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Found 2 results

  1. jeremy52

    Help! Did I lose my virginity?

    I am 17 years old. About 6 months ago, I gave and received oral sex from another guy who was the same age as me twice. Does it count as losing my virginity? I feel really really guilty about it. I know that I had committed a terrible sin, especially since I am a guy myself. I do not want to be gay. I also recently started getting addicted to masturbation, where I masturbate on average around 3 times weekly. I really want to stop this sinful life. What should I do?? Please help me. :'(
  2. Evening Ladies. So, a hot topic issue around these parts lately has been gender roles. Namely, in a Christian relationship what is the place of the guy and what is the place of the girl? What levels of dominance/submission are acceptable? What is ok and what is too far? All great questions, but being that things have gotten a bit *ahem* heated in other threads I've decided that a ladies only discussion is in order. Now, keep in mind I said discussion, not debate. More than going back and forth about who is right or wrong I'd like this discussion to be about opinions, preferences and personal experiences or observations in life. This is a Christian forum and I do want to tackle the idea of gender roles from a Christian perspective but, for this thread, we're gonna kinda just put down our debate sticks and more just kinda explore different views and such. Where everyone is coming from. This is will be a very loose ambly-rambly type topic methinks, but lets do try to keep on topic. I don't think it'll be too hard. One thing I do ask, from just a formatting standpoint, is that if you have questions you want answered or brought up for discussion be put in bold type. Not that I think things here will be *too* busy, but just so we can see. Right-o lets go! Here's some thoughts to get us started. Don't feel like you have to answer all (or any) of these. In regards to gender-roles, how would you define the word dominant? Submissive? Would you describe yourself as naturally more submissive or more dominant relationship? Explain? Assuming a heterosexual relationship, what is the "man's role"? The woman's? In your own words, define egalitarianism and complimentarianism and explain how they are different. If you believe in traditional gender roles, give me an example of something a woman would do that would, in your view, be inappropriate for a woman in accordance to traditional gender roles? What would be inappropriate for the man? Can you see any potential problems with traditional gender roles? What are your thoughts on working mothers? Stay at home dads? What about a relationship where the woman performed most of the traditionally "male" roles while the male performed most of the traditionally "female" roles? Is it ok for a woman to "make the first move" in a Christian relationship? For her to ask him on a date? Initiate the first kiss? As him to be her boyfriend? Propose? Although dominant/submissive may be the wrong words, how do you think people (in general) view "dominant" woman in todays society? Submissive woman? Is this different from how they're viewed in Christian circles? Is a more dominant/submissive woman viewed negativity? Explain? Use examples if you can think of them. How does it make you feel when a Christian man says "The woman's role is to be submissive to her husband"? I'm more asking for feelings or emotions here. Would it concern you to hear a potential boyfriend/husband/love-intrest say that? What would it make you think about him? There! Cut your teeth on those bad boys (or some of them)