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Found 9 results

  1. GirlandTheWord

    You Are Free

    You Are Free I am vested in the crumbs of society The fallouts from the Bread of Life I am the Bread of Life The bread of peace, love, compassion The bread of unbarred atonement, relentless redemption, Revelations made passable through the blood of My body, Which opens up new doorways, new doorways Unblocked, unbolted and unburdening. I say it is finished, That the yearning for a new freedom, The freedom of the soul, rather Than of the body, Is paid for and made reachable to both those Who deem themselves unworthy And to those who are laden with self-righteousness. I tell you the truth- You are far from worthless; In fact, you are My masterpieces, The soul center of my affection, The reason why I gladly trade My easy yoke for your sorrows And millstones. So now you can sing, “From every mountainside, let freedom ring!” So now you can sing, “I’ve a Saviour in the Kingdom, Ain’t that good news…” For this blood I shed is thicker Than wine, and sin, and death And it covers you. Indeed, It covers all breaches Of holy law— Laws that brought forth condemnation. But I bring forth life And life to the abundance, life Brimming to the edge with joy, life Everlasting. The Father is doing a new thing Do you not perceive it? There are those who claim That there is no freedom in me But I assure you, the freedom you Receive from The Father Will make you free from the inside Out; Freed from yourself. And you won’t be free As how the world sees freedom, But the freedom will align Your will With His will And that is free indeed. The King of Jacob, the God of Solomon, The Glory of Glories that has been Probed and debated By the children of his making Has sent me to make all things Different And alive. So be at rest, And rest assured that I would hear the cries Echoing through the toilsome hills And I would watch over the cottonmouthed sparrows And the anxious souls Waiting to be filled; I would watch over you. For I am who I say I am, I keep my promises, I am a man Of my word, Because I am The Word, And from the same breath that spoke those words, You have been breathed into life So you are mine You are loved And now you are free. Written by Anh Luu www.girlandtheword.com
  2. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, robots and writers of all shapes and sizes gather round! Welcome to the Official CTF Monthly Writing Challenge! *Grandiose Theme Music* Alright guys, so I've heard it expressed a number of times in the last few years that many of see RPGs (my personal writing love) not only as a fun thing to do on the weekends (weekdays, wee hours of the night, on an iphone while in class...) but also as a way to improve our writing skills. The monthly challenge thread is really just a way to continue on in that tradition. I'm calling it a 'challenge' instead of a competition because while we certainly can discuss each others work, the point here is more for growth and improvement than any reward. Constructive criticism is encouraged here, but remember that at the end of the day the whole purpose of this particular forum is for a group of friends to write in a positive environment. Right. Here's how things are gonna run: On the 1st of each month (or close to it), I or another member with my permission will post a writing prompt or challenge for everyone to work on. Anyone can post an entry for that particular challenge anytime during that period (from one 1st to the next) but on the 1st of the next month, when the next challenge is issued that particular challenge will be closed. If there's enough interest, this may become a bi-weekly challenge and then things would turn over on the 1st and the 15th. Rules: 1. Unless otherwise stated, submissions should not exceed what can fit in one post on this forum. This isn't an insubstantial amount by any means but you should keep this in mind when making your submissions. 2. Entries may take any form. Short stories are wonderful. Poetry? Lovely! Fanfic? Go right ahead! (However, if you arn't using your original characters please state so at the top of your post). All genres and subjects are game (so long as it's CTF appropriate) and you're free to write however you wish! This thread is supposed to be about growing as a writer! No matter what medium that takes. 3. Watch your formatting. None of ya'll are bad at this, but these entries could potentially get long and giant blocks of text are hard to read. Keep in mind how the entry will read. 4. No Off Topic in entry posts! An entry is an entry only! However, feel free to discuss the current months challenge as much as you want in the thread. <3 5. Don't be afraid to asks questions or offer ideas for new prompts! Honestly, I've got about four or five 'challenges' in mind but I would love to hear your ideas! Especially since I don't really know what type of challenges y'all are looking for. 6. Entry is, of course, always optional. You don't have to submit an entry every month and its really no big deal if you never submit any at all. At this time, there arn't really "Winners" per say, but if this is something people want we can incorporate it in the future. 7. Every entry needs to include three things at the top in bold. 1. The title of the piece, 2. The Challenge Month and 3. The Challenge name. This is mainly so it's easier to see what's up. And thats it! So now.... *drumroll*..... The first official CTF Monthly Writing Challenge!
  3. Silentflood

    Post Your Poems Here!

