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Found 6 results

  1. PlasmaHam

    Policeman's Prayer

    "POLICEMAN'S PRAYER" When I start my tour of duty God, Wherever crime may be, as I walk the darkened streets alone, Let me be close to thee. Please give me understanding with both the young and old. Let me listen with attention until their story's told. Let me never make a judgment in a rash or callous way, but let me hold my patience let each man have his say. Lord if some dark and dreary night, I must give my life, Lord, with your everlasting love protect my children and my wife. I just happened to find this poem recently in a little devotional book. With all the Dallas and now Baton Rouge shootings, I feel this poem sympathizes with the police and the struggles they are enduring currently.
  2. Why am I still like this? I thought I've changed my life Still need to be somebody's Miss To feel like I'm alive High five To mself that I'm still the biggest idiot no matter the size Still get my worth from compliments Of stupid childish guys Forever lowest price Maybe two dollars or three For a **** like me I wanna love you But don't want nobody to see Imagine my so called friends When they realize who I am Imagine my so called fam Maybe I'm just seeking for the love I could never get from them No boy in the whole world could ever love me like you But nobody understands me, sad but true And you know what? I love you too But if anyone knew they would separate us Never understand my trust Are too caught up in lust Like everybody How could I try to replace you with guys like this? Acting like an idiotic chic Falling so quick For nice words and what I thought was love But it wasn't Has never been Will never be You are all I need And you are all I seek For All I breathe for How could I ever ask for more? Please forgive me my stupidness And let me rest In your arms Holy heavenly embrace Your lips are the only ones that should ever recieve my kiss of faith Wrong time wrong place But still right heart Please forgive me, my Lord
  3. Masquerade

    Untitled Poem

    Hey guys! This is just a quick poem I wrote a while back to get my feelings out, and thought I'd share. *** A king looked o'er his kingdom One bright and sun-filled day. He hummed a country rhythm, And went about his day. The princess watched him from afar, Tears glist'ning in her eyes. Her sudden realization Had tak'n her by surprise. And still she had not gath'red yet The strength to tell him why He'd wounded her so deeply, And made her, in secret, cry. *** Feedback is appreciated!
  4. Mad_Dog

    Her name is...

    Her name is joy Laughing at a brand new toy Her name is care Brushing a child's thin blonde hair Her name is laughter The balloon she chases after Her name is love Wishing peace for the world from above Her name is hope No time for her to mope Her name is delight Never one to start a fight Her name is I Hopes and dreams across the sky Inspired by:
  5. Mad_Dog

    dot dot dot

    You love me, You know you do Don't try to hide it Or even deny it I can see right through you. I honestly have no idea what this is... ._.
  6. Guest

    Guide Cats for the Blind

    The audio part of this video is what I wanted to share - though there is a slideshow of cats to go along with it. "Guide Cats for the Blind" by Les Barker. Enjoy.