4. No Off Topic in entry posts! An entry is an entry only! However, feel free to discuss the current months challenge as much as you want in the thread. <3 5. Don't be afraid to asks questions or offer ideas for new prompts! Honestly, I've got about four or five 'challenges' in mind but I would love to hear your ideas! Especially since I don't really know what type of challenges y'all are looking for. 6. Entry is, of course, always optional. You don't have to submit an entry every month and its really no big deal if you never submit any at all. At this time, there arn't really "Winners" per say, but if this is something people want we can incorporate it in the future. 7. Every entry needs to include three things at the top in bold. 1. The title of the piece, 2. The Challenge Month and 3. The Challenge name. This is mainly so it's easier to see what's up. And thats it! So now.... *drumroll*..... The first official CTF Monthly Writing Challenge!