    I noticed there are no threads where we can post our poetry in the comments. So here you go, post a poem that you wrote below. I'll post one of mines...PS. One of my shorter ones at least...I'm writing a poetry book currently titled "Eye of the Storm" so when it FINALLY gets published, feel free to support me by purchasing a copy Past The Expiration Date You would never think relationships expire With all these sitcoms of happy families, They never show what happens when the cameras are off My parents fell out of love, as easily as it took to fall in love It didn’t happen in a quick explosion It was the little sparks and smoke in the air that polluted my lungs It was the smiling and late night scream fests that shook the roof It was the “I’m sleeping in the other room” and the “I hate you” As the date slowly approached, I saw the cracks in their smiles I saw the avoidance and detesting of one another I heard the custody wars They were like porcelain pots Once overheated they began to meltdown We all saw that they were about to expire We just ignored it, hoping no one else would notice Until the time ran out for all of us
  4. Shasta Daisy

    Fall Poetry

    Looking out at the beautiful world around me, I am once again struck by the artistry of God's wonderfull handicraft... nature. It inspired this poem, and I thought I'd share it with all of you. If Autumn has also inspired poetry in your minds and hearts, then please feel free to share it here. The Hues of Fall The hues of Fall flash before me, As green slowly turns into gold, And mingles with shades of red and brown, In a tradition six thousand years old. What artwork the Lord has created! What mastery of ink and quill! The patchwork horizon lays before me... So beautiful, so pleasant. So peaceful, so still.
  5. Masquerade

    Untitled Poem

    Hey guys! This is just a quick poem I wrote a while back to get my feelings out, and thought I'd share. *** A king looked o'er his kingdom One bright and sun-filled day. He hummed a country rhythm, And went about his day. The princess watched him from afar, Tears glist'ning in her eyes. Her sudden realization Had tak'n her by surprise. And still she had not gath'red yet The strength to tell him why He'd wounded her so deeply, And made her, in secret, cry. *** Feedback is appreciated!
  6. DDOG059

    My Poetry

    Hi! It's been awhile since I was active on CTF and awhile since I posted on this board, it's also been awhile since I've consistently written poetry. That said, the last time I posted on this board, I posted only sad poems, well, one was fake sad, err fake happy, they will be reposted here, anyway, Not to get carried away. So I wanted to put all of my poems in one place, so I'm making this thread. I also want to start writting again, so I figure if I post one poem a day, and read some other people's, Idk how active this board is.. but hopefully, I'll get back into the habbit. So umm.. feel free to comment as much as you like! Criteques, <---spelling errors xP even suggestions on better flow, or real poets to read for ideas, all are welcome! P.S. I have a twisted mind, which you'll soon learn, I will promise, there's no explicit content, no cursing, but the emotions in the poems are spread wildly, read at your own risk, and enjoy!! *~_Golden Road_~* Going to the pearly gates On to where heaven awaits Lovely river preceding from the throne Dawn is here; time to reap what you have sown Everything you have done is past Now is the day at long last *goose bumps* Revealed before you is the slain Lamb Oh, look upon the face of the great I AM And Walk with Him along the crystal shore Delivered into peace, now, and forevermore, amen. P.S. On several of my poems you'll note that they have "Spoiler"s please read these, the reason I wrapped them in a spoiler was so that they would not distract you from reading the poem.
  7. Our domains sallow turquoise cast holding the remains of their home, yearning for this new rule to last. The outlandish crowds of masses; diverged into frivolous class and once an impromptu dominion evolved into a commonwealth A pledge of liberty was born, a promise was sworn for every man a penny and for every child a toy and when you strive in greatness; indulge in pride, lest be coy.
  8. Mad_Dog

    Her name is...

    Her name is joy Laughing at a brand new toy Her name is care Brushing a child's thin blonde hair Her name is laughter The balloon she chases after Her name is love Wishing peace for the world from above Her name is hope No time for her to mope Her name is delight Never one to start a fight Her name is I Hopes and dreams across the sky Inspired by:
  9. Hi there evvyone Well, people probably don't know that I write much poetry, but that's probably because I don't post it online. I very much have an aversion to posting it online, because then some publishers will not consider it. Sooooo I am posting here to ask if anyone is willing to read my poetry and critique it, under the agreement that they will not take my poetry or publish it anywhere and that includes online. My poetry style: Pretty eclectic. I like to play with meter and rhyme, but they aren't forced, generally lilting. I hate prose-poetry, and poems that have no wordplay. I would like your pickiness, but if your only complaint is the style, well, my style isn't changing. You can respond here, or you can PM me. PM would probably work better. SOOOO if you are willing to do this just tell me THANKS SO MUCH