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Found 1 result

  1. This is a prologue to a story I was working on. Feedback would be appreciated. A man walked out of an old, brick building. The cold, night wind hit him, sending a shiver down his spine. The dim light poles stretched their light beams into the darkness, trying to light as much space as possible. The man walked toward his car. He walked in and out of the pools of light, his pupils constantly dilating as a result. He walked up to the car and placed his hand on the hand reader. “Identification: Mr. James Dwight. Access granted.” The computer read in a monotone voice. James could hear the click of the car unlocking. He got into the car and set his briefcase on the rider’s seat. He opened it to make sure everything was there. He shuffled through the multiple information discs. One was missing. Where was it? He remembered he had left it in the lab room in the basement. They usually use the typical meeting rooms; however they had been filled so they had used the old, large lab room down in the basement. James grimaced at the thought of going back down there. The building had been used for a secret lab for scientists who performed illegal experiments. Luckily the scientists had been caught almost fifteen years ago. Now it was a substitute room for when there wasn’t enough space otherwise. The place gave him the creeps. Though most of the experimenting equipment had been taken out, except for the ancient flat screen TV, it still had such an eerie feeling hanging over it. He set his hand on the hand scanner for the building. Just like the one on his car, it stated his identification. The door unlocked and slid open. The lights turned on as he walked under them, their sensors blinking a bright red. Once he was out of the sensor’s range the light turned off. The elevator had been shut off almost two hours ago, meaning he’d have to take the stairs. Stairs were quite a rare thing to see anymore, but the building had been built before the War so they were no stranger in this building. James started down the stairs, his shoes clicking on the marble. His hand gripped the stainless steel rail that had been painted to look old and rustic in its original design was wearing off, as it probably had been for the past hundred years. Although he had started at the ground floor there were many flights of stairs. That’s why the scientists weren’t found out for many years. James finally reached the basement, his breathing heavier. James was in pretty good shape, but those stairs still took it out of him. As he stood there for a moment, catching his breath he heard something, voices perhaps? He went to the wall that held the door to the lab room. He cautiously placed his ear near the cold, metal door. Talking, that’s that he heard, but he couldn’t quite make it out. James pressed his ear against the door to see if he could hear any better. “Just one more small dose of this and she’ll be finished,” came a semi-familiar voice. James situated his hand on the doorknob and not being familiar with them, he opened the door accidentally. He fell down onto the floor with a thud. He looked up to see a young girl lying assumingly asleep on a long metal table, strapped down with metal clamps on her arms, legs, and across her waist. She only looked around seven. A man in a long, white lab coat was giving a shot to the girl’s arm. Other men in lab coats turned toward him. James’ heartbeat sped and he started to get up, but was grabbed by one of the men. They nodded to each other. The scientist who had given the girl the shot went over to a keypad and typed in something. He placed the needle into a small slot and the empty shot bottle started to fill up with a purple liquid. “Wait.” One man spoke up, his glasses reflecting the bright light from the LEDs. He smiled a lopsided smile, his eyes shining with pride. “Let’s let our creation do it for us.” A man, who looked older than the others walked over to the sleeping girl, unstrapped her and nudged her. Her ice blue eyes awakened. The older man motioned for her to slide off the table. Slowly, while scanning her surroundings, she slid off the table. The scientist with the shot handed the shot to her. “Kill.” He said pointing to James. The girl looked at the shot, tilted her head, and ever so slightly pressed on the back. A small drop squeezed out and fell onto the floor. The purple liquid hissed as it came in contact with the floor. The liquid continued a violent hissing until a circumference of five inches and a depth of around three inches had been completely dissolved into thin air. The girl’s eyes widened. She looked at James, imagining what it would do to him. She dropped the shot and backed away. The older man stabbed her with a needle and injected a weird white liquid into her. The girl jolted after the needle had been taken out. Her ice blue eyes seemed to freeze over. The scientist repeated again: “Kill.” The girl picked up the shot bottle off the ground and started coming towards him. James tried to writhe away as she drew nearer. He kept squirming, thoughts of his wife ran through his head. What would happen to her? Finally he slipped out of the man’s grasp. He ran toward the door, but something pricked his back, stopping him. He heard a hissing noise. James yelled out in pain and fell to his knees. Burning, scorching pain seared his body. Suddenly his yelling stopped and he collapsed. The man with the glasses smiled and beamed with pride. “Good, she is ready.” He said. (Yes the girl killed the guy, no I don't support killing people nor am I trying to encourage it. The only reason she did was because of a sort of "mind control" which, later on she tries to fight.)