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Found 13 results

  1. young_workinprogress

    A prayer for help from trouble

    These past two years have been extremely difficult for me. I won't go into detail about my testimony but I would like to address the fact that my brother who I was really close to was murdered two years ago, a year later my grandma (who was also my best friend and biggest supporter) was diagnosed with cancer passed away two weeks ago. I feel like I'm drowning and I can't breathe. My grandma loved Jesus with all her heart, and despite her circumstances she kept her faith that God would bring her through her illness. My grandma prayed for me everyday and night, and as though now I have no one praying for me. I feel lost, and robbed of love, because my grandma and brother were two people who selflessly loved me and always put how I felt before their own feelings. As my grandma lay in hospice three weeks ago she tried to comfort me as I was crying, even though she couldn't even eat, her whole body was swollen and the cancer was overtaking her body. I recently done something really stupid, and no I'm not using my difficult life as an excuse, but it would really mean a lot to me if I could have someone (it doesn't have to two, three, four or many) just one strong believer to pray for my deliverance from sinful ways, and to be guarded and protected.
  2. Hey there! Hope you are all doing well For those who do not know me, I am 16 years old and am a new believer in Christ! There is still a lot for me to learn and I'm definitely hoping to grow in my faith and become closer to God. So I have heard that there are many things that hinders our prayers from God that keeps God from listening to our prayers. And one of the main reasons for that is, unconfessed sin. And so, I definitely do have a lot of questions about that. 1. How can we know 100% FOR SURE that God is listening to our prayers? That our prayers will definitely reach heaven and that God will answer them? 2. Yes, we can ask God for forgiveness in our sins. But what if we have sins that we have not confessed to God because they were done a long time ago that we completely forgot about them? 3. Can you ask God to simply “forgive all your sins” or do you need to state specifically what it is? 4. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, all our sins are supposedly forgiven. That means past, present, and future sins. So do we still need to confess our sins all the time even though we are already forgiven because we accepted Christ? 5. And lastly, this one is a bit complicated. I knew that things such as homosexuality, lust, and psychics are sinful. But look at this: http://list25.com/25-normal-things-the-bible-forbids-but-we-still-do/1/I had no clue that eating lobster, snails, cheeseburgers, or pork (this one actually made sense though) were sinful? Or wearing ripped jeans or polyester is also sinful? So does that mean I need to just stop eating/wearing those things and confess all those things to God because I have done all things too many times? But I love eating lobster and I have lots of cute clothes in my wardrobe that are polyester material? So I guess God wants me to throw out my clothes made out of polyester? And if I keep wearing those clothes, apparently it is sinful and that my prayers will be hindered because I wear polyester? Sorry it is a lot, just that when I pray, I don't want to have any doubts that God isn't listening to me. Thanks so much!
  3. Jesusismyticket

    ACT test

    So as some of you may know, I take my ACT test Saturday. If I get at least a 23 on it, I can gain some scholarship money as well. But most of you also know I have horrible test anxiety, and naturally, I am already feeling the pressure and I have yet to even enter the area to take it. Pray I can get at least a good enough score to get admitted into the Christian college I will be going to, and that my anxiety maybe skips my test day. <3 thank you.
  4. Susellac22

    Finding a Church

    So I recently moved somewhere far from where I was born&raised, I left my good friends my family, my house, school, and what I really miss my church❤️. Ive been trying to have patience and pray to find a New church but there's alot of false doctrine nowadays, due to this I haven't found a church where I can share with my family in christ
  5. My friend Emmi is going through such a hard time right now. Her dad just died last week. She was very close to him and it was so unexpected. What's even worse is that she found him. We still don't know what happened... If you could pray for her because I fear she is holding everything in. When I talked to her she seemed like her normal self. A little too normal you know? Anyways she is the sweetest person and if you could help pray for her family and that they rely on God in theese hard times, that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much everyone! God Bless <3
  6. I will be taking an extended leave from CTF for the next probably 2 weeks to a month. We are very close to finishing up most of my school subjects, and my mom really wants to get it done, as do I. So this leave will be to focus more on my schoolwork and hopefully catch up in Spanish. Keep me in your prayers, as test anxiety is still a pain.
  7. Jesusismyticket


    So Friday for the first time in my 17 years of life I will be going to a dentist My bottom wisdom teeth started coming in, but they kind of stunted and the one keeps getting irritated and it hurts so we are having them checked, plus anything else I may need to fix. pray for me.
  8. Hello everyone! My "name" is Luke, I'm a young artist and writer! I am a nondenominational christian that wants to put christian morals in my books. I am a part of my family's Publishing company called, "BillionaireAuthorsClub" Please pray for me to finish my books by the end of this year, I thank you so much. So... Hi. MY PRETTIES...
  9. Jesusismyticket


    On Feb. 10th, I will be auditioning for America's Got Talent! Please pray for me <3
  10. Paigetwo

    Baby might come too soon

    Hi, just asking for prayers for my mom. When I got home from school today she told me she had to go to the hospital. She is pregnant with my little brother, Joshua Ben, who is supposed to be born March 26th. She is going because her doctor told her to because he water might've broken. It's only January 7th, so while Joshua could technically be okay with being borning now, it's still risky since he would be so tiny and would definitely need to stay in the hospital. Both my little sister and I were born early, but not THAT early..
  11. groundporkchops

    Please Pray!

    For several months, my mum has been working two jobs, while my dad works 1 full time job. But even though they are earning money, it isn't enough and I'm really scared of what this could mean. We couldn't afford food this week or the week before, because we had to pay for the mortgage and the bills, which left us with $10... I am really scared of what is going to happen to us... We don't have money and we have only a small amount of food left. My dad's boss won't pay him and it's really hard to survive on what my mum makes, even though she works for 6am to 5pm, every day. I contribute money as well but it isn't helping overly much. I am just so scared that we are going to be kicked out or that we'll have to move away. I have a church here and am a youth pastor volunteer and I have friends that I love and I am about to sit my HSC/final exams for school. Everything seems to be stacking up at once and I am really at a loss at what to do. Please pray for me!
  12. Faithful Kevin

    The laying of hands (Discussion)

    The laying of hands I have a few points I would like others in the faith to discuss about. Is it biblical for anyone to call people forth for prayer after the preaching has finished? Is it biblical to pray for one another while laying a hand on another person's forehead? Is it biblical for one to use olive oil or oil of annointing on someone or something in prayer? (Other than for curing the sick?) Is frantic, headbanging, hairwhipping, shaking, revolutionized movement biblical or a manifestation of the Holy Spirit? Is it biblical to "run, laugh, shout, jump" in the Spirit? Is it biblical to speak tounges in jibberish or weird babbeling? "Bababababababa!" Is it biblical to enforce tithes? My indignation.
  13. Mad_Dog

    A prayer for the Unheard

    Please pray for the unheard. The ones that cannot speak for themselves. The ones that are homeless. The ones that no one will listen to. The ones that get shoved aside, ignored. The ones that get beaten, and bruised. The ones who have diseases. Please Pray for the Unheard.