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Found 2 results

  1. DDOG059


    I've been considering this passage recently and have a question... I've known this passage for a long time, but this just occurred to me: How am I supposed to remove the plank in my own eye, if my brother can't even remove the small speck in his eye??
  2. DDOG059

    The church is full of hypocrites

    My dad was kept out of the church (the building and the community) for several years because of the quote "Hypocrites" in the church. Now I don't disagree that there are hypocrites in the church, nor do I disagree that they were the reason for his not going to church. However I believe that he was thinking about it wrong. Even the newcomers in the church, one of the first things you'll here about is the liers and the hypocrites in the church and to not be one. after all Jesus taught specifically of the subject of hypocrites in referring to the Pharisees. (Matt 6) but I would suggest that he couldn't go to church because he couldn't be one: and you technically have to become a hypocrite when you first get saved. I know that sounds really ridiculous, but consider this for a second. When you get saved through Christ's death He says that you are: In your sin before Christ you are: sick, disgusting, dirty, dead, and lustful. (Scarlet) but through Christ you are made clean (White as snow) Instantly; if you died the second after you accepted Christ into your heart you would go to heaven, and not be held accountable for your sins. as the man did at Christ's execution. (Luke 23:42-43) But suppose you didn't die... What if a drunker went to a bar every weekend for a year. and then he got saved, and went to the same bar, and the bartender who knew him asked if he wanted his usual. and the man said: "No thanks I don't drink" Wouldn't he be a hypocrite in the bartenders eyes? and yet the man committed no sin, spoke no lie, and had a clean conscience. As Jesus said (Matt 13:57) So I say: You have to be a hypocrite (In man's eyes) to go to church, or to get saved. Does anyone disagree? If you do please site scriptural evidence for your disagreement. P.S. Take close note that I am not defending hypocrites, the Pharisees were at fault. and the hypocrites I'm talking about were hypocrites as seen in man's eyes not God's eyes.