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Found 4 results

  1. Why am I still like this? I thought I've changed my life Still need to be somebody's Miss To feel like I'm alive High five To mself that I'm still the biggest idiot no matter the size Still get my worth from compliments Of stupid childish guys Forever lowest price Maybe two dollars or three For a **** like me I wanna love you But don't want nobody to see Imagine my so called friends When they realize who I am Imagine my so called fam Maybe I'm just seeking for the love I could never get from them No boy in the whole world could ever love me like you But nobody understands me, sad but true And you know what? I love you too But if anyone knew they would separate us Never understand my trust Are too caught up in lust Like everybody How could I try to replace you with guys like this? Acting like an idiotic chic Falling so quick For nice words and what I thought was love But it wasn't Has never been Will never be You are all I need And you are all I seek For All I breathe for How could I ever ask for more? Please forgive me my stupidness And let me rest In your arms Holy heavenly embrace Your lips are the only ones that should ever recieve my kiss of faith Wrong time wrong place But still right heart Please forgive me, my Lord
  2. so some people say I need to think of the good things instead of the bad side of things so I decided to do this Give me a thing and I must say one good thing about it if I can't beat me with a sitck
  3. There was once a time when this was all but just a dream. A horrid, yet beautiful dream. Or even, maybe... A nightmare. When I sought all my fantasies, my hopes. Not knowing they would someday fall down around my being slowly. Slowly, but surely. I would be wondering what I have done. Or, maybe... What I didn't do. What I wanted to do... But couldn't. Scared? Maybe. Afraid? Heck yes. Scared of what? Afraid of what? Nothing? Everything? All of it. Scared and afraid of all of that which would hold my future. Yet uncertain, I have hope. Hope that, with a little luck and correct planning, my future will pan out just fine... Because I am the one who holds my future now. I am grateful for everything, and nothing at all. Am I grateful for nothing? No. Am I grateful for receiving nothing in return? Yes I am. There's a difference, you see... In being grateful for nothing... And grateful for nothing.
  4. Weary, shaky hand to blank, white paper. "What to write" thoughts go through my head as I think endlessly, only to come up empty-handed. I would write 24/7 if I only could, but alas, I cannot. So these thoughts in my head are trapped, only to be released like a calming storm when I feel so. I do not get bursts of inspiration often. Only when certain things come to mind. I could write about anything, and everything. So I do. When the thoughts get jumbled up with no hope of straightening themselves, that's when it becomes a Freewrite. I try to find something to write about every day. Whether it be an essay, a Freewrite, or even a poem... I try to write at least once every day. I do not think I could write more than 3 times a day... Not enough inspiration in the day for that. At night is when I feel inspired, but by that time I am too tired to write a thing. If I could build myself a writing room, with nothing but pen, paper and computer, then I would. I would store my works on bookshelves, to be seen by wondering eyes. That is my dream. To have a writing room, and maybe a library for my reading. However, I would also like my works to be published one fine day. That is one of my biggest dreams about being a writer... To let the world read my works, and let them see the world through my eyes. Written by Me - April 11, 2011 at 3:00 PM