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Found 29 results

  1. I believe in God, and probably won't ever stop. I'm a Christian Protestant, and have been for years. My problem is that while I believe in God, I believe Jesus died for our sins, and accept Him as my Lord and Savior, I don't really care. I actively dislike church, I dislike churchgoers, and I dislike the Christian lifestyle. I also have jealousy of other people for their health, their wealth, their successes, their physical looks, etc. and blame God for giving me nothing. I understand that I don't live in Haiti, Ethiopia, etc. where I don't have a toilet or clean water, and I'm thankful. But for someone who lives in the United States and deals with problems such as what I noted in the previous sentence, I just blame God for everything and can't get over it. For months, I'll say "**** you, God," or "**** God," or something similar. I think about the people I have met since I became an active Christian again about 4 years ago (after a lifetime of believing but not bothering or anything) and how many issues I have with them. Most of the people I have met at church are people that I dislike for various reasons. In their defense, I'm not a really nice/good person (I'm very blunt and dislike even perceived weakness if I think it's dumb). However, this is where I am now. I just don't want anything to do with church or church people, but at the same time, I understand church and God are good for me. I remember an argument for atheists and how they think it's unfair God is basically sending them to hell for not believing. The answer to it was, "Well, you are alive now and you dislike church, you dislike the ten commandments, you dislike worship and prayer. Heaven is full of that, and everything to glorify God. If you don't want it now, why are you complaining about not experiencing it for the rest of eternity/in the afterlife?" But yet, here I am. I can only think of people I dislike and the way none of us see eye-to-eye on things. I think of the dullness of Christian life, the stupid rules (e.x. a local Christian college forbids men and women from sitting together at lunch, or going out to see a movie), and the general stupidity I see such as faith healing (it doesn't cure cancer), the old-fashioned adults who try bossing the younger churchgoers around because the Bible says to respect your elders, and just nothing really good. I had this problem, sort of, a few years ago. I remember a girl (who is now an ex-Christian, I believe) saying that I was judging God and my relationship with Him based on other people, i.e. imperfect beings who didn't have a thing to do with God's greatness or my relationship with Him. But everything combined from the people I know/have met, the way I think I'm getting the short stick in life, and the lifestyle we're expected to lead just make me dislike it all completely. I believe in God, but I'm not practicing the religion anymore. My relationship with Him is weak if it even exists anymore, and again, I know that's bad. But what can I do to strengthen it? I opened a new Bible app on my phone last night, but I didn't know where to start. I was hoping someone here could point me to some Bible verses/stories/parables/books concerning this that could hopefully help, but after writing all of this out, I'll take pretty much any advice you guys can give. I just wanted friends, a girlfriend, success with my college degree, and generally a good life, but I've never had it. If I give up religion completely (and possibly political views although that is highly unlikely), I would probably get the first two and maybe the last. But I don't want to trade eternity in Heaven for a few good decades on earth and then the rest of forever in Hell.
  2. I have a friend who has bipolar depression. She also thinks she's bisexual. I know for a fact that homosexuality of any kind is wrong, and so is killings yourself. I'm only 13 and I don't know what to say or do. She's shown me the places on her wrists where she's tried to kill herself. I'm afraid I'm going to lose her and this causes me to have anxiety. Please someone help me in this situation. I don't normally look for help but I need it. Please don't put that homosexuality is ok, because that's not true. Thanks for your help.
  3. Good day everybody! Couple weeks before I decided to choose an activity for me: to keep my body strong and my mind clear. I saw that in a lot of command games are angry and with bad energy. People are greed because they only want to win. Maybe you can give me an advice? I already tried a lot of different games there are quite interesting but I can't improve my health playing it
  4. Jesusismyticket

    ways to make money?

