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Found 6 results

  1. Hia! I'm not so sure how many of the Christian community, or at least, this community of Christians, roleplays, or knows what that is! Who all does some roleplay? Share some of your experiences, I'm curious to see how other Christians see roleplay.
  2. Silentflood

    Hunger Games Roleplay?

    Does anyone want to do a Hunger Games roleplay? I definitely want to be Katniss (sorry) But also we could have: Primrose Gale Peeta (ChristianPrincess22) Effie Cinna (paraskeve) *Random added character* Johanna Finnick Haymitch Plutarch President Snow (Chris-M)
  3. sunblare

    Role players here?

    I just wanted to ask, because I haven't really met any Christian role players on any websites I roleplay on so.. I'm literate (4+ paragraphs), and I roleplay humans and animals on occasion. So... yeah xD Any other role players my age on here?
  4. I found an awesome Harry Potter rpg (: Finally. Love, love, love it! And I'd love it more if some of the fellow CTF members would play <.<...>.>...
  5. If you've been here a while, you've seen them. If you've been here a while longer you've played them. If your even somewhat of a veteran, you've probably run one. And if you're a been-here-so-dad-gum-long-its-ridiculous (*ahem*) you've probably got your own little graveyard somewhere in the corner of the CTF RPG universe. Thats right my friends. I'm talking about the ever beloved, but never realized, would-be-epic-RPGs. I figured that if were going to have our own little RPG clubhouse, we should make good use of it. So, this thread is about tips and tricks, hints and opinions, the beginners fresh ideas and the veteran's hard won wisdom. What makes an RPG great? What makes it last more than a month? How do you write those 'golden' characters/plots/settings? What have you seen that works? What have you seen that failed miserably? How? Why? When? Really!?! How would you have fixed it? What do you like to see in an RPG? Is there a particular genre? Size? Posting speed? Do you want a well-plotted romp, or a free form game? What sort of players do you love? What sort of GM's? Characters? Have you been part of any would-be-epics (on CTF)? Run them? How did they fall? And of course, Which ones were truly epic? Which RPGs just rocked your socks off? Why? Its important to realize that this is not a critique thread (though, I'm of the opinion that a good critique is invaluable). We are not here to tear down anyones game, character, or style. This is about building each other up! This is about finding epicness! Truth! Justice! And all things good and beautiful!! <-- exaggeration So, lets gather around the metaphorical campfire and discuss. Lets rip open some RPG's to see what makes 'em tick. Lets pick there brains and dissect their wordy innards! (Note: My flops <There's a lot of 'em> are totally open to any and all ruthless shredding, if need be.) Experts and Amateurs, Veterans and Newbies, self-proclaimed-sages and lovers-of-hyphens, gather round. Grab a s'more. Lets conquer (RPG) death! P.S. If this is ridiculous flowery, I blame the cold medicine. ~Ashley
  6. cheeseisthenewpurple

