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Found 6 results

  1. jeremy52

    Help! Did I lose my virginity?

    I am 17 years old. About 6 months ago, I gave and received oral sex from another guy who was the same age as me twice. Does it count as losing my virginity? I feel really really guilty about it. I know that I had committed a terrible sin, especially since I am a guy myself. I do not want to be gay. I also recently started getting addicted to masturbation, where I masturbate on average around 3 times weekly. I really want to stop this sinful life. What should I do?? Please help me. :'(
  2. Hi guys. My Name is Stanly, am a fashion designer, blogger, author(wattpad) and an actor|model. Recently got back together with Jesus (did that sound weird? Lol) What about you?
  3. hi guys, I am new here. Would like to learn a lot from you all. I would also need your help in deciding if i should move foward with a project i am working on. I am intending on building a diary app. I need your help. Would you voice record your daily activities?? Instead of having to write it down everyday in a book? With the app you could go back and retrieve recordings and see the emotion associated with each recording. Let me know what you think. Any type of feedback is welcome.
  4. Hello, The tags up above pretty much sum me up and I am a 16 year old teen boy with a bad past, hardly any friends, lonely, and issues with myself and my faith and everything in general. Looking for someone who would be willing to be my friend and cares and is patient and willing to help and just be there for me. Thank you if you read all of this.
  5. I'm in search of some really cool christian guy friends to keep my mind off of girls. I just think that my urges of wanting a down-to-earth, funny, godly and beautiful girl should be the least of my worries. I've never had a sister so I have trouble having friends that are girls. I have yet to find a trustworthy godly girl. I also do not have many spiritual, bible reading friends and its hard to communicate with them about God and his works in my life. So, I'm kinda confused on what I want, haha.
  6. Mad_Dog

    "Christian" Teen Forums...

    There are other religions here besides Christianity... "Christian" Teen Forums sounds wrong, IMHO. There are other Religions here BESIDES Christianity... I just think the name of the site should be changed... :\ To suit the needs of people who are nonChristian. So they won't feel so condemned and shunned away. And so we can all be free to discuss whatever without being led to discuss ONLY Christianity. Because most NonChristians will not discuss Christianity and its concepts, they will argue it. Just my personal thoughts on the matter...