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Found 4 results

  1. young_workinprogress

    A prayer for help from trouble

    These past two years have been extremely difficult for me. I won't go into detail about my testimony but I would like to address the fact that my brother who I was really close to was murdered two years ago, a year later my grandma (who was also my best friend and biggest supporter) was diagnosed with cancer passed away two weeks ago. I feel like I'm drowning and I can't breathe. My grandma loved Jesus with all her heart, and despite her circumstances she kept her faith that God would bring her through her illness. My grandma prayed for me everyday and night, and as though now I have no one praying for me. I feel lost, and robbed of love, because my grandma and brother were two people who selflessly loved me and always put how I felt before their own feelings. As my grandma lay in hospice three weeks ago she tried to comfort me as I was crying, even though she couldn't even eat, her whole body was swollen and the cancer was overtaking her body. I recently done something really stupid, and no I'm not using my difficult life as an excuse, but it would really mean a lot to me if I could have someone (it doesn't have to two, three, four or many) just one strong believer to pray for my deliverance from sinful ways, and to be guarded and protected.
  2. Hello everyone! My "name" is Luke, I'm a young artist and writer! I am a nondenominational christian that wants to put christian morals in my books. I am a part of my family's Publishing company called, "BillionaireAuthorsClub" Please pray for me to finish my books by the end of this year, I thank you so much. So... Hi. MY PRETTIES...
  3. Jesusismyticket


    The point is feel free to ask me about anything and I will answer how I feel about it ANYTHING! GO
  4. Jesus_Is_My_Lifesaver


    Hi everybody ! So, i'm new here, and i'm French, so sorry for the mistakes ! I'm a proud christian and a proud Belieber (be respecful please !). I have a particular relationship with God. Like everybody here, i think. So, here i am. I'm here for meet persons, too. And, may, make friends ? I hope this forum will help me with my english. I have a... A strange past. My life was hard since my 5 years. I had suicidal ideas, ect. But I'm never cut myself, i never do anything about that. Jesus saved me, and this day, I give my life to Jesus. I'm a little scared for the end of the world, and I'm sure it's not so far... Before, Satan has the power on me, but now, i have power on him. My wish is die without suffering, but I think it's impossible. I don't like suicidal's persons, or... WHo cut himself. Jesus give us a body, it's not for cut it. I'm scared of ghosts and dead. Yes, I believe in ghosts. They exist, It's even write in The Bible. What else... My real name is Elsa. My father is congolese, and my mother is french. Anyway, see you !!