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Found 26 results

  1. strongfaithfulgirl


    What is your first name? Jasmine Are you a male or female? Female How old are you and when were you born? 25 years old and my birthday is March 20th In which country do you reside in? USA Are you currently studying in a school? Not currently. I plan to start online college classes next year. What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have? Reading, writing, drawing, listening to music. Do you follow a certain faith? If so, what kind and are you part of a denomination? I'm a Christian. How did you hear about or find this forum? From a Google search
  2. Fizzy!


    HENLO PEOPLE! Well I'm Lauren, but most people online call me Fizz. I'm new here and I hope I can meet some great friends here. I have no idea how active I'll be, but I hope I can grow in God on this website. I'm a sinner, like all of us; I curse a lot online which I hate sometimes, I struggle with jealousy, but who hasn't. I really hope I can become friends with y'all, and help each other grow! It seems like a great website so far!
  3. callasoccer

    My Introduction!

    Hi there! My name is Calla, I'm 17, and I am new to CTF! My top 3 favorite things are God, soccer, and music! Hope to meet some new friends.
  4. Hello,everyone.I'm new here,very happy to be here to know you all.
  5. Hi, guys!! I just joined 2 days ago. I'm super excited to be a part of this community. My name is Janelle but you can call me Nelly if you want, as well. I'm 18 and soon to be a freshmen in college. I aim to be a therapist and an author. I was born christian, so naturally I am still christian. lol. Anyways, introduce yourselves to me! I really want to meet you all. -xoxo
  6. SmilesFromMe

    Hey I'm new :)

    I'm new on here, so I haven't talked on any of the forums very much yet, but all of the topics sound really interesting I'm also homeschooled. Some of my interests are reading, writing, baking, shopping, making friends, laughing (yes laughing), and such. I'm really happy to have found a Christian teen forum as well! I think I'll be starting a book club on here soon for teens so stay tuned for that! -SmilesFromMe
  7. Hello bros and sis I specifically googled christian forums. I just thought that it would be really nice to be able to meet new people, and christians at that. Social networks just dont do it for me anymore, i guess. I dont really get much out of it aside from knowing the latest gossips and trends which we all know, are not gonna help us much in life. And i am trying to stear clear of things that would not add value to me as a person. I'm 18 and i think i should start doing the right things, read the right books, and hang out with the right crowd. I am from the Philippines by the way. Chat me up! Let's get to know each other and hopefully learn a lot from each other as well. Happy to be here!
  8. larisasummer

    Newbie here!

    Hello, I am brand new to this. I have been a Christian all my life, with ups and downs, as we all have. I am 18 y/o, I live in LA, CA. I currently go to college at Cal State University Northridge. This might sound basic, but my favorite verses are Proverbs 31: 25-26 as well as Proverbs 3:5-6. I am just looking to fellowship with people and make friends with the same beliefs and love of Jesus Christ Please feel free to contact me, whenever. God bless! -Larisa
  9. Hey everyone! My name is Jasmine and I'm new to this (: nice to meet you all! I'm still getting a hang of this thing so bear with me! Haha
  10. Hey guys, My name is Agata and I'm 20 years old and I'm a girl if you're not sure. I'm currently living in Poland and I'm studying Psychology in College. A few days ago I redisovered my love to God and Jesus Christ. I'm obsessed with it and I can't think about anything else. (Is that weird?) I currently wouldn't consider myself a member of a specific denomination because where I live there's 90% Catholic Christians - and that's it. That's why I'm currently not going to church but I read the bible every day and pray I hope to hear from you because I feel a bit lonely with my faith. I really want to connect with a lot of people and share my experience and hear from others. I hope there'll be someone interested in talking to me over here Walk with the King x
  11. melissabeth

    Hi :)

    Hi, My name is Melissa. I'm so happy I found a forum full of Christians like me. I hope we can share this journey together. "You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you" psalm 86:5
  12. Hi. I'm Rose looking forward to making some new friends on here.
  13. Jesusismyticket

    Hi! New here

    Hello! I go by Jazzy. I am a 16 year old Catholic girl hoping to meet some other hardcore Christians. <3 I am opinionated and open-minded, so feel free to say hi!
  14. Malcyboy

    New here

    Hey peeps so good to have come across this place! great to see young people in Christ keen to fellowship ^^ Anyways umm... hi! I'm an anime, video game, kpop enthusiast, and I would like to call myself a devout believer in Christ I have my skype address listed on my page if you wanna talk more frequent, just drop me a message saying you have added me so I know you have added me. :3
  15. TarpyShazaam

    Hello from a noob!

