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Found 2 results

  1. Mad_Dog

    The Battlefield

    My short story As he stormed the battlefield, the thought crossed his mind once more today. "Will I die?" He feared for his life, and for the lives of his brethren. Being in this was not at all what he wanted... But he knew he had to go. He knew he had to fight for the good of his people, and of himself. His two children and wife cried tremendously when he was sent off, not knowing if they would ever see him again. "Remember to have courage and stay strong." He had heard those words every day for an entire week before he left. Those words rang through his ears evermore now, as the gunfire rang out in the air. The ground shook violently, but it didn't shake our hero. He stood there, lightly shaking in fear. He picked up his gun and aimed it, right in front of him. The man north of him looked at the gun. Our hero knew that he was just as scared. He knew he had to do it. For the good of his country, his brethren... 5 shots were heard. The man dropped down on the cold ground, unconscious. The other men took charge soon after that, firing away without care at the brave men that stood in front of them. Our hero and his comrades also attacked, more fierce this time. After the fire ceased, he slowly got up from where he was and looked around. Smoke was all he could see. Smoke and blood. The blood of hundreds of brave men, who equally fought just as hard. Fought for the good of their people, and of themselves.
  2. Hello, Hello Everyone! As some of you know, I am not new here, I have been a member for a little over a half year. But I am a new person then I was when I joined. And this is the introduction to the new me. If you would look on my profile you would see that I'm 15. I was and am being raised in a Christian home. And God is leading me to start a ministry to reach this generation. See, I know what this generation is going through, I've been going through it too. What I am about to say, no one knows but God. And it's about time I share my story. I have told you I was raised in a Christian home. But I never thought about what it really meant to be a Christian, I just always said I was one. My life all I had ever known was God. I never questioned it. I just agreed, for lack of better words. But I wasn't a real Christian. Statistics say a large part of children and teens grow up being raised by a single parent or their grandparents. As of ten years old, I became part of the statistc. That's right, my mom was given the task of raising my brother and I alone. No, my dad didn't leave willingly. He died of a heart attack Thanksgiving day 2005. You might be expecting me to say this made me hate God, you'd be wrong. I was saddened by it, I wondered why it happened. But I never thought about God's part in it. You're again, probably expecting me to say I had some holy- God, life altering experience, but no. I did decided I wanted to be a true Christian. It just never happened. I would catch on fire for God, but then the fire would fizzle out. The year the year I was 14, that's what happened. I would catch on fire, then I would get caught up with what was happening at school, and being cool, and my fire would fizzle out. You're now saying 'So this is the part with the holy-God, life altering experience' Well, sort of.God did speak to me. He told me that this generation was falling behind and so was I. I knew the truth, but I didn't accept it. I wouldn't let it set me free. He told me, I could make a difference. That I know what this generation is going through. I've experienced it first hand. And I accpeted it. I now Know the truth and the truth has set me free. And I am free indeed! I guess the whole point of this, was to let anyone out there hurting or addicted to something like I was, that you become free. God will set you free! He sent his one and only son, so he could set you free. And he loves. So, so much. He thinks the world of you. He gave the world for you, created the world for you. He just wants you to love him back!