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Found 7 results

  1. I just really want to stop hating myself and find peace with myself. I want to stop being sad and lonely. Any prayers to ask God to give me some guidance to happiness would be beyond greatly appreciated. God bless! <3
  2. Since I'm in such a loving mood today, I thought I'd give this a shot. Let's hope there isn't another one of these around CTF somewhere. Hahaha! The world needs more love. More hugs. More "I love you"s. More "I care for you"s. More "I'm praying for you"s. Just overall more loving people in this world are desperately needed. And people who MEAN what they say. Not just a dry "I love you", and then the person gets talked about behind their back basically getting stoned emotionally. Jesus was stoned. Yet he still cared about the people that stoned Him. I find that simply amazing. That one can love that much... As it is now, if something doesn't change... The world is going to be a very sad place to live in... I know none of you want that. So, without further adieu, I'll begin. I love you. <3
  3. Mad_Dog

    Happiness is...

    So... What is happiness, to you? Happiness, to me, is hearing my favorite song on the radio. <3
  4. The true fact of the matter is... That I'm happy. Finally honest-to-God happy. I never thought I would ever be this happy and feel this complete. It seems like ever since late 2008/early 2009, I've been looking for something. That something was, and I didn't know it at the time, but that something that I was looking for was happiness. I had no idea what a tight spot I had been in until 2011. 2-3 years of looking for something... Just imagine... And you can't find it. Looking and looking in the places you THINK it might/would be. Looking everywhere for it. Everywhere. In the closets, in the drawers, all over. Flip everything upside down just trying to find WHAT IT IS you're looking for!!! "Wait a minute", you stop and ponder. "What exactly is it that I'm looking for?" See, that's what happened with me. I was looking for something I didn't even know that I was looking for... Now that I've finally found it, I keep going "THAT'S what it is!" I thank God that I did, though... That I found it. Took 18 years, but I found it. Does that mean I can stop looking? No, it does not. I will never stop looking. For anything. Once I find something, I continue to look for things; go down my mind-list. Of things I want... Things I need... And things I need to want. I don't daydream as much as I did when this year first started. I'm as happy as I could ever be right now, so why bother? Though... I thought I was happy. Earlier in the year. How wrong I was to believe such foolishness and constant lies. I basically was lying to myself, saying I was "finally happy". ...And how "I wouldn't trade it for anything..." I was so blind. ...But now, now I can finally see my future extremely clearly. It's so beautiful, my future, that it almost makes me cry. I have when I daydreamed, I have cried before. The overwhelmingness that I felt at that specific time could not ever be my own. Someone else's daydreams, happiness, tears. I'm just glad that I'm better, now than I was at the beginning of the year... Yeah...
  5. Post anything that happened to you today that was good/made you happy. I got my fish sandwich from Sonic today. That made me happy. =)
  6. ATTENTION: I have found the secret to happiness!
  7. OK, I put this here, because although I would love scripture if you have it, it's not the only thing I'm asking for. Feel free to move it if you wish. I was recently wondering as I was driving to the store a few days ago, You see, I was genuinely happy that day, and I wanted to praise God for my happiness! To share some of this feeling with Him. So I tried to pray... but couldn't really think of any words, so I tried to think of a song to sing... and I thought of: "bring me to the cross", "Praise you in this storm", and "what if His people prayed". All very good up lifting songs! And I like them a lot! but.. they're more for when you're feeling down, and I wasn't! =/ So I started to think of scriptures to praise God when there's blue skies; when all is OK, and though you see the mess all around you, for some reason you're still feeling happy. ...and I still couldn't think of anything! I know probably over 100 passages that are great to read when you're feeling down, or depressed. But I don't know a single one for when you're happy!! I mean you've got God's love, His faithfulness, His patients, His righteousness, His justice...Etc! But; I mean I praise God for that everyday! and couldn't live without any of those!! But, what about those times when you're not struggling with sin (you don't sin every second of your life), and you feel like Satan has fled from you, and you feel like... like there's a light shining off of you. How do you praise God for THAT feeling? I'm looking for: hymens, songs, scriptures, anything that I can use to praise God when I'm happy (in the eye of the storm) All help/ comments are appreciated! GOD BLESS!!! ~Dan.