    Hello people of the CTF! This is a forum that I think I've come across several times before, but for unknown reasons have never joined until roughly five minutes ago. So here is some brief information about me: I'm fourteen. I'm Roman Catholic. I go to a Catholic high school. There is currently a warm, soft cat sitting on my lap. That's it for now! Did I say the "Hello" part? Hello! How are you! I look foward to making friends 'round these parts.
  16. Hi. I'm new to this website. I'm a seventeen year old girl and I've been homeschooled most of my life. The reason I registered is because I'm looking to have a friend as well as be one. I'm not very good with introducing myself so, I guess that's all I have to say.
  17. OneDayataTime99

    Im a newbie!

    Hey everyone! Im super excited that I found this site! check out my testimony to read about me!
  18. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's testimonies about good and discuss topics and stories in the bible and how they can help in our everyday lives
  19. MellowDusk

    New. (◕‿◕)

    Hello, I'm new here. c: I'm "Leslea" and I've recently turned 15 (June 16). I was looking for forums for teens, and I came across CTF. I was sort of excited when I discovered this place because on other forums the members just see my beliefs and some instantly began sending me offensive messages. But anyways, I'm quite happy to be here and I hope to make some friends with the same beliefs and interests as me. Well, let me tell you something about myself. My nicknames are Leslea, Millow and Dusk. I've already said I'm 15, and I'm also a girl. My denomination... well, I guess you could say I'm Evangelist. I don't know how to swim, but every time I try to I end up panicking and stop trying to swim. My hobbies are writing and roleplaying, and one day I hope playing the violin will be one of my talents. I have a big interest in history and outer-space, which has lead me to wish to be an archaeologist or astronomer. My parents are divorced, my mother is remarried, I have two older brothers and a younger one (who comes from my step-father). I have an addiction to nutella, hot Cheetos, Coca-Cola and pineapple. :3 My favorite animals are wolves, deer, tigers, jaguars and cheetahs. My favorite colors are pretty much any shade of blue and purple. c: Hmm... my favorite season is autumn, but I also like winter and spring. I love it when it rains, just as long it doesn't involve lighting or thunder. I suppose you could say this is all I have to say. You're welcomed to ask more questions.
  20. ThroughFlames

    New member, I am!

    Hey guys! My name is Daniel, I am 15, and a new dude here. I like Videogames, listening to music, watching TV, and writing. I hope to make many friends here and meet new people.
  21. jonathanlil

    new to the site

    Hello! I'm new here. Joined this site in the hope of getting to know some new christian people. Name: Jonathan Age: 17 Interests: Playing guitar, Singing, Hanging out with friends, Meeting new people, Learning more about God and his remarkable creation. I live in Sweden.
  22. 0h-thedepths


    Hello! My name is Vincent. I'm male, obviously. im 16 and living in New South Wales, Australia. I resented God as a child, thinking He was stupid! But beginning this year I started getting into Christianity. I love tumblr, writing, roleplaying, Christian rock, architecture and home design. I also like to try and draw! i also love video games but I'm a casual gamer. I love Thor and Loki!
  23. Jaelyn Liza

    New on here :-)

    Hello everyone! I am Liza, and I am fairly new to this website. It seems a little bit scary right now - it's so big with so many topics and things to do, but I hope I'll find my way around eventually. Anyway. My name is Liza, I am 19 years old and I am a missionary from Russia. I am a real Jesus freak. I am so in love with the Lord and so hungry for more of Him, for a deeper relationship, for more encounters with the man Christ Jesus. I love worship of all kinds, not just the music part. I am convinced that you can truly worship God wholeheartedly with all of your life and all of your heart, it's a lifestyle to be lived! I am learning to play guitar currently and I also sing and write songs/poems. I also really love art! I paint and I do it for God. I really enjoy it. There is a ton of things I love/enjoy but most of all, I love prayer and worship. I live with my ministry partner/sister in Christ/best friend and we are really close. I am really shy actually, but also friendly and fun-loving. I would love to find new Christian friends and perhaps even serve some of you in prayer and anything else I can do for you really. I hope to get to know more of you guys soon. Blessings! Eliza (feel free to call me Liza)
  24. hi everybody, i'm new here, and to be honest, i don't even know how it work ! haha i'm here for make friends and for learn to speak english well bc i from france and...♥ i hope it'll help me. I'm a proud christian, and i've never eat someone so if you want to talk, i'm here don't be scared haha ily all. bYe