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the person below me

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ha! far past

TPBM: knows why I can't see the post i put on this very thread just 1/2 an hour ago?

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depends on the situation. If you had me be a counsoler for two groups of 150 6th graders (making a total of 300 6th graders), had me be with 13 of them 24-7, put a sleepwalker in one group, and then 13 more in the second group to be with 24-7 in which five of them chatter in the night, and both groups won't go to sleep untill I read them a story monotoned, put that with the night-time angziety of waking up every hour for fear of where the sleepwalker is, then waking up every hour wondering if a kid has to use the restroom when nobody is even thinking about doing so, then have me teach a group about soil every day, twice on two of thoes days, have absolutly no time in which I am not sorrounded by 6th graders, all of that adding up to two total stress break-downs (one of them in front of 13 6th grade girls even though I'm sopose to seem calm arround them the whole time) and sleep deprive, yeah. I think I'd be easily confused. (true story btw. It was lots of fun tho! :P)

TPBM: thinks that that was a really long sentance.

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