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Found 3 results

  1. Faithful Kevin

    The laying of hands (Discussion)

    The laying of hands I have a few points I would like others in the faith to discuss about. Is it biblical for anyone to call people forth for prayer after the preaching has finished? Is it biblical to pray for one another while laying a hand on another person's forehead? Is it biblical for one to use olive oil or oil of annointing on someone or something in prayer? (Other than for curing the sick?) Is frantic, headbanging, hairwhipping, shaking, revolutionized movement biblical or a manifestation of the Holy Spirit? Is it biblical to "run, laugh, shout, jump" in the Spirit? Is it biblical to speak tounges in jibberish or weird babbeling? "Bababababababa!" Is it biblical to enforce tithes? My indignation.
  2. Waiting on God's confirmation I have a question for all believers, followers and disciples of Jesus. I want to discuss something that I haven't made the opportunity yet to discuss in my own community. The topic is about waiting on God's confirmation based on life desicions. I know many people who will not make a desicion in their life until they receive "confirmation" from God. This basically means they will pray to God and wait for a simple "yes", "no" or possibly "wait" answer from God. I don't see anything wrong with this. The issue here is using this logic to make mundane desicions. What house to buy, what state to live in, what college to go to, what job to work at, what car to buy. These things are mundane. We are ordered to live a life that gratifies God by loving Him through His commandments. Why make trivial things of this world such a big problem? Now I have another, more serious question ahead. Is it a sin if I don't ask God what house to buy, what car to get, what college to go to, what state to live in? Is it a sin if I go right ahead and get those things? "You're not seeking God's direction!" Is a phrase that will probably pop up. How am I sinning by doing any of these things? Do I need to seek answers from prophets, pastors or preachers upon the house I want to buy or the car I want to have? Isn't that my own business? Don't get me wrong. If you are reading this, and you are that kind of person to ask God to reveal to you what to do, as small as it can be, don't feel offended. You do what you believe is right. What I want to get through here is this: If I do these things, which are not sins, on the other hand you need revelation or confirmation to make the simplest move on earth, don't judge me because of my mundane desicions. Where am I sinning if I decide to live in another country? (Why of course unless God literally tells me thought His Holy Spirit to stay or reveals to you that you must tell me to stay by His will). Now, another question. If anyone here practices this, do you only ask for direction for big desicions or both big and small decisions? A small decision would be something like, "God, is it OK if I go to the movies this weekend". A big desicion is something life changing, "God, is it OK if I move to Europe?" How big does a decision need to be in order for you to ask God what to do? Do you judge others because they don't ask God for direction the way you do?
  3. buggirl101

    Demons and Angels?

    So...I'm not looking for a debate. More of a discussion. Does anyone believe in demons? I mean...obviously the Bible mentions them over and over. But as in, possession? A demon stalking a Christian? Etc? Or what about an Angel intervening in something? For example: Can a Christian be possessed? Personally I see it as a no. The Bible mentions that the Holy Spirit seals your soul, so I would think not. Just curious what everyone else thinks. I have personally seen what I believe to be a exorcism, but everyone is different. Just wanted to see everyone's point and or stories...some references or scripture maybe. Whatever you please.