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Found 3 results

  1. Dead Beats A Halloween Themed Band/High-School RPG This Game is Currently OPEN NO MORE DEAD BEATS MEMBERS ARE BEING ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME. NEW HUMAN CHARACTERS ARE WELCOME (Especially dudes, we need those) If you have an idea for a NON-BAND MONSTER character please PM me. I won't approve these "just because" you need to have a compelling reason for adding them to the story. How is their being a monster going to improve the plot? (Go ahead and get your intro posts up!) So who are we? Dead Beats. It's a label pegged onto kids like us a lot. We wear our hair to long, play our music too loud and party a bit too hard for most people. Its a bit counter cultural, kind of in your face, edgy and well... a little bit spooky at its core. From the beginning we all knew it would be a sick band name, sure to put us right up their with Poisoned Apple and Motley Boo one day. And you know what? It did. Back home we're superstars but here? Well, we've definitely got a following but most of our fans don't realize that we're actually dead... . . . Nah I'm totally kidding... Only our keyboardist is dead. But we are all monsters. Lead guitar? Pixie. Vocals? Vampire. And me {drums btw.. hi} I'm a werewolf. A mixed bag of characters but we get along alright... usually. You see, we're new to the states... or anywhere. Until last year we kept things on the DLZ {Dimensional Lockdown Zone.... it's complicated, warlocks, force-fields, curfews... no bueno} but thanks to our agent we're officially almost the first band EVER to obtain inter-dimensonal-visas {score!}. We've done well this last tour. Sold out shows. Screaming fans. The works. And then we realized that we're stuck... and there's this guy from our side of the woods {calls himself "The Puppet Master" ... weirdo} whose trying to start all kinds of trouble for the normies. Its up to us to stop him... before it's too late. Tell me about these "Woods"? The Dead Beats arn't from around here... and by that I mean they REALLY arn't from around here. They're from a place called "The Woods" an entirely different dimensional plain where witches, ghosts and spooks of all sorts reign freely. Its a large place and pretty developed. In fact, The Woods is a lot like Terra ("Earth" for you normies) but with a lot more goblins and ghouls. Think "Halloween Town" but the size of a medium sized country. Travel between Terra and The Woods is possible, but strictly regulated. In terms of alternate dimensions, The Woods is actually fairly "close" to Terra and so its possible for residents to "slip through" from one side to the other... especially around Halloween. But you guys are on earth now right? Terra! But yea, as of May 2014 Dead Beats has been touring in the states. The "Bumps in the Night" tour has been a huge success but now we've realized that we're stuck. About two weeks ago all contact was cut with The Woods. We can't go back to The Woods right now, we can't communicate with our families and other than a handful of monsters that are just as confused as we are everyone from The Woods living in Terra seems to have just up and vanished. So what are you gonna do about it? Well, our agent has decided to cancel several shows on our tour and keep us put in Salem, Massachusetts (a hub for people moving to and from The Woods... go figure). He's rented us a house (A creepy old thing right next to a cemetery. Feels like home already.) And enrolled us all in Salem Academy of the Arts, a magnet school here in Salem that's about a half mile from the house. An arts academy? Yep. Salem Academy is still a public school but it caters to those with a focus on the arts. It has special programs for visual arts, music and theatre... They're theatre program is supposed to be ESPECIALLY good according to our agent (of course, he's just trying to convince us to even go). It's just a normal highschool but a little more... dramatic. I guess. Game Rules? Ya'll mostly know the rules but just to have them out there. Past-Tense, third person for all posts to keep things uniform. Ex - "Rudy walked to class." not "I walk to class." Please post your characters name at the top of each post. Keep OT in this thread to a minimum. But if you have something to discuss please post it in the OT thread! Try to post semi-regularly at least maybe. Have Fun!