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Found 5 results

  1. umm I'm new to this forum so I'm not sure how this works. I fear losing my connection to God more that ever, God kinda saved me from myself last year and blessed me with the motivation to live and achieve my goals. I fear I can feel myself slipping away into the clutches of hate, self loathing and self harm again. I'm seeking answers well help I don't know, well I need motivation to work for my grades, to live and the only place I can get that is from God. I need help understanding and working on myself spiritually... I guess I haven't been able to set foot in a church in years due to traumatic experiences i endured when i was younger whereby I was isolated and bullied to the point that i decided not to go. Does this hinder growth can I strengthen my bond with God? How? How do i move past this? I guess I'm waffling but I fear that this is embarrassing that I'll be on my own again, and well lose all motivation to do anything.
  2. Hi, Recently, I've just begun re-reading the Book of Revelation since, I stopped being afraid of it. LOL. I have also, been on youtube and reading articles about the anti-christ since this world is going crazy. I came across a tweet that said, "God is Lucifer, and Jesus is Satan." I thought that doesn't make any sense and I went online further to investigate because it seemed like a lie from Satan hisself. He's so easy at deceiving people it's not even funny. Do any of you know how that insane theory came about? Also, I have been reading a lot of controversial stuff about what the Pope has said, and it seems to me that he isn't really "holy" as I thought he was and I was all for him. I also, was thinking that the Catholic Church-religion is corrupted as well. For example, two of my friends were Catholic. Well, one was Catholic and she just became a Christian and the other is still a Catholic. Friend 1 who is still a Catholic told me that she still doesn't understand what her priests is saying as to getting the message across so she just sits there and listen. I told her well, "Maybe you should go to a Baptist church or any other Christian churches to help" and she respectfully declined. Friend 2, Said, that she didn't understand her Priests either. We were talking about how short her Mass was. I been to a Mass when I was 8 years old because these Catholic people had invited my mom to a dinner afterwards, and I couldn't understand a thing! It was the shortest sermon, I have ever been too! But anyways, back to friend 2. She said, she thought that something just didn't seem right with her when she would go and she would still have a lot of questions afterwards. It was as if she was just confused every time she went. Do you guys think that the Catholic religion is corrupted or just confusing? My cousin is a Christian, but I honestly think he's either confused or questioning his faith because of the conversation that me, my mom together with him. He said, that he thought that the Catholic teachings were better, but I doubt that he knows a lot about it and he also, said that he doesn't believe that God will send everybody to hell who doesn't believe in him. I think that God is Justified in what he do even if he doesn't seem right to us. But it's not up to us, it's up to him. Another question, Do you think that the end times are near? My preacher was talking about this as well. I was also, wondering about the Seven seals/horses. Do you guys have any good movies/documentaries on Revelation? Thanks, Sorry this was so long. I'm just curious. I mean, no harm to people who are Catholic Any advice or stories you are welcomed to share!
  3. Confidence

    Revelation 5:1

    I need ideas on the seven seals. Do you think it has already been broken or not yet?
  4. Faithful Kevin

    Is he/she the one? (Discussion)

    Is he/she the one? I've come across this question many times in my young life. I've been around Christians for about 4 years and I've heard things like the topic says regarding to someone waiting for a confirmation of God to tell them this or that person is "the one". I usually hear something like this, "We're getting to know eachother, but we are waiting on God's confirmation to see if He wants us to be together". I've also heard something like this too, "We've been together for X amount of time and I'm waiting for God to tell me if he/she is for me or not". To me these phrases cause more of a problem than a solution to a happy, commited couple. What happened to what the bible says? What happened to observing if the fruits of the Holy Spirit are in a man's life or a woman's life and using THAT to determine for oneself if one wants to be with that person or not? What happens when a happy couple who actually have the fruits of the Holy Spirit and are both ideal help for one another suddenly allow this storm of doubt to come about to their minds about the need to hear some kind of supernatural confirmation from a prophecy to figure out if that person is right or not? What happens if someone prophecies that the relationship is not of God? What happens if 2 prophecies say it is of God, but one says it isn't? Do you see the picture here? Why depend a loving, fruit filled relationship to the mercy of prophecies? Doesn't the bible say there will be false prophets in our days? Why not judge if the person is marriage material by their character and their fruits? I have this indignation because I went through this, and every time I see someone with this kind of doubt, absolutely convinced within themselves that they need a confirmation like this makes me think, "Hello? Are you aware that the bible holds your answer already and what you are attempting to seek is absolutely dangerous?" Where is your own discernment? You should know what is good and bad for yourself. It also bothers me because it seems if I come to them with this reasoning, I am seen as some kind of outsider. Now I do understand the point where people seek God's path in their lives. That's perfect. But when the questions have already been answered in the bible, why continue to seek the answers? Why continue to seek answers in areas you are likely to be deceived and hurt? This annoys me completely.
  5. Waiting on God's confirmation I have a question for all believers, followers and disciples of Jesus. I want to discuss something that I haven't made the opportunity yet to discuss in my own community. The topic is about waiting on God's confirmation based on life desicions. I know many people who will not make a desicion in their life until they receive "confirmation" from God. This basically means they will pray to God and wait for a simple "yes", "no" or possibly "wait" answer from God. I don't see anything wrong with this. The issue here is using this logic to make mundane desicions. What house to buy, what state to live in, what college to go to, what job to work at, what car to buy. These things are mundane. We are ordered to live a life that gratifies God by loving Him through His commandments. Why make trivial things of this world such a big problem? Now I have another, more serious question ahead. Is it a sin if I don't ask God what house to buy, what car to get, what college to go to, what state to live in? Is it a sin if I go right ahead and get those things? "You're not seeking God's direction!" Is a phrase that will probably pop up. How am I sinning by doing any of these things? Do I need to seek answers from prophets, pastors or preachers upon the house I want to buy or the car I want to have? Isn't that my own business? Don't get me wrong. If you are reading this, and you are that kind of person to ask God to reveal to you what to do, as small as it can be, don't feel offended. You do what you believe is right. What I want to get through here is this: If I do these things, which are not sins, on the other hand you need revelation or confirmation to make the simplest move on earth, don't judge me because of my mundane desicions. Where am I sinning if I decide to live in another country? (Why of course unless God literally tells me thought His Holy Spirit to stay or reveals to you that you must tell me to stay by His will). Now, another question. If anyone here practices this, do you only ask for direction for big desicions or both big and small decisions? A small decision would be something like, "God, is it OK if I go to the movies this weekend". A big desicion is something life changing, "God, is it OK if I move to Europe?" How big does a decision need to be in order for you to ask God what to do? Do you judge others because they don't ask God for direction the way you do?