    So I figured I could ask here... After a search for part time jobs I can do has sadly ultimately failed, (yes I even applied to Walmart) I need ideas for making money besides my parents. I live in a small town area, kinda farming country, Idaho yah know XD and I am not sure I'd be good at babysitting. Any money making ideas?
  5. umm I'm new to this forum so I'm not sure how this works. I fear losing my connection to God more that ever, God kinda saved me from myself last year and blessed me with the motivation to live and achieve my goals. I fear I can feel myself slipping away into the clutches of hate, self loathing and self harm again. I'm seeking answers well help I don't know, well I need motivation to work for my grades, to live and the only place I can get that is from God. I need help understanding and working on myself spiritually... I guess I haven't been able to set foot in a church in years due to traumatic experiences i endured when i was younger whereby I was isolated and bullied to the point that i decided not to go. Does this hinder growth can I strengthen my bond with God? How? How do i move past this? I guess I'm waffling but I fear that this is embarrassing that I'll be on my own again, and well lose all motivation to do anything.
  6. So you guys probably know by now I tend to be pretty altruistic, and how seeing all the violence actually upsets me and generally I want to see LOVE in the world. Hence, I decided to start a movement. And I want everyone's help. http://beautifulpurposemovement.weebly.com/is the official page. Sarah (Saved.2) is assisting me in this movement. this is from the OUR STORY page This year, already, has been terrible when it comes to violence. Many will debate how we got to this point. Was it media? The violent video games? The gun itself? No. It started with humans. All these things, possibly, are aids to the problem, but we cannot cure the problem until we cure the root cause. Hate. We are living in a world of hatred. People tend to think of themselves first and everyone second. the "my way or the high way" mentality. People turning to violence to make a point. Where does it ever end? With LOVE. We need to re-establish love all over the world. Hatred removed. Even if you dislike someone, show them RESPECT, and KINDNESS. We are to LOVE not to HATE. I've decided to start a new movement, because it takes one person sometimes to move an entire nation. I am calling it the Beautiful Purpose Movement. It doesn't discriminate. If you are Christian, you can join. If you are an atheist, you can join. If you are black, you can join. If you are gay, you can join. There is no reason these lives cannot matter. All lives matter, and this movement is meant to show that. Show it with PEACE. Our purpose will be to instill love into a society struggling with it. We will show care to all people, resist saying hurtful words to another person to their face or behind their backs. Hurtful words only make us hateful and as low as the people who cause the pain. The ideal is to show these people that they do not need to hurt anyone. We will, rather than discussing what horrendous things happen and how "awful" people are, discuss good things. We will have kind acts, and show appreciation for the people who are not seen in the paper. I'd love for people to submit things to me. This is our official pledge. "I *insert name* vow from this day forward to love with all my heart. No matter how much a person hurts me, it will not make me any bigger to hurt someone back. The only way to create peace is to bring peace. With my life, I vow to not intentionally make a person feel lesser than another. Every single human has a beautiful purpose from God. I vow to help them on their path, not take them away from it." If you do not believe in God per say, you can omit the "from God" or perhaps change it to the faith you believe. Please just remember the main purpose of the pledge is to spread LOVE and not HATE into the world. If you choose to be involved and take the pledge, thank you so much! I want you guys to possibly join the team, share with friends, even if you don't officially join I'd love for you to take the pledge in your own life and try to do the best you can. Even submit some amazing stories and people within your community to put on the pages. Thank you so much if you choose to help out. I want this movement to mean something. <3
  7. So, I am 18 years old now and technically fall under one of these two, however I greatly struggle to keep friends. I have a lot of actual, online friendships but it seems when it comes to personal, face-to-face socialization I can't keep a friend and I have no idea why. I make phone calls. I make plans. We usually hang out once or twice before they completely give out on effort. It is frustrating, as I read all these articles saying these generations value friendship the most yet I always seem to be the option when someone is bored. I do have more conservative views but I am open-minded to other life styles. Now, I come to my final struggle, is it THEM, or is it ME? I take friendship seriously. I try to call, or if there is an email or other way I can connect with them I try to use those too. I agree I do not have a facebook, or a twitter, or an instagram, and I cannot text message. I usually try my ways at least once a week. It is kind of based on how they usually take things. I've had some who prefer once a week, others multiple times. Either way, I make effort. When they suggest plans I do research and try to find something we'd both enjoy doing, or I just let them drag me along to something I've never done. I listen to their interests, even if they are not my own. Overall, I don't think I'm that bad. I always start the conversation with a how are you and what have you been doing? sort of thing. My first friend I had when I was about 12-13, we were friends for 2 years. She wasn't a great influence but she was a friend. She replaced me technically, with someone she had met 2 months ago. It was rough. My next actual friendship didn't end up becoming an actual friendship. It ended up her little sister, who is 10, wanted to be my friend and not her, and 10 was a bit young for my teenage self and my mom didn't prefer it. that is another funny thing, little kids LOVVEEEE me, teens hate me, haha. In youth group I won't include my now ex boyfriend because that ending was actually my fault, I lost my temper in our breakup which ruined all chances of a friendship to continue even after. There was another girl, who still is very perky and generous. She does tons of charity and I admire it. However, she would never call or keep in touch. All her plans were spontaneous, which I had told her was hard for me to do in my family situation. She got upset with me for desiring her to let me know she still wanted me as a friend and said we needed a "Break" after not speaking properly for 2 months, I basically said we were going on a permanent "Break." Most people I tried to keep base with, ended up not keeping base. 60% of people who wanted to kind of chat said it would be easier if I could text. I know I don't go to school with these people so I don't see them in a hallway every day but they could try... I get along with elderly people usually. Little old ladies. Or I get along with people 10 and under. Which isn't really right either. Online, I have friends, but offline, I can only seem to befriend children and the elderly. I just seriously want to know who the problem is. Because I see another friend drifting from touch and I am wondering now is it just THIS GENERATION OF PEOPLE CANNOT INTERACT WITHOUT A POWER CORD or have I actually done something wrong? do I expect too much? What should I do to compromise, besides try and get something I really can't afford at this time in my life? Does it get better in college? Someone give me some hope here...
  8. So um... My depression and anxiety has been acting up very badly lately...I've been in a very bad place mentally and I am asking for prayers because right now I am accepting that I don't think I can fight this on my own right now...I've had several close to suicide attempt breakdowns and I don't even know what my head is doing up there. so just a few prayers...thank you...
  9. OneDayataTime99

