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Found 2 results

  1. I'm putting this on both forums and Facebook as an experiment. If you have questions about God, Christianity, or Christians, message me them or post them here and I'll answer them in a mini-doc video. yours, James
  2. I've only been on CTF a few weeks but I've seen a lot of... well, what is to me semi-disturbing... "facts" about other religions (such as my religion of Buddhism) made by members. Some of these statements were simply not true. Of course, I doubt these statements were made in malice to intentionally spread lies. The fact is that such statements could lead to misinformation among CTFers about other religions. I think a lot of people become so focused on their religion/denomination that they have little information about beliefs which are different than their own. So, I was thinking maybe a non-Christian version of the Ask A Christian version may be a possibility? Or maybe simply a discussion forum specificially for interfaith topics? This forum would not promote other religions. It would simply ask questions about religions that are not Christianity, such as Judaism, Hinduism, Jainism, Humanism, etc. The purpose of the forum, I think it would promote theological knowledge for people who are simply interested it. I highly doubt it would lead to the conversion of members from Christianity to other religions. If that were a worry, it could be password protected perhaps? Knowledge about other religions can help promote interfaith discussion and education, thus promoting tolerance and understanding. Theological discussion is also beneficial for learning religious history, which Christianity is apart of. For example, Judaism is apart of Christianity's religious history because it wouldn't exist without Judaism as a pre-text. And religions like Islam, Sikhism, and Baha'i would not have existed without Christianity. So, it could very much enchance education about Christianity's impact on the world and other faiths. Thanks for reading, -Vince