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Found 2 results

  1. lisa98


    I have been a Christian and believed in God for as long as I can remember, but only recently started reading scripture. In the past I've been quite active in other forums defending gay rights, transsexuals rights and such. Now that I'm learning more about right and wrong from a Christian perspective, I feel that my values have changed and sort of adapted to the more typical Christian values. I still think that gay people deserve as much love and respect as heterosexuals, but I have a more conservative point of view in that I understand why some churches don't want homosexual leaders or want to marry gay couples and so on. Here in Sweden it's become sort of trendy to be far-left politically among youths, and having these more conservative opinions is often times frowned upon and can even exclude you from groups. Is it possible for a Christian to be as open minded about these topics as a non-Christian? Is it the Holy Spirit that is guiding me into a more Christian life? Some might call it just being close minded... Sometimes I am unsure of what to believe is right. How do I stay strong and stand up for myself when I am questioned about my values? I pray for clarity but my questions remain. Please pray for me. I hope this made sense to you guys. Comments and advice are very welcome.
  2. Read more here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/hsn/20100807/hl_hsn/ethicistschargedoctorwithtryingtopreventhomosexualityinthewomb;_ylt=Asg8UP.lPiqDUpIWJ8Nyq8oPLBIF;_ylu=X3oDMTQ1YTMwODdyBGFzc2V0A2hzbi8yMDEwMDgwNy9ldGhpY2lzdHNjaGFyZ2Vkb2N0b3J3aXRodHJ5aW5ndG9wcmV2ZW50aG9tb3NleHVhbGl0eWludGhld29tYgRwb3MDMTMEc2VjA3luX2FydGljbGVfc3VtbWFyeV9saXN0BHNsawNldGhpY2lzdHNjaGE- Raised an eyebrow. Thought I'd share. Undecided if I'm against this or not. I mean, is it a bad thing if no more homosexuals are born into the world, or is it a bad thing if we get carried away in the fetus-tampering business?