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Found 3 results

  1. Mad_Dog

    Rawr! <3

    No Title You had my heart in the palm of your hand The time we walked into the sand I stated that it couldn't take it, my heart It's very difficult, us being so far apart I know we'll meet again one day But until then I hope you will say... I love you. <3
  2. Mad_Dog

    Palm Tree

    Palm Tree In the distance I can see A beautiful palm tree As I waltz Along the sand I feel it take my hand My smile is bright The Florida sand All in my hand
  3. Florida - (Thought up and created on March 5, 2011; at 10:10 PM) Sands of white waves of blue oh how I love you. People in tanned skin and lawn chairs, the sun burning their hairs. Slanted isle, near the sea I'd walk a mile... just to see Warm sun blasting down Children laugh as they run around. Sunlight shining everywhere, just like the ponytail blowing in the air. One day I will retreat to the Florida sand beneath my feet.