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Found 9 results

  1. Last year I started dating a christian guy. Our relationship lasted for approximately 5 months. Everything was going quite well but then one day out of the blue he texted me saying that he felt that God was leading us down two different paths as I was planning to go to university and he was going to be away quite a lot over the summer as he working for a christian youth organisation and was doing a couple of overseas outreach teams for them over the summer. He wanted us to remain friends but obviously I was upset. I had been at uni for around a month when he messaged me on Facebook asking how everything was and I politely replied but didn't really continue on the conversation as i didn't want to get hurt again. He then messaged me several times since trying to strike up conversation but I didn't reply. Then on my birthday he messaged me wishing me to have a good day and I replied with a very blunt Thanks but he still kept trying to carry on the conversation. I've been thinking about him a lot and I don't know whether this is God's way of telling me to try and get back with him as I will be home now for 5 months over summer. I know I could just message him but I don't know how to apologise for being rude before and I don't know whether it is the right decision. My family did like him as he was a good christian guy but they felt that as he wasn't attending university he wasn't good enough maybe. This also sounds terrible but everyone says that I was too attractive for him as he's not really into clothes and material things also and I am very into my style and looks even though I know I shouldn't be and he didn't have much spare cash. I just really don't know what to do. If i get back with him people will wonder why because they say I'm too good but the truth is I really thought we had something and I just don't know what to say if i do decide to message him? Sorry this is so long and I appreciate you taking time to read this.
  2. So it has been a few years since I have been on here. A lot has happened and I'm technically not a teen anymore! When I first joined these forums it was at a time I was struggling in my relationship with God (and doubts at times to his existence), struggling with a huge porn addiction, and with mild depression. I sought out this forum as a place to talk with other Christians my age. I am in a much better place now (and married!!) and pursuing my dreams. I thought I would revisit these forums post about what helped me through those times, and invite you to experience what I did all those years ago. After college I took about half a year off to really pursue God. I decided to do a Discipleship Training School in YWAM Slovakia. It was a real time of breakthrough for me -- I was able to connect to God in a way that truly changed my life. I learned how to hear God's voice...and it made all the difference. For years I had tried SO HARD to break my porn addiction. I just couldn't shake it. The best I could do was sometimes resist for a week at a time. Usually though, I was "using" porn on a daily basis, and the kind of porn I wanted kept getting darker and darker. Yet all that changed when I started listening to the voice of my Heavenly Father. I won't lie and say I have never looked at porn since then. There are times I still struggle. But you know what? Those times are so few now, and I still believe there will be a day when even those will pass. Why? Because, it is no longer MY FIGHT against porn, or MY FIGHT against depression, or MY FIGHT against anything at all. I was trying so hard to accomplish something I simply couldn't do. Through teaching on how to hear God's voice, God started to speak to me about letting Him fight through me, surrendering to His Spirit and letting the Holy Spirit overcome through me. It was no longer MY FIGHT to be obedient to God, it was His Spirit in me showing me that He loves me no matter what. It's one thing to read in the Bible that God loves you - and quite another to begin to experience it first hand. I started writing down the things I felt God spoke to me -- and sharing them with others to make sure I wasn't going off the deep end. Through it all there were times I wondered if I was just making this stuff up...yet it all felt so real. God spoke to me that by the time the school was over He would remove all the doubts I had about if this was His voice or not. And he did! Through a dream, God showed me some specific things about one of the members of our team. In the dream this person came to me while we were each sitting on our separate beds. He told me two or three different things, and then we prayed together. The strength of the prayer woke me up, and I wrote the dream down. A few weeks to a month later the dream unfolded before my eyes. Me and this guy were assigned to prepare a Bible study, and we were each sitting on our beds across from each other (although were were in a different town at this point). In the middle of the preparation, he said he needed to talk to me about things he had never told anyone else. And...boom. It was those exact things from my dream. Can I encourage you that God is real! He is alive, and He is in you! If you take the time to listen...He is always speaking. Sometimes He is just saying "I love you!" but that can be the most transforming thing He says...if you let Him speak it to your heart. Well...if you want to experience something like that you can join our next DTS at the end of August. Or you can check out this teaching by Mark Virkler on How to Hear God's Voice. Either way, it can change your life! If you have any questions about my journey, feel free to ask here or send me a private message. P.S. Can I also encourage you to always pursue God in the context of community? I know when I was struggling, although these forums WERE encouraging, there was nothing like meeting together face to face and being vulnerable. Although the teaching on hearing God's voice was what brought real breakthrough in my life, the journey towards that started when I told a close friend of mine about my struggle that I had kept hidden for years. We ended up staying up till 2 AM talking and praying together. Don't try and walk things out alone -- God made us function as a body for a reason. Blessings!
  3. Wonders

