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Found 1 result

  1. I just want to share my testimony. Some of you guys may have heard it before but I just want to share it again. Here it goes: Last year was the worst year for me. The depression had hit me hard and it had destroyed me completly. I didn't do the things that I use to do before. THe passion that I had to seek God's presence was gone. I use to fast and pray and read the bible a lot. I even sang for God because singing is one of the talents that God gave me. I even preached but since the spirit of depression came upon me it hit me really hard and i had fall. I started cutting again and I started to get rebellious. I saw life as a curse. I hate life and I hated my life and all I did was cry. I thought that I would never get back up. How i was mad at myself for letting the enemy take over me. All I did was lock myself in my room filling my arms and thighs with cuts. All I did was cry and cry and I asked God LORD help me. I was planning to kill my self. I never bother to tell no one what I was feeling because I didn't trust no one. I didn't have nobody by my side. All those who were by my side had left me and had laughed at my fall. Even though it was hard for me to get back up, but I thank God for saving me again. In the bible says 7 times the you fall, 7 times God will lift you back up. Little by little I am getting back up. Alot of people said that I am not the person that they once knew. I changed. What I gone through had changed me. It made me do things better than i use to do before. I got closer to God. We got to stop seeing our battles as something bad. The battles are good because it gets us closer to God. We mature through the process that we go through. I had asked God many times why did I had to go through this and all he said was that he is trying to turn me into someone better. What we go through doesn't make us leave God. It makes us get closer to him. God always comes on time. Even though you feel like that God is not listening to you and you feel like that God doesn't care about you but I tell you that God's love for you is so big. He hears you, he is just waiting for you to turn to him and trust in him.Yes what you are going through is hard but trust me that it is worth going through the battles that we go through. It makes us stronger. It transforms us. It makes us grow. It gets us closer to God. We have to thank God for what we are going through because what we go through is a blessing. We get to know GOd more. We get to see his glory. Thank you all for reading and if you have any questions just let me know. Thanks you and God bless you all.