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The Help. Rated PG-13, and for good reason. There's tons of language (though it was used in context, not like some character swore because he stubbed his toe.) There was some drunkenness, violence and some bathroom scenes that are a tad awkward. I wouldn't take a 13 year old to it.

The movie is based off the novel of the same name, written in the south, in the very racist 60's, and is mostly about how bad rascism really WAS back then.

Really, really good movie. I give it a 10 out of 10. :)

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Movie: Napoleon Dynamite

Christian Rating: 5

Overall rating: A+

Comments: A very clean comedy fit for the entire family.No language, no sex, minimal violence. Nothing offensive in this movie.

Other: None

Interesting, I would never watch it just based on the fact that a few of my friends saw it and hated it. I guess a movie can be stupid and clean at the same time. Maybe I'll try watching it sometime.

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Rated PG-13 for some strong language


Brad Pitt as Billy Beane

Jonah Hill as Peter Brand

Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Art Howe

3: Somewhat offensive- Some language use of the words F---,A-- S---

The overall ratings are these:

In my opinion

A: Excellent!

Movie Name: Moneyball

Christian rating: some strong language

Overall rating: 10/10 ( In my Opinon)

Recommended age range: A Mature audience I would say 16+ even though it is rated PG-13

Comments: As a Baseball fan I wanted to see this movie however even though I am not a fan of the Oakland A's I found this movie to be very good it kept me on the edge of my seat.

Other info: Based on a True story follows the Baseball Career of Billy Beane


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Movie Name: Battle Los Angeles

Christian Rating: 2. (They screamed s*** a lot, little violence, and some sexual references.)

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Overall Rating: B+

Comments: A lot of people hated it, but I LOVED it. Not much plot, and they don't actually get to Los Angeles in the movie, but it's still really good, and has a lot of action.

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