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Found 4 results

  1. Shasta Daisy

    Word Blast!

    In this game, the goal is to find little-known words of 10 letters or more, and post them, with definitions if possible, in alphabetical order. For example: I say "Anathematize - To hate or detest something passionately." And the next person can say "Bouillabaisse - Fish chowder." And the next one may say "Circumlocution - A roundabout way of talking." etc. etc. etc. You are allowed to use a dictionary, and this is even encouraged. The use of this game, beyond being great fun, is to boost vocabulry and spelling skills of ourselves and others interested in doing so. (Who knows? You may even impress your friends with your newly aquired knowledge!) While the rule of thumb is not to post a word that you already know, as this means others probablly know it as well, if you doubt that others know it then go right ahead! And when the letter Z has been reached, feel free to start all over again! Hope y'all have fun! Antediluvian - Since before the flood; very old or old fashioned.
  2. I couldn't see this fitting anywhere else, so I chose to put it here. I feel like it is something the whole place could use, not distinctly anyone. The whole world could really use to think about it... Words are a privilege. A freedom. Something not everyone has. Words are like a superpower. You can use them for good or evil. You can use them to unite or destroy. Why we should choose our words wisely. Think of a person beginning, as a simple piece of paper. That blank page. Looks pure, clean, unharmed. Now this is a person. A living, breathing person. Now what happens to that when you begin to call it say... Ugly, stupid, worthless, it doesn't belong, etc.? Relate that to the crumpling of a piece of paper. Now someone can flatten it out and try to fix it. But the wrinkles will forever remain. But we can still use words, to try and heal the wrinkles. But let's say no one does this. And we continue to call it those names. Think of a vase now. That person became like a vase, it is together but fragile. As a person does that, it is like dropping a durable vase a couple times. You leave cracks, making it easier for it to break apart. Now continue, and what happens? The vase shatters into a thousand bits. This represents the breaking point when that person develops mental illnesses, self harm, substance abuse, suicide, etc. And think back to the beginning. This could have been prevented, by wisely chosen words. Maybe you aren't calling someone stupid though. Maybe you just say they're wrong for completely disagreeing with you. Maybe you attack them for their particular belief. Regardless, there is a NICE way to put everything. And if you cannot be nice about something, perhaps you should have not stated anything at all. The Lord has told us to leave judging to Him. Why do you think He stated such? Because, we do not know the facts, the story. As Christians, our job is to spread His LOVE, not hatred. When we bully each other, or non-christians, you turn them AWAY from the Lord. Think of that, when you tell that person that, because you don't know the story. That girl with an eating disorder, did it because many broke her to believing she had to be thin. That person who committed suicide, was not evil or awful, but a person who had been taken too far down the line. That person who had an abortion, is not a cruel killer, but was raped and couldn't handle carrying the child, and will live forever suffering how she had the abortion as well. That man who cuts himself, because he is gay and his family refuses to love him because they feel God said it is a sin. Think before you speak. A word can make someone's day, or ruin it. A word can hold someone together, or make that crack burst open. Words ARE a weapon, and we should use them for justice, not crime. Choose your words with respect for another person.
  3. Jesusismyticket


    earlier in another place we were showing off handwriting, thought it'd be fun here this sentence should cover most letters. write it in block/print and if you know how also cursive. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
  4. Mad_Dog

    Emotional Abuse

    The beatings that I've had By people I've made mad Hurt me so very very much I still can't seem to find a crutch When the tables have been turned By words I am most easily burned I wish you to look in my eyes See these tears, hear my cries I'm now almost fully grown It's time to learn things on my own When I feel I am afraid Just think of me, and what you've made A scared little girl, crying at night Don't underestimate my height So here I stand, tall and brave All these tears I will save To combat me, in my fight To make you all see the light All of this you have done to me Now with these words I am set free. I really really do not do well with vocal scoldings... Online or offline... At all...