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Found 4 results

  1. Jesusismyticket

    ways to make money?

    So I figured I could ask here... After a search for part time jobs I can do has sadly ultimately failed, (yes I even applied to Walmart) I need ideas for making money besides my parents. I live in a small town area, kinda farming country, Idaho yah know XD and I am not sure I'd be good at babysitting. Any money making ideas?
  2. It’s a good question. However, it’s diffcult to understand. Most people may only understand it when they’re frustrated or when they’re dying. What belongs to you in the world? Perhaps many people want the answer. 1. Does your husband or wife belong to you? No. Although you might suffer and share joy together and have a intimate relationship with him or her, yet there will be one day for you to say goodbye. And you might be born at the same day but will not die at the same time. Being with each other until the end of the world is only a beautiful wish. 2. Do your children belong to you? No. Although you have a blood relationship and have deep affection with them, you will only get joy from their union, visiting, and showing care. When you go to another world, they can only see you off but don’t have the power to bring you back to the world. 3. Does your money belong to you? No. Although you labour hard to make momey and find way to spend it, even if you save a great deal of money in a bank, that’s something you can’t bring at your birth or take at your death. 4. Do your house and car belong to your? No. Although you live in a warm and comfortable house, yet they’re nothing to you when you pass away. From this video,maybe you can find something! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPIY39lTKOk&feature=youtu.be
  3. groundporkchops

    Please Pray!

    For several months, my mum has been working two jobs, while my dad works 1 full time job. But even though they are earning money, it isn't enough and I'm really scared of what this could mean. We couldn't afford food this week or the week before, because we had to pay for the mortgage and the bills, which left us with $10... I am really scared of what is going to happen to us... We don't have money and we have only a small amount of food left. My dad's boss won't pay him and it's really hard to survive on what my mum makes, even though she works for 6am to 5pm, every day. I contribute money as well but it isn't helping overly much. I am just so scared that we are going to be kicked out or that we'll have to move away. I have a church here and am a youth pastor volunteer and I have friends that I love and I am about to sit my HSC/final exams for school. Everything seems to be stacking up at once and I am really at a loss at what to do. Please pray for me!
  4. thedividend

    How to Pay off Tuition & Pick a Major

    (No boasting intended) I'm going to a Catholic University. It's fairly expensive, but I've received a scholarship. It's a highly respected school with a good pre-med program. I don't want to wait until I become a doctor to start paying off tuition. My parents are willing to pay for the tuition since I'll be studying pre-med, but it's a lot of money and I don't want to stress them out too much. I wanted to start paying tuition early somehow while maintaining a few extracurriculars and a heavy course load. Since I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to science, I don't want major in Biology or Chemistry. Moreover, almost 90% of students who apply to med school have a BS in Biology or Biochemistry. I'd like advice on which major to go with (keep in mind I can only choose one): Spanish- learning spanish to help with vast population of Spanish speaking people, and go on mission trips. Plus, I wanted to attend med school in Texas because of the low cost. I know down in Texas they have a huge Hispanic population. Computer Science- in case I don't get into med school....( I know it's a lame excuse), but Computer Science is interesting to me. Philosophy- high level thinking, very marketable, very interesting (to me), helps with the new MCAT which going to be based on how one thinks. Plus, should I get a job? Part-time? Full-time? My parents are opposed to me getting a job. They want to me to study and not worry about money, but how can I? They insist on paying, but I don't want them to go into debt considering once I'm a senior in college my brother will be a freshman. On top of that, I wanted to Study Abroad with the Campus Ministry. Any advice on maintaining money, getting a job, managing time, and etc?