    An Update About My Walk

    Many of you have read my other posts. It has been 1 year since I last posted. It's crazy... My life has been CRAZY. I had been living in Nicaragua last time I gave an update. I was telling you all about how I was going to be transitioning back to the USA. Well here I am. I'm living down South (in a state I had never been to before I moved here.) I went through a... oh I dont know... maybe 8 month phase of... Joy. I was playing the sport I love, Softball, (and made it onto varsity my first year here) I was in a semi-relationship with a guy that I liked. For the first time in my life I wasn't worried about the physical appearances of me or others. Infact, the guy I liked was NOT "attractive" at all. To me he was, well... is... But I mostly just saw his kind and God-loving heart. And that was all that mattered. Then something happened. People say that there will be a calm after a storm... They tell me to "stick it out." For me, I see it as there is always a storm after the calm. I was feeling on top of the world. Then all of a sudden, the world came crashing on top of me. Here it is... The feelings returned. If you don't know exactly what I mean, then I encourage you to look back at my post titled "Being... Different..." or the one called "I don't know what to do" or finally the one named "My trapped journey continues." Anyways, it has to do with softball season starting up again. I feel like I don't know who I am. I have even taken those crazy quizzes online. I keep asking myself. Why me God? WHY ME? I repeat this to myself daily, God never gives me more than he knows I can handle As of this month, the month that softball has started back up, that is what gets me to sleep every night. I know it is not what God wants for me. But not doing anything about my feelings just hurts my heart. The fact that the now 2 girls I have had these feelings for are both straight, makes me wonder if that is God telling me that it is wrong. I know that is weird. It probably isn't him saying that, but it not only hurts that I know it is wrong, but it also hurts that neither one of those girls feel/felt the same about me. I don't know for sure that the girl I have the feelings for now is straight, but when I think she is flirting with me, I have to realize she is just being nice. She treats me the same way she treats any other girl. and that hurts. So yup this is my update. Please comment your thoughts. Dont worry you can be honest with me. I want the truth, that is what I am seeking for. What should I do? Does anyone know or have any suggestions? Thanks for reading once again
  10. I have 4 friends that suffer from Social Anxiety (3 are pretty severe) and 5 that suffer from depression. What are some things that I can do to help? Also what are some things that I should avoid saying, doing, or bringing up?
  11. Hey Everyone! I'm beginning a 21 day long fast and I have opened this topic to share each day a motivational quote or experience or story for anyone else who might be fasting right now or will be later on sometime. If anyone else feels motivated or wants to most a motivation regarding fasting and such, feel free to! I hope to help people to stay motivated and encourage others to fast! so join me if you'd like or just gain some encouragement from this topic! Also thank you for everyone's concern, but I've already consulted a professional regarding my health and whether it is a good idea or not to fast. all is well! BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO HUNGER AND THIRST FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS, FOR THEY SHALL BE FILLED! -Matthew 5:6
  12. Susellac22