    God's Voice

    What does God's voice sound like? Is it soft? Is it loud? Is it like a whisper? Does he have an accent? Do you know when its his voice or does it get muddled up along with your own inner voice? I've never heard God's voice and badly want to because I want to have conversations with him and ask him so many questions and have a relationship with him and want him to be my very best friend who I can talk about anything with because I have a big secret and God is the only one who knows about it.
  4. Faithful Kevin

    Is he/she the one? (Discussion)

    Is he/she the one? I've come across this question many times in my young life. I've been around Christians for about 4 years and I've heard things like the topic says regarding to someone waiting for a confirmation of God to tell them this or that person is "the one". I usually hear something like this, "We're getting to know eachother, but we are waiting on God's confirmation to see if He wants us to be together". I've also heard something like this too, "We've been together for X amount of time and I'm waiting for God to tell me if he/she is for me or not". To me these phrases cause more of a problem than a solution to a happy, commited couple. What happened to what the bible says? What happened to observing if the fruits of the Holy Spirit are in a man's life or a woman's life and using THAT to determine for oneself if one wants to be with that person or not? What happens when a happy couple who actually have the fruits of the Holy Spirit and are both ideal help for one another suddenly allow this storm of doubt to come about to their minds about the need to hear some kind of supernatural confirmation from a prophecy to figure out if that person is right or not? What happens if someone prophecies that the relationship is not of God? What happens if 2 prophecies say it is of God, but one says it isn't? Do you see the picture here? Why depend a loving, fruit filled relationship to the mercy of prophecies? Doesn't the bible say there will be false prophets in our days? Why not judge if the person is marriage material by their character and their fruits? I have this indignation because I went through this, and every time I see someone with this kind of doubt, absolutely convinced within themselves that they need a confirmation like this makes me think, "Hello? Are you aware that the bible holds your answer already and what you are attempting to seek is absolutely dangerous?" Where is your own discernment? You should know what is good and bad for yourself. It also bothers me because it seems if I come to them with this reasoning, I am seen as some kind of outsider. Now I do understand the point where people seek God's path in their lives. That's perfect. But when the questions have already been answered in the bible, why continue to seek the answers? Why continue to seek answers in areas you are likely to be deceived and hurt? This annoys me completely.
  5. I recently moved into my gf's house who lives with her dad. We are 18 and have been together 10 months now. She told me today after a week of me being here that she feels uncomfortable with it all. I could see it in her but didn't have the chance to ask her about it. I really wanted to live here not only because sure I'd be closer to her, but I can be more independent and not feel alone like at my mom's house. Here's what I feel prayer for... to be able to continue to live at my gf's with her to become more comfortable with it, strength/will to comfort her better, and to be optimistic about it. For it be God's will that this is right even if it may be a bit early in our relationship, otherwise I don't have a place to go until I feel right about moving to my mom's again, so if it be God's will to have to move out that I find a place that suits me. Thanks and God bless.
  6. A month ago I wouldn't have an issue with my boyfriend being an aetheist since I was one too. But recently I've been thinking about religion more and I've realize that there IS a God, and what The Bible says is true (all thanks to the magazine "Tomorrow's World). I realize that this will affect our relationship since our beliefs will clash. I don't just want to leave him, I want to save him from Hell, I want him to realize what I have now realized, but he isn't as open minded as me. What are some things I could say to show him the truth?
  7. When and how did you figure out that you were in love? I'm talking about at anytime in your life and with whoever it might have been. It could be an old high school flame, your current spouse, or whoever. I'm just curious as to how you came to realize you were in love with someone.
  8. canadianstudent

    Prayer Requst-Brother

    Hi guys, just wondering if you could pray for my brother right now. For the last few days he's been talking to a girl on the phone and over skype. He met her only a few days ago online and she's been messing with his heart. She's lied to him, making him think that she was coming to Cayman. She was the first person he's been completely honest with about himself and she abused it. Even after we found out she was lying completely and utterly about herself, she still calls and he still talks to her despite my mom telling him to cut contact completely. Now he's obsessed with her and wants to move out of the house. My mom talked to her mom and apparently she's done this before to others. So yeah, please pray for him. He's been depressed for years, was suicidal before and possibly is again now. My mom is probably going to cut off the home phone, internet, and international calls to cell phones other than hers. She's also getting him into physiotherapy and other such stuff. So please pray for this entire situation. Thanks guys and any advice would be ideal.