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Found 6 results

  1. RoseAllen


    Hey, my name is Rosalee but everyone calls me Rose. I'm a 17 yearold girl, I was born February 1st 1999 in Ottawa, Ontario and have lived here my whole life. I am cis-gender female, pansexual; cis-gender means means that I was born and present as female, pansexual means that I can love anyone in a romantic/sexual way gender does not affect it, it's all about personality. For those of you who don't know thats in Canada. I am currently repeating my grade 11 year at the Alternative High School. I hope to graduate before mid year of next school year and then attend Carleton University for BGinS. I love music and learning but my favorite thing to do is read. I was raised Protestant Christian in the United Church of Canada, I was baptized in Fallowfield United Church of the Merivale-Fallowfield Joint Pastoral Charge. I now attend the LifeCentre Church in Orleans and just simply consider myself Christian. The basis of all my beliefs is that God loves everyone and we have all been created in God's image. It has taken me some time to come to terms with my sexuality in perspective of my religion. What I'm going to say next is a little controversial but it's what I believe and y'all are reading this to learn about me. Although I believe in the word of the bible, I don't subscribe to all the beliefs within the bible. Some of them are irrelevant in this day and age and some are not. Its up to us to use our brains.
  2. Hi, I'm 17 and a guy, I don't know many christian girls and would like to make some friends which I hope in the long term to lead to dating as I feel ready to search for the "right one". I am wondering if it would be a good approach to message girls on Instagram which are christian ( from their bios) that I have never met before. I am not sure if this is appropriate or if those whom I message will be so warm to reply, especially as this appears as ' sliding into the DMs' , which doesn't have the most christian intentions (most of the time) in mind. This could be an entirely different topic but sometimes I am scared to approach a christian girl in real life due to worrying about what other people think of me and my intentions, I know I shouldn't care about what others think but a large part of my nature is caring about what others think. Should I just man up and speak to people in real life and/or message these girls online? Any ideas or thoughts welcomed.
  3. UnderstandingCrusader

    Sexuality in Teens - Masturbation

    So recently I came across an issue with myself. I, being a teenager, am extremely sexual. There are times I have to fight the urge to think of my female friends (Which granted, is rare.) with sexual lust. When you're aroused it is really difficult to make your mind change the subject. I instantly start to feel wrong or dirty when my mind goes in that direction and there are often times my mind stays there all day and I have to resort to masturbation to get on with my life (So yes, there are times I am stuck at school not doing my work because my mind is elsewhere and I have to wait 'till I get home to do work). It is hard to avoid thinking of sex when it's almost all you talk about when you go to a public high school. Yes, they aren't direct mentionings of sex, but if you are already in that mind set anything that's "inuendous" at all instantly becomes wrong. I read this and I now have a sort of different view on how if masturbation is overused it can be bad for you spiritually so it really comes down to who you are as a person. It's a personal thing and everybody is different. My question is: Is it bad to lust after a character that you created yourself? As in some kind of OC or temporary mate?
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Mr. MJ. I'm a youth development coordinator with my company Launch Man Group! I have a heart for teens and want to be sure you have the support you need to navigate tougher life issues: in this case, love. Post your on-topic questions and I'll do my best to answer them from a biblical perspective and/or point you in the right direction. I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I know who does: Jesus Christ! We can all live better, happier, more productive lives when we follow Him, especially as it relates to our topic. I've already met a few awesome teens here and I hope they'll post here, and you too! --Mr. MJ
  5. SmilesFromMe

    Teen Girl's Book Club!

    COOL TEEN BEANS BOOK CLUB: Girl's Only Edition Each month, we delve into a different literary universe. AKA, we read awesome books. We would love to have you as a member here and we will gladly welcome you with open arms! Not only do we read books monthly, we also function as an online group of friends. If you are interested in becoming a member, continue reading down below! ABOUT: Each month, we have each of you guys suggest up to 3 books for us to place into The Pot of Chance. Basically, The Pot of Chance is what we place all of the books in the running on slips of paper into. We then draw from the pot and whatever book comes out is what we read that month. Note: We do not allow overly bloody books, overly romantic books, or any books that are anti-Christian. Each month when we finish reading the book, we celebrate by hosting a big "bash" which includes contests, challenges, debates, games, and more! We also create separate topics to go to for specific things pertaining to the club. If you have any questions about the End-of-the-Month Bash, let us know. Feel free to write reviews on different books, whether we've already read them or not. You can also rate books, recommend or unrecomend them, and so forth. Please no spoilers about any books even if the club has already read them for the sake of any new members. NOTE: Spoilers are allowed at the End-of-the-Month Bash discussions. The club is not just for reading. You can also chat here! If you have any questions, please just ask! RULES: -You must be female and at least 13 years of age. If you are older than 17, you cannot join unless given special permissions for certain reasons. -No inappropriate language, which is probably pretty obvious since this is a Christian website. -No bullying!! We stress this more than any other rule, because, like we said earlier, we also act as a close group of friends. -No teasing, even if it is meant as a harmless joke. -No laughing at others' misfortunes. -No personal information (e.g, zip code, IP, email address, address, city, etc.) -No inappropriate content. -No violence. -No dating or flirting. If you break any of the above rules, you will be banned. HOW TO JOIN: Write a paragraph with your first name, age, favorite genre, favorite book, and anything else you want to add. All information must be included in one post, otherwise it does not count. If you do not pass the expectations/test, you are not allowed to join. By the way, we know we sound very strict, but usually we're pretty laid-back and good-natured! All of the "security" is just to keep everything in order. After you've joined, it gets extra silly and relaxed. We wanted to mention that certain people may be promoted to question answerers, moderators, or even staff. Staff's job is to help keep everything organized, such as the amount of members, the names of members, members' basic info, keeping everything under control at the bash, etc. HAVE FUN LADIES!!!
  6. landesa


    I am 19 and currently writing a devotional designed for teens by teens. I need help. I am looking for teens to write about a story you experienced during teen years and how it related to your faith. If you could ad a first name and state that would be great! just so the book has some validity. Greatly appreciated, Adam