    Finding a Church

    So I recently moved somewhere far from where I was born&raised, I left my good friends my family, my house, school, and what I really miss my church❤️. Ive been trying to have patience and pray to find a New church but there's alot of false doctrine nowadays, due to this I haven't found a church where I can share with my family in christ
  13. Hello. So I'm very new to this forum and I want to be clear, I just want some advice, a little discussion, of people's thoughts and facts and feelings etc. because they genuinely want to help me figure out what I want to know and all that. Okay so this is the jist of it. I've recently come to grips with God's call on my life to work in music. I love music but I have social anxiety and it's a struggle for me to sing in front of people. I don't trust my ability at all and I know God's been asking me to jump off of the cliff of my comfort zone and my ability and trust in His ability. (He literally told me "you're going to walk alone where I will lead you" last month) So I'm doing it. I just joined my church choir, started learning guitar, and will be (hopefully) taking voice lessons sometime soon. (Anybody had voice lessons before?) Now on to the rest of it. I'm called to the world of rock music and the many lost, broken, angry people there. As much as I dread it, it's in my heart to reach the dark the places not many Christians go; places braved only by a handful or so of Christian bands (who seem to be constantly ridiculed and hated by a large portion of the Christian community). I don't WANT to be hated by conservative Christians, but since I am not even called to their corner, should I even worry about that? Should I worry that I might be ridiculed as a false teacher by "extreme" Christians? (Not hating on them, just telling the truth; I have seen "Christian" extremists telling emo kids to plug themselves into a light socket and drown themselves in their bathtub) Some people do listen to them, after all. And there's always the "tightrope" walk of being very careful not to be so mainstream you're a poor witness but not to be so Christian that nonbelievers won't give you the time of day. And there's me. I don't know anything about anything (except that God knows I don't know anything and He still wants me to do it, which freaks me out). My family is more or less conservative, my dad's a pastor. I've been asking for almost a year now to get the tops of my ears pierced and they're still "thinking about it". But I didn't come here to gripe about my parents, that's just so you get the picture of my knowing nothing about nothing (in regard to the mainstream). [by the way, for anyone who doesn't understand what I mean by "mainstream" I mean "secular, worldy, etc"] There's the whole tattoo/piercing/black thing. I'd like to get my nose pierced as well as my lip(I don't dare ask for this, it will have to be after 18) and the tops of my ears. (You might think I'm going through a punk phase or rebellion, but I'm really not guys) Can I get some thoughts on that? Think it would look trashy? I think it might look trashy on some people but I have a particularly young looking face, and I don't think it would look trashy on me (but I don't know). But then, should I even care if others think it looks trashy? Maybe not, IF I wasn't going to be in the public eye. I've never actually known any Christians with lip piercings, although I'm sure there are some out there. (I'll update my profile picture to be a picture of me with fake ones if anyone wants to give input on that trashy or not thing) And then I'm not opposed to the idea of tattoos, but that's something I'll have to pray and think about for a long time before going through with. And then there are the health concerns with both piercings and tattoos, as well as image (as far as, will I be able to get a job, will it hinder my witness and things like that) And problems with black? Black clothes, black nail polish, black makeup, etc. And clothing with skulls on it? I always feel weird about that. I'd like to hear some thoughts on it. Just to be clear, I am not emo or goth. I could be called scene but I'm not really trying on that, I'm just quiet. I don't want to be emo or goth, either. And collaborating with other musicians? I'm sure I'll make some mainstream musician friends; any thoughts on singing on a mainstream album or having a mainstream singer sing on my album? Would it be a bad witness to support a mainstream artist/album? What do you think of mainstream festivals and tours? Thoughts about raising a family on the road, or going on the road without family? Good idea or going to backfire? Do you think there's a problem with having "Christian" and "rock music" in the same sentence? If not, where do you draw the line? Do you draw the line? It's not that I'm dumb and don't have opinions on any of these matters, I just want to hear from other Christians about it. (If this is in the wrong section sorry, I'm new) If anybody has any music-related advice for me, feel free to share that too. (Singing, playing guitar/piano/drums/violin, writing music, etc.) Or if you have anything else to say to me, go for it. I'd really like to just get some advice, some thoughts, some discussion in regard to everything I've mentioned. And if you're just reading this and you don't have anything to say, just pray for God to give me wisdom and send me all the right people. And if it wasn't clear, the future band to come will not be out there just to make music. We will be out there to show people Jesus through the avenue of music.
  14. Jesusismyticket

    weezy stomach issue?

