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Found 2 results

  1. Silentflood

    Hunger Games Roleplay?

    Does anyone want to do a Hunger Games roleplay? I definitely want to be Katniss (sorry) But also we could have: Primrose Gale Peeta (ChristianPrincess22) Effie Cinna (paraskeve) *Random added character* Johanna Finnick Haymitch Plutarch President Snow (Chris-M)
  2. If you've been here a while, you've seen them. If you've been here a while longer you've played them. If your even somewhat of a veteran, you've probably run one. And if you're a been-here-so-dad-gum-long-its-ridiculous (*ahem*) you've probably got your own little graveyard somewhere in the corner of the CTF RPG universe. Thats right my friends. I'm talking about the ever beloved, but never realized, would-be-epic-RPGs. I figured that if were going to have our own little RPG clubhouse, we should make good use of it. So, this thread is about tips and tricks, hints and opinions, the beginners fresh ideas and the veteran's hard won wisdom. What makes an RPG great? What makes it last more than a month? How do you write those 'golden' characters/plots/settings? What have you seen that works? What have you seen that failed miserably? How? Why? When? Really!?! How would you have fixed it? What do you like to see in an RPG? Is there a particular genre? Size? Posting speed? Do you want a well-plotted romp, or a free form game? What sort of players do you love? What sort of GM's? Characters? Have you been part of any would-be-epics (on CTF)? Run them? How did they fall? And of course, Which ones were truly epic? Which RPGs just rocked your socks off? Why? Its important to realize that this is not a critique thread (though, I'm of the opinion that a good critique is invaluable). We are not here to tear down anyones game, character, or style. This is about building each other up! This is about finding epicness! Truth! Justice! And all things good and beautiful!! <-- exaggeration So, lets gather around the metaphorical campfire and discuss. Lets rip open some RPG's to see what makes 'em tick. Lets pick there brains and dissect their wordy innards! (Note: My flops <There's a lot of 'em> are totally open to any and all ruthless shredding, if need be.) Experts and Amateurs, Veterans and Newbies, self-proclaimed-sages and lovers-of-hyphens, gather round. Grab a s'more. Lets conquer (RPG) death! P.S. If this is ridiculous flowery, I blame the cold medicine. ~Ashley