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Found 4 results

  1. So, I don't know about you guys but I'm always running into little goofy day to day situations that just put a smile on my face. Not big things mind you, but just little moments that prove to me that humans are silly and God has a sense of humor. I was thinking of sharing one such story but wasn't sure where to put it so here we go! These stories don't need to be any particular length, just something that might be fun to read. They could be something that happened recently or in the past. Doesn't matter. Maybe they have a lesson, maybe not. It's all good. *** So before class yesterday, I go with a couple girls from my cohort to get some coffee. I order my latte, retrieve it, and then as I'm walking away notice that the barista has written "I missed you." On the side of the cup. Guys, I literally spun around on heel and looked back to look at the person. Keep in mind that I've only just moved to town so who could have been missing me? Was this someone I knew? Had we met before in another life? Was the universe trying to tell me something?!?! I pondered his out loud with the other two girls until I get to my next class where I start discussing this finding with the rest of my cohort. One guy looks at me funny, laughs and says "Ashley, did you give them your name? At starbucks they have to write your name on the side of the cup but they probably 'missed' you." ... "oh... that makes sense." Moral of the story, sometimes the universe isn't speaking to you through your morning caffeine fix. Who knew?
  2. I couldn't find a ylyl thread so i have created one. This is how it works. Post funny images and jokes. If anything makes you laugh, you lose. I shall get us started:
  3. "Yesterday was Saturday, and Monday comes after church!" That line... Just CRACKED me up! YAY CHURCH IS OVER IT'S MONDAY NAO!!!! XD XD XD
  4. Video description: "From this speech, it's hard to tell whether Phil Davison is a politician or a pro wrestler. I think his campaign strategy is to lead 300 Spartans to the ballot box." "SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!" (highest rated comment ) AND... Do you think his 'speech' is more or less impressive than Howard Dean's famous scream? (Dean Scream starts at 0:19. Yah!)