    So the past couple mornings I woke up with an upset/weezy stomach, without eating anything. I notice the common theme is I was outside running up until bed time, and then we came inside and went to bed. It's pretty hot even in the evenings now (doesn't go lower than 80 degrees most of the time now) After I either puke or use some routined medicine it usually goes away. But I was wondering why this would cause it? Of course note too my stomach is a tad sensitive and I have acid reflex. XD
  15. Jesusismyticket

    College Application questions?

    Okay so I can officially apply for fall 2016 for NNU, and I had a few questions I am finishing up Junior year and will be a Senior. I do not have an SAT/ACT score yet. Do I need to wait to apply until I have a score or no? Does it benefit me to apply now? Do I give the CURRENT GPA I have? thanks for any answers
  16. Hey everyone! My name is Jasmine and I'm new to this (: nice to meet you all! I'm still getting a hang of this thing so bear with me! Haha
  17. Hello, My name is Tessa, and I have a really good friend who (for the sake of her anonymity) I'll refer to as Jane. Me and her are really good friends. We are both Christian but different denominations. We met 3ish years ago and have been BFFs ever since. My relationship with her is like that of two sisters, and that will never change. Yesterday "Jane" told me that we needed to talk. She said she wanted to tell me something. She was worried and said that the only other person who knew was her boyfriend. I was a little nervous of what she was going to say, she kept saying she hopes it won't negatively affect our relationship. She then told me that she thinks she's bisexual. Honestly, I felt a little relieved. I was preparing for the worst with all the suspense. (For a moment I thought she was going to say she killed someone, that's how freaked out she was) I believe that homosexual acts are sinful, and so does she, which is why she's really troubled. She asked for my perspective so I told her what I thought. First I said that I was honoured she trusted me enough to tell me this, and I can understand why this is troubling her so much. I then went on to say that we can't control who we are attracted to. Our subconscious can be influenced by MANY things and we can't just decide to feel a certain way on command. The only thing we can control is how we act on these feelings. I told her I still care about her and if she ever needs to talk about it, I'm available. She said that she was slightly relieved, but she was still scared because she couldn't tell her family. "Jane" is from a VERY conservative household. She said that she felt like she was hiding a piece of herself from those she loves. I said that I think people nowadays make sexual orientation too big of a deal. It's just one aspect of your self conscious that doesn't control who or what you are in God's eyes. She can still live the way God wants her to. She then seemed a little more content with the situation, and we moved to another subject. Now, where you guys come in. "Jane" is still pretty nervous, and I've never been in this situation before. I really stink at social interactions as I'm quite an introvert except with my 3 close friends. Did I say the right thing? Should I say more? Should she tell her family? Should I encourage her not to tell her family? I love "Jane" and want to help her do what's best, but I don't know how to do it..... Any advice?
  18. Jesusismyticket


