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Found 1 result

  1. Righty-o, this is a roleplay from an old forum I went to, and I really, really liked it. So here it is. This isn't my idea, this came from someone else, and it isn't based on a book or show or something. Thanks Fleiri and Treehousemagic! The legend: Ten-thousand years ago a great evil was vanquished by eight celestial beings. After that four were sealed away, the others simply left earthland. Years later a seer spoke a great prophecy of an evil that could only be defeated by these beings. Now in the year QX99 The time has come, and the powers of these beings have passed into the new eight saviors... The Prophecy: Eight eternal powers, the saviors of life. Lost to men and elfkin alike shall rise again when the day and night are no longer. She of the sea, the oceans child shall be the first to wake. The flames shall ignite when a spark is caused. And the air itself shall follow suite, as the earth shall bide it's time. Now the others were never locked away, the light, the dark, chaos and order will band together at the call. Yet should they fail all is lost, hope will perish and evil will reign. Rules: 1) No OP characters, all the eight celestials are equally powerful in their own way. 2) No godmodding, this means you cannot control others characters without their permission or make your character invincible. 3) If you are speaking out of character please use these -> ((text goes here)) 5) There may only be 8 people including myself who may be one of the 8, if you wish to join after the limit has been reached you can join as a in as a minor character, meaning you won't be one of the 8 but will still be an asset to the storyline 6)Remember to have fun, also should you have a disagreement please take it elsewhere. Notes: 1) This takes place in a separate world (not earth) so things are basically still medieval. Also when this roleplay starts the eternal twilight has NOT yet fallen. 2) There are several types of elves. The elf types are: Wood elf. Moon elf. Sea elf. Sky elf. Fire elf. Your character's type DOES NOT need to be the same as your element, but if you are the Water Celestial, and you're a wood elf, you will NOT control the earth. (Sorry if it's not clear...) 3) ELVES ARE NOT IMMORTAL HERE! They have longer lives, but NOT immortal. (What I mean by longer lives I mean, 300-400 years old...) Character forms: For One of the 8: Name: Age: Race (Elf or human): Gender: Which one of the eight (see below for list of available elements): Personality: Appearance: Type of Elf (If you're an elf): For a Minor Character: Name: Age: Race (Human or elf): Gender: Skill set (E.g: Archer): Personality: Appearance: Type of Elf (If you're an elf): The 8 Elements: Water Fire Air Earth Light Darkness Order Chaos (which is mine)