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Found 2 results

  1. As many know, a while back I got a new chihuahua puppy. My older chihuahua has struggled to get along with her. They are doing a bit better about that part now, but something very weird happened earlier. My older chihuahua (she will be 4 this year) about 5:40 AM started crying out like someone was killing her. I immediately woke up, and turned on the light. I asked her what was wrong (yes I talk to my dog way too much...) and she cried again. I began to examine her a little bit, with no noticable injuries. I decided maybe she woke me up to possibly use the bathroom. She jumped off my bed as normal, walked as normal, got half way down the stairs and started crying. Again. My grandpa woke up and looked at her. He saw nothing either. I put her outside, she came back in, cried out again. My mom looked, saw nothing. She cried again, I applied small amounts of pressure to every part of her body, including her tush. She did not yelp or respond badly to any of them. My grandpa decided to give her a little syrup, considering chihuahuas sometimes have blood sugar problems, but she yelped once afterwards too. After about 7:30 AM, she finally stopped. She has been walking totally normal, eating normal, drinking normal, and pottying normal. I don't see any reason for her yelping, epecially now that it is 12:50 PM and she hasn't cried again. My mom suggested maybe she had a nightmare or some sort of panic attack. My grandpa suggested she may have wanted attention. Everytime she had been honestly hurt prior to this, I would spend hours babying her in worry, so maybe she figured if she acted like she was dying I would give her tons of attention (not lying if this was the case it worked...) Do you guys have any idea what it may be?
  2. Original article can be found here: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/pets-more-trustworthy-than-people.html