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Found 4 results

  1. At my high school, especially my magnet classes, students have turned away from God and the Word! In my group of friends there is only like a couple of Christians. There are 5 friends of mine that are lesbian. My class discussions(I'm in Scholars magnet, so we talk about contemporary issues) involve abortion and LGBT people, and I'm the only person in class that is against those things, except this Muslim girl. Even the teachers agree! One of my teachers failed one of my friends which is in a grade higher than mine because he was pro-life and because his beliefs of God. My brother's teacher is atheist, most people are atheist in my school!!!!! For the past years I almost fell into being atheist too, until one day that I decided to open the door to Jesus and give Him a chance. My world exploded when I did. I felt His presence and I started to have this moments were EVERY SINGLE EMOTION SKY ROCKET!! I felt extreme joy and happiness towards Jesus, and I felt extreme fear, sadness, and anger towards myself whenever His presence fell over me. I felt to my knees and I cried so hard, my face was sore instantaneously. I started to hear to His voice. This is why I believe,because He revealed Himself to me. And He did because I gave Him a chance to heal me. I don't know how to approach my atheist friends and other students. I'm scared how they will react if I do. Please help me with this, I really want to share the Truth with them.
  2. Guest


    Hey you! I've been thinking about posting this thread for a while and finally decided today that I was going to do so. I have something important to tell you! So stick around and read on! You're not EVER alone! I am here for you...Just a short DM away. I want to help you...I want to make sure you know how amazing, perfect, and absolutely loved you are. I want to be there for you. I want to be your friend. Please let me be. I love you guys. Never forget that. You might think that I won't understand or I won't really care, but I promise that I care with all of my heart. And you might be surprised at what all I understand. You're not alone. Much love, Aria <3 By the way, If you'd rather email me, you can contact me via my website (message me for the link) I hope to hear from you soon!
  3. Faithful Kevin

    The laying of hands (Discussion)

    The laying of hands I have a few points I would like others in the faith to discuss about. Is it biblical for anyone to call people forth for prayer after the preaching has finished? Is it biblical to pray for one another while laying a hand on another person's forehead? Is it biblical for one to use olive oil or oil of annointing on someone or something in prayer? (Other than for curing the sick?) Is frantic, headbanging, hairwhipping, shaking, revolutionized movement biblical or a manifestation of the Holy Spirit? Is it biblical to "run, laugh, shout, jump" in the Spirit? Is it biblical to speak tounges in jibberish or weird babbeling? "Bababababababa!" Is it biblical to enforce tithes? My indignation.
  4. So to begin with I was born and raised Catholic. My family isn't like super religious. We almost never go to mass. So now on to my question: In the Tenakh/old testament it says hundreds of different prophecies that one must fulfill to be the messiah/savior. Although Jesus did fulfill many of these he did not fulfill all of them. Examples: He didn't build the 3rd temple, he wasn't the direct male descendant of both David and Solomon, he didn't unify and restore the Kingdom of Jerusalem, he didn't bring everlasting peace on earth. So if he didn't fulfill every prophecy why do you believe him to be your savior? I'm seriously considering Judaism. Although I really don't want to be circumcised lol.