    On Feb. 10th, I will be auditioning for America's Got Talent! Please pray for me <3
  19. As many know, a while back I got a new chihuahua puppy. My older chihuahua has struggled to get along with her. They are doing a bit better about that part now, but something very weird happened earlier. My older chihuahua (she will be 4 this year) about 5:40 AM started crying out like someone was killing her. I immediately woke up, and turned on the light. I asked her what was wrong (yes I talk to my dog way too much...) and she cried again. I began to examine her a little bit, with no noticable injuries. I decided maybe she woke me up to possibly use the bathroom. She jumped off my bed as normal, walked as normal, got half way down the stairs and started crying. Again. My grandpa woke up and looked at her. He saw nothing either. I put her outside, she came back in, cried out again. My mom looked, saw nothing. She cried again, I applied small amounts of pressure to every part of her body, including her tush. She did not yelp or respond badly to any of them. My grandpa decided to give her a little syrup, considering chihuahuas sometimes have blood sugar problems, but she yelped once afterwards too. After about 7:30 AM, she finally stopped. She has been walking totally normal, eating normal, drinking normal, and pottying normal. I don't see any reason for her yelping, epecially now that it is 12:50 PM and she hasn't cried again. My mom suggested maybe she had a nightmare or some sort of panic attack. My grandpa suggested she may have wanted attention. Everytime she had been honestly hurt prior to this, I would spend hours babying her in worry, so maybe she figured if she acted like she was dying I would give her tons of attention (not lying if this was the case it worked...) Do you guys have any idea what it may be?
  20. Hello everyone, i need your help/advice, and all knowledge you know in all areas, im looking to get a fresh start on life, want to make sure i cover all base's i am 26, i just finally got out of my job at a mcdonalds, i am a GENIUS, ( not trying to brag in this post but it IS probably gonna seem like it) i have a brain that is very RARE, and i am looking to use it to make a new life for myself i have went through some MAJOR life changes lately from quitting weed, to slowly quitting cigs ( havent had one in 30 hours now) to getting out of mcdonalds ( i am now happier than i have been the last 4 YEARS of my life, it is such a blessing my head is finally getting clear again, ) the employees there, the drama, drained me of life, anyway, with it being said im a Genius, i also have NO memory, so i need your help, over the last month i changed every minute of my life, to work on my brain power even more, from the chemicals i took in, to my sleep pattern, to the music frequency's i allowed to go in my ears, i came up with...a 'magic' plan for my future financially but....now all of a sudden, after i was so PUMPED UP and roaring to go, i have lost ALL motivation i have worked since i was 16 im 26 and i have 27 of the required 40 credits to retire, and now, all of a sudden, i feel like living without a job, and just barely getting by, i have a REAL desire, to do nothing? i cant even explain it, it's like im craving to be a bum, honestly like a pregnant female craving ice im having a hard time waiting for my IT CAREER i should hear back about this week, i would be starting about 30k a year, and now i just feel like scraping by and not existing? any clues? any ideas? what gets you motivated in life? im NOT depressed im happier than i have been in YEARS! i just dont get it? (unless i've tricked myself into thinking this is happiness) i am divorced twice, and have 1 daughter ( who is my world) any ideas would be awesome but yea i quit weed and cigs, and my rough mental regiment i used to get my "magic map" but i quit all that, everything in life that moved i made stand still, now i just want to stay here?
  21. Hi!!! Nothing against you guys I just don't use this account or have time for a forum/chat. I created my account out of curiosity but now I would like to delete it. Thanks!
  22. I have been dating my boyfriend for 6 months now and I know he is the one that I will spend the rest of my life with. I've had other relationships, and this one is the one. But recently we were fooling around at his house and he had asked about having sex and I told him I wanted to wait until marriage. Later that night we ended up having sex. And the worst part is I knew it was wrong. In my head I was saying "no, you know its not right" but everything that came out of my mouth was "yes, lets do it". So we did. And after I broke down and had a panic attack. I guess I just don't know what to do. I have prayed and asked for forgiveness but I feel like God won't forgive me because I knew it was wrong and I did it anyways. Any thoughts or help on this? I also have problems with self-harm. I had been clean for a really long time and didn't even have blades around. But after the incident above I kind of broke that clean streak. Any alternatives or distractions for when I feel like hurting myself?
  23. groundporkchops

    Please Pray!

    For several months, my mum has been working two jobs, while my dad works 1 full time job. But even though they are earning money, it isn't enough and I'm really scared of what this could mean. We couldn't afford food this week or the week before, because we had to pay for the mortgage and the bills, which left us with $10... I am really scared of what is going to happen to us... We don't have money and we have only a small amount of food left. My dad's boss won't pay him and it's really hard to survive on what my mum makes, even though she works for 6am to 5pm, every day. I contribute money as well but it isn't helping overly much. I am just so scared that we are going to be kicked out or that we'll have to move away. I have a church here and am a youth pastor volunteer and I have friends that I love and I am about to sit my HSC/final exams for school. Everything seems to be stacking up at once and I am really at a loss at what to do. Please pray for me!
  24. SketchyDrone

    Drug abuse?

    What are your opinions on drug abuse? Also, if a Christian is struggling with staying away from such things and prayer isn't enough. What should they do?
  25. Buoyancy

    I broke microsoft word.

    All of my new documents look like this. I can't write anything! What did I do wrong? XD