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Found 4 results

  1. DDOG059


    Is this genre even allowed on a Christian site? Idk; if it's not, I didn't know, just delete it. gave a brief look at the rules, I believe it's fine. I was going to post this in the film section.. but.. considering that over 90% of the movies in this genre are rated "R" and you only have to be 13 to join ctf, and can get on even younger if your parents approve, well.. I figured it would be safer if I posted it here. I know this isn't really what you think of when you think of 16+ topics. xD So, I just finished watching the last exorcism part 2.. rented from red box, pretty sure it's R.. not positive because red box didn't prompt, which it usually does.. ugh, hang on.. *looks it up* ... haha! I stick at research.. I have no idea what it's rated. xD would NOT recommend for 13 and under.. Anywho, am I just weird for liking horror? Idk, I mean I don't really like much "gory" horror, I prefer just plain simple, scary, ooooh! and I love special effects! I put up with the gore, because that's normally where you find the best special effects.. save for insidious.. BEST HORROR MOVIE EVER!!! sure to be a classic.. Anyway back the the last exorcism part 2. I rather enjoyed it, it used all the same actors from the original one.. err, ya know, all the ones that lived.. which.. there was only one.. =/ but they found a way to get two in there! ;D it gave meaning to the first one; which imo was horrible.. the ending stunk.. but of course, they didn't tell you it was split into two parts! the second one made the first one.. though.. still not the best out there.. speaking of the best, is there anyone else out there that enjoys horror movies, and could make some good off the wall suggestions for meh? I think I've seen all the classics.. Btw, if you have ever heard that the first movie called: "The exorcist" was a classic, don't listen to them.. at the end you'll think you wasted 2 hours of your life.. is it a classic? yes, because it brought forth a lot of good movies, but was itself a good movie? ehh.. it was perverted.. you can go your entire life without watching that horror, and you'll live.. unlike the exorcist; who killed himself, because he didn't have the sense to have a chicken with him.. Everyone knows you need a chicken to have an exorcism!
  2. Jesusismyticket

    GERALD ~ a book

    Hello! So I have decided to post my story here! I have been working on a book, I call ti Gerald. I do not want to give away my plot so I will not! You'll have to read it and see what comes. Feel free to discuss it, and give me advice on the writing. it is greatly appreciated! We will begin with the Prologue. Prologue I remember running and running, I could not turn back. He told me to run as far away as I could. I stopped in the middle of the woods, catching my breath. Should I go back for him? What do I do now? Looking around, I chose to run back to the small cabin house I had always known. Back to the vacancy that would await me. I stepped inside, seeing everything shattered. I skimmed through the house, down to the classic heater in the lower part. It was set full fire, and something obviously burning. My comfort was a simple note. "Dear Julia, I had given many warnings to what would come, however, none were noticed. I do not blame you. I would have never believed it if I were you either. I told you long ago the only way I could leave was to find peace, and I have now found it. I know you are safe, and the danger is nevermore. Now you will live, and I will be watching over you. You will always be my little sister. Gerald"
  3. Mad_Dog

    Horror and Christianity

    Okay, so I'm a big horror fan. I love horror movies. My first horror movie was either Scary Movie 1 or Children of The Corn when I was like 7 or so. What I'm wondering is... Can you still be a Christian and love horror? >_>
  4. opalecent


    GUYSSS... I studied from 10:00 yesterday morning, to 2:30 this morning, and there are 4 hours til the test, and I still don't feel readyyy :'( Could you all pray that this stuff somehow sticks in my brain because this final has the potential to determine whether I keep my scholarship or not. Which keeps me here. Thanks. Back to studying. <3 Love you guys.