    2053: Age of the United World Nations

    A Futuristic Assassin RP Note: This RP is pure 100% fictional. I am not trying to make a political statement by creating this. It is an entirely “what if” scenario. "Since we, The Cross Militia, have organized," the speaker at the podium began, "We have hardly scratched the surface of the United World Nation's tyranny. They promise a perfect world for everyone, but they hold no tolerance for religious dissidents like us, they continue to allow abortions and cybernetic enhancements to prolong their youth. These things were never a part of God's plans, and surely they do not cease to create new ways to sin. But beyond morals, they have set up a complete socialistic state; everything must be run through the government. There is no room for disagreement; people are simply forced to live their everyday lives with the ideals they have set for them. These ideals are so morally liberal and far left that there is no room left for God. And this is why we are here today: to destroy the current government from the inside out, with the best assassins in the world on our side.” “As stated numerous times in the past,” the spokesman began, “We as the United World Nations have bonded together because we need a stable system that works. After the Nuclear War that wiped out Iran and the Koreas, as well as parts of China and India, we knew there was no going back to the way things used to be run. Back in the early days, people would even go as far as to tell someone that their religion is incorrect. But there are still people like those out there, particularly the Cross Militia, or CM. They still believe in pre-twenty first century ideals, such as one true religion, rejection of cloning and enhancements, and the live-net, the virtual world that is supreme to the outdated internet. These CM members participate in various malicious crimes and are the ultimate threat to stability, and that is why we have Phoenix, assassins that use the latest technology to track and destroy all threats to the United World Nations, including the Cross Militia.” Setting: 2053, 33 years after the end of the Nuclear War that devastated Asia and left the world wondering how it should change. After many diplomatic talks, the United Nations became the United World Nations (UWN) and all the world’s governments decided to be a part of this entity. However, large portions of the world’s population, especially Islamic and Christian people, have resented this entity. The vast majority of these people were jailed and murdered secretly, however, some groups managed to survive. In California, a new city known as New Chicago was created in about 2022 as an ambitious effort to create the most technologically advanced and largest city that has ever existed, and is about twice the size of New York City. This city is the central meeting place for all Cross Militia members, and is also one of the ten UWN capitals all across the world. The UWN grants people most freedoms you see today, freedom of expression, speech, art, etc. The only thing that is limited are generally intolerant or “out-dated” ideals that most conservatives and religious people tend to hold. The live-net is an online world of itself, where people make themselves, or personas, appear however they like to. Each person is assigned a home (home page), and from that home they have the option to connect to information sites, social network sites, or even fantasy world and video game sites. In the live-net, everything feels real (though the feeling of pain is drastically reduced) and acts almost like a second universe. People can either connect to it through cybernetic implants in their brain, or like most people, use an external headset module. You can choose to fight for either side, either the CM or UWN. Members of the CM are usually (but not always) religious, are cut off from normal life and live in poverty, but have superior assassins. (Most of the money they do make is spent entirely on their anti-government efforts, and hiring of Finders, which will be explained shortly.) It is entirely contained in the western half of the United States. Their object is to dismantle the UWN, starting with New Chicago. Because the UWN can detect certain individuals by what technological accessories they have (like guns or cybernetic enhancements), CM assassins and killers fight with their bare hands, swords, or other archaic weapons, and use no electronics. They are incredibly stealthy and their techniques can be compared to ninjas. The youngest age a person can become an assassin is fifteen, and they must undergo three years of training before they are let out to battle the UWN, killing key politicians and protecting their own kind. They can either be male or female. Lead assassins are always over the age of 30. Members of the UWN Phoenix groups come from all walks of life, and most often lead double lives. They also can begin at the age of fifteen, male or female, and could be anyone from business executives to food baggers to high school students. Phoenix’s objectives are to fight against unusual or powerful criminals, with a very high priority to destroy the Cross Militia. They are usually cybernetically enhanced for greater muscle strength or have weapons hidden right inside their body, like daggers, arm mounted pistols or weak energy weapons. Some have other, or even unique enhancements. When you think of these guys, think of your typical movie or anime assassin, who also rely on stealth and hand to hand combat like CM assassins. While they may not be as talented as CM assassins, Phoenix’s use of firearms and enhancements give them an even advantage against the CM. They also need to go through extensive training to be certified. Assassins from neither group are invincible. Either party can hire the assistance of Finders, or hackers that sift through data over the Live-Net. These hackers have numerous connections and have a nearly unlimited information network about every important person, place, and even commoner in existence. By making intelligent observations, they can fill in holes about nearly every person that lives, but only for a cost. When enough information is gathered after a significant period of time (even Finders are human too), CM assassins or Phoenix will use the information to hunt down and kill targets. This RP should be taken as a serious RP, not childish or playful. This doesn’t mean that there can’t be jokes, humor or whatnot, but don’t turn it into a Nickalodean like story. You may create assassins from the CM, Phoenix, or Finders. I have also assigned a few people to play the role as major leaders from each side, and these leaders can potentially change how the RP unfolds. Only the people I have assigned to be leaders can create a leader character. The ratio of characters should be approximately 45% CM, 45% UWN, and 10% Finders. If you find that one group has significantly more than another, please be reasonable and create a character in the other side. You may create characters aside from ones in your profile, and they may be shared among everyone else involved in the RP, but only manipulate these characters if their actions will directly influence what happens with characters you created. These third party characters can include criminals that the UWN has to deal with, or infiltrators of the CM. You may also meddle with Lower ranking soldiers of the UWN lor CM, as well as citizens. Characters you create may die, however there should be a unanimous agreement from the creator of the character and the killer. Basically, if you feel like you don’t want to do this RP anymore, you can allow them to be killed off, but you can let them die off for whatever other reason. New Chicago is a huge city. You can create any setting, building, home, small business, high school, etc, that you want in the city. Human like robots or combat robots do not exist in this RP, yet. Because I have no idea how this will unfold with deaths and whatnot, new characters are allowed at any time, just as long as you have a general idea of how the story is going. Please keep a character limit of three at one time. If you’re new and want to join in after it’s been going for a while, just read a few pages before the last page to get a general idea, and can ask questions in the OT thread. Try to keep posts at a minimum of 75 words. If you have any questions, please ask. Character skeleton: Name: Age: Cross Militia, United World Nations, or Finder Appearance: Bio: Personality: